They will come for us.

I am no political theorist nor political scientist. I can’t definitively say if we are in a real, by the text book definition of a fascist regime. For that, I’d refer you to to Robert Paxton’s ‘The Five Stages of Fascism’ for better clarification. But by taking recent events at face value, it sure feels like it. The over-militarized police and border control officers have become even more bold and militant, answering only to Donald J. Trump. Some have ignored court orders, denied people illegally detained at customs their right to see their attorney and refused elected officials to see the people detained. I wish I could say I am surprised.

Donald Trump is a piece of shit. Most people I know believe the same, but that’s not the tragedy here. The real tragedy is the only other alternative to Donald Trump is the corrupt and warmongering Hillary Clinton. It’s a race to the bottom. When voters are presented with two bad choices of which level of hell you want to descend to, it’s not a choice.

Many people who agree that Donald Trump is a piece of shit also just want to keep their heads down for the next four or eight years until it blows over and hope that we still have have some semblance of our lives and sanity afterwards. Many people feel powerless against the behemoth that is Trump and his criminal cronies at the top. But instead of fighting back and resisting, their plan is to stay clear of the warpath and hopefully escape unscathed when all of ‘this’ is over.

I was one of those people sleepwalking through life. I had the privilege of doing so. Through the Clinton, Bush, Obama years, I could effectively keep my head down and pretend none of it was happening to me personally. I still have this privilege today, one of pretending nothing will happen to me or those immediate to me, if I so choose. But I can’t. Donald Trump is trying to ethnically cleanse this country of minorities. He’s starting with Mexicans and Muslims (even though Muslims aren’t a race or an ethnic group but is anyone who adheres to the religion of Islam, he doesn’t care), he’s going after Native Americans by polluting their land and water source. Trump is getting by the skin of his teeth with Jews only because he’s using his hapless son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka Trump (a converted Jew) as a firewall against charges of anti-semitism and he promised Benjamin Netanyahu to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, so at least on the surface, despite hiring Steve Bannon, a known white nationalist and anti-semite as his chief strategist, Trump is not labeled as an anti-semite yet.

The immigrant group he hasn’t yet gone after are the Asians. And being Asian and involved with Asian immigrants myself, many are taking the dodge the bullet path, and it’s unacceptable. Because Trump hasn’t named and shamed an Asian group yet, they think they are ‘safe’ from his wrath and anti-immigrant policies. Trump has made some remarks about China and how they cheat on trade and currency manipulation, but as far as targeting Chinese or Asian immigrants in America, he hasn’t said anything about them yet. Indonesia being the largest Muslim country in the world, who also have a significant amount of extremist activities was left off of his travel ban. Trump is an opportunist, the seven countries on the list of persons banned from entry are economic non-entities in terms of trade with the US, he can afford to incite their ire and wrath. But Asia is quickly becoming the economic center of the world, it would be stupid to incite their wrath.

One quick study of history one will see that fascists spare no one. They are bloodthirsty hunters who show no mercy. Trump’s white nationalist agenda is clear. Trump is preparing to ethnically cleanse this country of non-white people. And if he can’t get rid of them, he’ll deprive them of resources and shift it to white people. This is his ‘Make America Great Again’ promise. It’s make white America great again. The factory jobs he claims he’ll bring back, it’s for white people. Plum government posts and jobs, those are for white people, especially positions which requires them to enforce his illegal executive orders. The few benefits which he won’t slash, those are saved for white people. Everyone else can either accept the new world order or go back to where they came from. This is unacceptable. We will not be silent.

The minorities he hasn’t targeted yet, he will come for us. When he is done kicking out the Muslims and Mexicans and putting the fear of the state police in their hearts, he’ll come for the rest of us. My family is Asian. I am a child of a first generation immigrant and my children are third generation immigrants. We are seeing American born citizens being detained at airports with immigration officers questioning their loyalty to the United States and how they feel about Donald Trump all on the account that they are not white and have travelled to a Muslim country. Today it’s Muslim countries, tomorrow it could be countries who Trump perceives to be ‘cheating’ economically or manipulating their currencies.

I can no longer ‘mind my own business’, go about my daily life uninhibited by what’s going on. And for the minorities currently in the ‘privileged’ groups, those who still can board airplanes and deplane without hassle and harassment; those days may be numbered. We have an obligation to help and stand up for those who have no voice or are too scared to speak. Every small act of solidarity matters. Every small act of resistance counts towards the larger resistance. We can’t depend on any political party, least of all the Democratic Party to help those being targeted by Trump’s fascist policies. We only have each other.

He should have picked up the pitchfork.

As of 12:01 January 20, 2017, we have a new president, Donald J. Trump; the most odious and oleaginous man to grace one’s imagination. How did he get here? How did we get here? It’s the actions and inactions of his predecessor Barack Obama.

“My administration,” the president added, “is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

-Barack Obama.

This was all Obama had to say to the greedy bankers sat before him when they were trying to justify why they deserved such high salaries and bonuses after they stole everyone else’s money and homes and got a government bailout. This statement also summarized this whole presidency. That he is a do nothing fence sitter. He tried to govern from the center like a good liberal, appealing to the morals and good conscience of the intransigent Republican party. While the Republican party obstructed and sabotaged, instead of playing their game on their level and strike back with whatever powers being a president affords him; Obama followed the rules, which was to do nothing, and then tell the voters who voted for him ‘sorry, I tried. If you have any issues, take it up with the Republicans.’ In his first midterm elections, he lost the House majority by a wide margin and nearly lost the Senate. He went from having a supermajority on both chambers to losing the majority in one chamber and nearly losing the majority on the other.

So this pattern went on. Obama doing everything half assed, never putting forth the full effort, in the spirit of compromise and finding common ground with his political foes. His so-called signature but about to be repealed domestic legislation the Affordable Care Act is another fine example of fence sitting. Instead of insisting on Single Payer or nothing, he concocted this messy hodgepodge of commingling of private insurance companies with public funds. Instead of insisting insurance companies play ball or the government will go ahead with its own government backed healthcare initiative, he compromised again. Eight years later, the ACA is all but useless, premiums are not lower and people find out they don’t get to keep their doctors unless they pay out of pocket for them. I have personal testimony to this fact. And if someone asks him now about the failure of Obamacare, he’ll say he tried his best with what he had to work with at the time. Not good enough.

Awkwardly, President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, not having been in office for even a year, he’s never brokered any peace treaties, the only thing he remotely did which resembled an act of peace was his speech at Cairo University in Egypt about unity between Muslims, Jews and Christians. And the first foreign interview he gave as president of United States was to the Arabic network Al Arabiya (which we know now to be an Al Qaeda mouthpiece advocating for the war in Syria) as a show of good faith to the Muslim world. These combined actions furthered inflamed the claim from the far right that he’s really a Muslim and not a Christian. After receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, he’s gone on to bomb seven countries, all of them Muslim, all of them impoverished, brown and black. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “led from behind” – (what the fuck does that even mean?) along with NATO allies and destroyed Libya, now it’s a wasteland, a failed state, infiltrated and occupied by extremists. With Syria, he didn’t take a strong stance against against intervention except by saying “Assad needs to step aside” and by creating an arbitrary ‘red line’, but allowed Gulf mercenaries to send armed gangs to essentially invade Syria. The Gulf States provided the mercenaries and the US sold the weapons to the Gulf states. He gave himself a huge pat on the back when at the last minute he decided to not bomb Syrian army’s positions in Damascus because the evidence for the gas attack allegedly carried out by they Syrian army (the ‘red line’) was not solid and could have been a false flag by the rebels to induce the United States to bomb Syrian army’s positions. So, with less than 24 hours to spare, much to the ire of Secretary of State John Kerry, Obama called off the airstrikes. He’s learned from the lessons of Iraq and decided to let brown Arabic speaking people go to war with each other and topple undesirable regimes rather than US army invading another Muslim country in the Middle East again. This way, there is plausible deniability. And if it all goes sideways, the State Department can blame it on ‘sectarian conflict’. Obama’s one foreign policy winner is the nuclear deal struck with Iran. He did this against the opposition of the Republicans, Israel and various Israel lobbies, which goes to prove, if he really wanted to do something, he can get it done, even in the face of strong opposition. It wasn’t that Obama had warm and fuzzy feelings toward Tehran, but that risking a nuclear war with an oil rich Middle Eastern nation who has the support and backing of Russia isn’t smart foreign policy. Any policy which prevents going to war with Russia or any of its proxies is a good thing.

The biggest betrayal of Obama was towards the middle and working class Americans, the people that voted him into office, the people that supported him in spite of everything. The same people who are misty eyed at him leaving now. Obama bailed out the auto industry but not its workers. The workers were faced with either redundancy, forced early retirement at a fraction of the promised pension or accept lower wages and without union protection (we can’t afford it – he said). When Obama chose Wall Street over Main Street and let people lose their homes despite bailing out the banks who held their mortgages, he betrayed the people. He gave the banks a blank check and then told them to go help the people in need without any preconditions or consequences for not following through. The banks have no incentive nor fear of consequences for not saving people’s homes and they’ve got billions in free government bailout money at the same time. He did the same thing with Israel, he writes them a $38 billion dollar check and then says ‘now, be nice to the Palestinians, don’t shoot innocent civilians and don’t bomb them’. Under Obama the mass surveillance state started by Bush has expanded. When whistleblowers outed the NSA mass surveillance scheme, they were punished mercilessly. Guantanamo Bay prison is still open.  He did next to nothing against police brutality. Aside from offering words of condolence and platitudes, his open support for state sanctioned armed gangs is unwavering. If the issue of police brutality doesn’t hit home with him, then perhaps the accusation that he is detached, aloof and professorial isn’t too wide off the mark. Obama has been known to make good speeches at the right times to diffuse whatever overcharged emotions or events we are mired in, but they usually come after the horse has bolted. And reflecting back upon some of them, they sound downright patronizing and preaching. He deported millions of vulnerable undocumented immigrants back to poverty stricken and unsafe countries. Families are torn apart, lives ruined and disrupted, all to prove to Republicans that he’s tough on immigration. But to deflect from that, he granted amnesty to undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children and without criminal records a path to citizenship. Obama did all of these things right under our noses and liberals are wiping away their tears as he leaves office today. Some even go so far as to declare Obama one of the best presidents this nation has ever had. That is unclear, what’s for sure is he is the first Black president United States has ever had and he can rest on that laurel. He’ll always be in the history books for that fact alone.

A combination of all of these actions and inactions angered and inflamed an already agitated nation. Worried about job security, the economy and how will anyone afford a decent standard of living anymore, the Democratic party offered the people Hillary Clinton – a neoliberal warmongering Wall Street and corporate shill, against the people’s choice of Bernie Sanders, who for all his shortcomings at least directly addressed the economic anxiety of the people (which the Clinton people turned it into a racist and sexist message as that’s only geared towards white working class men), where as Clinton babbled on and on about an esoteric form of equality which doesn’t address the income inequality and tough foreign policy. The Republican party had its own mayhem and disorder and they produced Donald Trump. Trump dumbed down the message and the American people by selling them a false bill of goods. Make America Great Again (again, what the fuck does that even mean). Trump will kick out the immigrants, build a wall on the southern border, he’ll bring jobs back (how he doesn’t say, employ them at his sleazy hotels?), and out of a better alternative, people fell for it hook, line and sinker. Trump didn’t win this election squarely and fairly, Hillary Clinton got three million more popular votes, but due to the archaic rules of the electoral college, Trump won the election. But the real story is about half of the eligible voters stayed home, couldn’t be arsed to vote. Hillary Clinton couldn’t do what Obama could, which is bring people to the polls, Obama had volunteers drive people to vote if they couldn’t get there on their own. So between the non-voters, third party voters, and the three million popular votes which didn’t count, we got Donald J. Trump as our next president. Liberalism has failed. Neoliberalism has failed. Capitalism has failed and morphed into fascism. Liberals won the cultural war but lost the political battle.

If Obama had only picked up the pitchfork instead of being the barrier to the pitchforks, even if that action failed and he turned out to only be a one term president, he would at least go down in history as not just the first Black president but also a president being on the side of the working people and not the powerful ruling elite.

Trump is a racist. When will people (especially White people) stop making excuses for him?

White people hate to be called racists. Calling a white person racist, or just implying that something they may have said or done which may be seen as racist makes them very nervous and agitated and they immediately go on the defensive as to why they are absolutely not racists and are willing cite reasons as long as their arm. The favorite line of defense is I have a ______ friend, therefore I am not (I, by virtue of logic,) cannot under any circumstance be racist. Even White nationalists subscribe to this logic, because more often then we like, there are just enough self-loathing half-Whites and half-Something else’s who fall for white supremacy playbook hook, line and sinker.

These are some of the comments from my piece published yesterday, Antifragile and White Nationalism, it warrants commenting on the comments because it’s a very realistic and unguarded look and racism and what constitutes as racism in White America:


If I must hear about how White Southerners are lovely friendly people one more time…

And I don’t mean to crap on the White folks, I really don’t. I am white-ish myself, I am half-White and half-Chinese. One half of my family consists of these well meaning, non-racist white people. But I’ve been around enough ‘diversity’ in my life and have developed a finely tuned snout to snuff out overt, covert and coded racism. Most White people today aren’t overt racists anymore, they are too smart for that; because, remember, even amongst white nationalists, to be called a ‘racist’ is an insult to their integrity; they are merely ‘preserving’ white culture from becoming extinct by this huge massive invasion of black, brown and mix raced peoples.

I’d agree that most white people are decent good people, they mean well, they certainly don’t mean to come across as racist. But the person we are talking about here is Donald Trump, not the average White person you meet, Trump is an avowed racist. So comments like the one below not only confounds but baffles me:

While I hardly think he has any nazi empathies himself, he does seem to attract such white supremacist feelings simply because he himself is so way out in left field (or “right” field) in his political approach. I would NEVER attribute Trump to knowingly have understood some pulse of the nation.

A person without Nazi sympathies will not attract white supremacists and other Nazis. Full stop. White supremacists and Nazis have their own antennas and speak in their own ‘codes’ in which they detect each other in public social settings. Except Donald Trump didn’t even use codes, he flat out called Mexicans rapists and murderers. And there are two groups of them, the likes of Trump and his ilk to present a ‘legitimate and presentable’ front to the public, where they put on an expensive suit and use a few big words which will then convince mainstream media that they are legit and then you have the basement Nazis, those who cover their bodies with Swastika and other white nationalist tattoos and greet each other with the Nazi salute. Donald Trump kicked off his campaign calling Mexicans “murderers and rapists”, short of that, they are here to steal American jobs and depress the wages of ‘real working Americans'(read: White Americans). Next he called a total ban on all Muslims, even American citizens (except for those serving in the military), after the tragic shootings in San Bernardino, California and the gay nightclub PULSE in Florida. How is this not categorically racist (and Islamophobic)? And while he was going about the Muslim ban and the two crimes he’s referring to are gun crimes, he failed to address the other violent gun crimes committed in this country by White people and the police. Some of those who voted for Trump voted for his economic and foreign policies and overlooked his racism, those same voters and supporters cannot use that reason to deny that Trump is a racist. And just because millions of people agree with Trump and his views, it doesn’t mean those same views have any validity.

Donald Trump called fat women slobs, and people who have any grievance against him ‘losers’. He’s sexually harassed women, threatened to fire women who didn’t respond to his sexual advances, threatened to fire a pregnant woman because he didn’t like how she looked pregnant. Trump has divided the population into ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. The ‘winners’ are very obviously people who are like him, who resemble him, and the losers are everyone else, which is a big group. Trump clearly understood “some pulse of the nation”. Why does this person feel the need to excuse Donald Trump? Why are White people so afraid of calling Trump what he is without the buts, exceptions and excuses. Trump is a bona fide and unashamed racist (and eugenicist) – he doesn’t even have a problem with being a racist, so why do other white people? It’s not just in 2016 he’s been revealed as a racist and bigot but in the 1980s, he took out a full page ad in the New York Times, calling for the execution of the five black teenagers for the attempted murder and rape of the Central Park jogger, who were later found to be innocent. When pressed on it, he said why where these five teenagers doing in Central Park at that hour? Shouldn’t they be home? So, after hours Central Park is only for White people like himself? Racism is not open to some arbitrary ‘interpretation’. Some may be subtle, some more overt, but we all know it when we hear it. For those who belong to minority groups feel it when they hear it and see it.

People who being their sentence with “People make way too much of the race issue. I speak as a Southerner who believes the whole world is friendly to friendly people. The urban media’s constant stoking of the hatred flames only generates needless paranoia” is an immediate red flag. This person has either never been out of the town in the South they were born or must have a very low threshold on what’s considered racist. I am not talking about ‘micro-aggressions’ here, people who drone on about how they are micro-aggressed daily bore me too and too much focus on the ‘micro’ things deter from the bigger picture. But again, we are talking about Donald Trump, a proven racist; not the nice Southern lady next door who attends church every Sunday and volunteers at the local soup kitchen and accidentally drops a racial slur. This is a man who received the endorsement of the KKK and white nationalist groups, and a whole group of supporters called the “alt-right” are out in support of him and he didn’t denounce them nor reject their support until AFTER he got elected. Most racists today no longer wear hoods and burn crosses at night on the lawn of black homes or black churches, they’ve evolved (the theories of antifragile are at work here too).

Because I am half-White and half-something else but appear more White than the something else, many people have mistakenly aired their racist views towards Asians in my presence and hearing. This has happened even when I was working in corporate America, the place of neoliberal utopia, where everything is supposedly a meritocracy. I’ve heard all the jokes and the mocking and white people just love to mock our parent’s accents. And the jokes are lame as fuck: “where did you go this weekend?”, “Chinatown”, then some lame-ass frat boy man baby breaks out mocking Chinese accent of a waiter trying to get these white frat boys orders right. But the irony is the manager (and she manages over 100 people) of these privileged UCLA frat boys is a tough as nails Vietnamese woman barely standing at 5 feet tall without her heels and they revoltingly kiss her ass and brow nose her in her presence. These will be the same frat boys complaining about reverse discrimination should their daddies not be rich enough to contribute to the alumni endowment and all but guarantee their college entry.

Racism towards Asians is more sneaky, more passive aggressive, more micro-aggressing than maybe some of the racism towards other minorities (for example, it was acceptable for the frat boys I worked with to mock Asians than to be overtly racist against Black people or Latinos). Racism toward Asians is turning our academic achievements into mockeries and jokes (frog eyed, spectacle wearing geeks who can’t toss a football), our appearance (we all look the same, lizard eyed, yellow tone skin), our accents, our faulty English grammar, our parents accents, professions (dry cleaners, liquor store owners, restaurant owners) are mocked. The only thing that shields some Asian children at school from total outright bullying is they have perfected the game white people invented. Getting good grades, perfect SAT scores and getting into top universities and joining the middle and upper middle class within a generation ,or in a word: upward mobility; which from the last statistics is going in the opposite direction for some white communities.

All of the lecturing on “personal responsibility” the conservatives and Clinton neoliberals love to preach to black people, many Asians already do and do it very well, they do “personal responsibility” better than Rand Paul and all of the Republican lawmakers of both the House and Senate combined.

So, White people: do not tell me that Trump isn’t ‘categorically’ a racist, because he hasn’t been caught in a white hood burning crosses. He is. He begun his campaign on a call to deport, ban, harass and detain Mexicans. Or that minorities and people of color are just too sensitive and are imagining things which aren’t there, they are. And believe me, the majority of people of color ignore the micro-aggressions and racist comments and situations hurled at them (except the Hilbots on Twitter). Many people of color (those that have a real life and not live online) do not speak out and complain until it’s overly egregious where ignoring it would be one step short of self-denigration. Most people do not have the time of day (nor energy) to be so sensitive to every slight (perceived or real) and respond to it. Most people of color just get on with their days.

One of my best friends cried when she heard Donald Trump won the election. If I am to be very honest, my first reaction was ‘well, that’s a bit dramatic and overboard’; but then I was never called a “chink” in broad daylight as I am crossing the street. Another friend of mine, who stands at just over five feet two inches, doesn’t look a day over 25, is routinely patronized, talked down to, dismissed or mistaken as the secretary and told to go bring some coffee for everyone while attending her own startup investor’s meeting; she is on her third or fourth startup (I lost count) and she gives seminars and talks on weekends mentoring other people how to do a startup. This could never happen to me because I am just not that awesome or capable.

I don’t care if Donald Trump has Black, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, First American, LGBTQ friends and tomorrow he appoints a transgender person to be his Secretary of State and all the other cabinet members and high level positions represent every minority and marginalized group. I don’t care how many Black people, Latinos, Asians voted for Trump. He is still a filthy racist, sexist and misogynist. His actions have proven that, his words confirms it.

Antifragile and White Nationalism

No sooner has the election results were formally announced on the night of November 8, the normalization of Trump has begun in full force. The days and weeks after the election, true to form, Trump has appointed a motley crew of neo-fascists, neoconservatives, anti-semites, the conventional hawkish military conservatives, with a few token conservative women and minorities thrown in the mix. Almost all of them subscribe to his world view of white superiority and within that, only a certain group of white men of exceptional intelligence are fit to run this country, him being one of them.

But this is not the worst of it. This was to be expected. What did people think when they voted Trump into White House? He’ll suddenly do an about face and appoint a bunch of socialists to occupy cabinet seats? No. The worst is mainstream media giving “alt-right” (which is a grossly misleading name, they should be referred to as what they are, neo-Nazis) Trump supporters a legitimate media platform to air their disgusting and abhorrent views. They include a self-hating “half-Jew” who is angry at his parents for daring to procreate a waste of space like him. A former Z-list reality TV star doing the Nazi salute, and this Z-lister is woman of color. An assortment of other white men and an occasional woman who subscribe to pseudo racial genetic theory who know not the difference between what’s someone of Arab origin or someone who follows the Islamic faith. These people do not need to be speaking to the press and mainstream media providing link backs to their deplorable racially coded blogs. These people should visit a therapist first. This level of self-hating surely cannot be healthy.

Along the theme of ‘fake news’; there has been a lot of ‘reported’ increase in racist abuse and hate crimes since election night. The media wants us to believe that since the night of November 8, the number of racists in this country multiplied many times over. But it doesn’t work like that. No one becomes a racist overnight. Becoming a racist is a conditioning over one’s lifetime. All of these racists and hateful people already existed before Trump was elected, and a non racist person will not suddenly become racist just because Trump got elected, the only difference is with Trump’s white nationalist hateful agenda, these people who expressed their disgusting views in their basements with their friends are out into the open. Trump gave these people a legitimate platform to air these racist views. It gave overt racists permission to perform their heil sieg in public. It gave latent racists cover to air their racists views using legitimate issues such as the economy, jobs and crime. It gave self-hating minorities, who really should be visiting their therapist a legitimate platform to identify with their oppressors or with who they perceive as the superior race or group.

The poison that is Trump is not just the orange ferret himself. It’s that he, using the political process, has fomented a fascist movement. He has found a way using the most base and ugliest factors to unite his political base. He outdid Richard Nixon and his ‘Southern Strategy’ (that was at least dog whistling and somewhat covert) and brought out the ugly to the national platform and every closet racist, white nationalist, white supremacists, KKK, former Klansmen went wild. Donald Trump said in public what they dare not say: Mexicans are criminals, they steal our jobs, they use public assistance, the Chinese manipulate currency and that’s why their factories are closing and going overseas etc. Trump used ‘political correctness’ as his ace card. He knew everyone on every political spectrum was sick of being ‘politically correct’, it’s what spineless liberals do, and so he used that to rail against women, minorities even people with disabilities.

So, what to do about fascists? There are really just two options, you take away their platform or you beat their asses with baseball bats. Fascism is also what Dr. Nassim Taleb calls antifragile:

Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty. Yet, in spite of the ubiquity of the phenomenon, there is no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it antifragile.

Things which are antifragile thrive on disorder and shock. Every time when fascists rise to power is usually a time of economic distress and social disorder which arises from that. Dr. Taleb also describes terrorism as antifragile, and when negative things are antifragile, there are only 2 things one can do: totally ignore terrorists and soon they realize their terrorizing ways don’t scare people anymore or you obliterate them totally, leave no man standing. Doing anything in between those two extremes will only feed the beast (8 years of President Obama’s ‘surgical drone strikes’ on supposed terrorist cells have not weakened terrorism around the world). The same can be applied to fascism, and as Dr. Taleb pointed out, it’s near impossible to totally ignore fascists or terrorist due to presence of 24 hour news, only the second option is left.

When some neo-Nazi openly muses if Jews are really people or just a bunch soulless golems, instead of shutting down the debate, CNN convenes a panel and ‘debates’ whether if Jews are really people. Liberals, in the name of ‘being liberals’ have allowed any and all debate on national television on grotesque subjects, such as pussy grabbing, the qualifying metrics of anti-semitism, racism, sexism and misogyny. We all know instinctively when speech goes from offensive to hateful, there needs no debate on whether if pussy grabbing is is misogynistic, of if Trump ‘has a point’ in his abhorrent beliefs because he has so many supporters, therefore he must be a little bit right. No. Many will cite freedom of speech rights to allow these white nationalists and neo-Nazis to have a platform on television or print, or that some producer at CNN or MSNBC decided that they need better ratings and so they want to have neo-Nazis come on their show and ‘debate’ their point of view. Freedom of speech also goes the other way, actively removing a platform from people which don’t deserve to have one. National television and print media aside, neo-Nazis and white nationalists have plenty of places to spew their hate. They can get blogs for free, they can self-publish, they are free to hold gatherings in their smelly basements and they are also free to gather at public places per the constitution, but then it’s up to everyone else to make sure they don’t hold hateful public rallies; this is when you beat them back to that shitty basement whence they came. They are antifragile. They thrive on disorder, mayhem and attention; if society at large can’t withhold the attention, then there leaves only one other option; shut them down by all means necessary.

If the students of Rutgers University can protest and force the cancellation of Condoleezza Rice’s speech; then professional adults who are in charge of mainstream media can ban Nazis from coming onto their programs.

The Four Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

“I told you so.” – The four most beautiful words in the English language according to Gore Vidal

I feel liberated. After the election of a neo-fascist as the president of the United States I feel liberated. Why? Because I finally have proof of what I always knew to be true: neoliberalism and Liberal Elitism and all the values it espouses are poisonous, soul destroying and tears apart the fabric of society despite its stated aims of doing the opposite.

I was born the year before Ronald Reagan became president. The year is unremarkable, I am unclear if I am a very late Generation X or a very early Millennial, it doesn’t really matter. I was born of a time after Richard Nixon destroyed the radical movements of the 1960s with FBI infiltration, brute force, murder and flooding the urban black neighborhoods with illegal drugs and then commenced the war on drugs, which Ronald Reagan proudly carried on and is ongoing until today. The Baby Boomers by the 1980s had become disillusioned, they left their youthful radical activism behind, put on a suit, cut their hair, shaved their beards and went to work for corporate America, the women got married and became ‘respectable’ wives and working women who formed ‘respectable’ families and joined the Reagan tent of Republicans. Ronald Reagan with his second rate acting skills was able to convince most of America that ‘we are all conservatives now.’ The era of big unions controlling corporations was over, it was time to let the good times roll by spending, spending and more spending. I was informed by many who were of age during this era that the 1980s was the most reactionary as the Establishment set to undo all of the social progress made in the 1960s and 1970s. The Reagan Establishment tried to convince Americans that the radicalism of the 60s and 70s was in the rear view mirror, all of it was a big misunderstanding and everyone is pro-establishment again.

The definition of neoliberalism is:

[A] policy model of social studies and economics that transfers control of economic factors to the private sector from the public sector. It takes from the basic principles of neoclassical economics, suggesting that governments must limit subsidies, make reforms to tax law in order to expand the tax base, reduce deficit spending, limit protectionism, and open markets up to trade. It also seeks to abolish fixed exchange rates, back deregulation, permit private property, and privatize businesses run by the state.

Liberalism, in economics, refers to a freeing of the economy by eliminating regulations and barriers that restrict what actors can do. Neoliberal policies aim for a laissez-faire approach to economic development.

Neoliberalism was the governing creed of Ronald Reagan and his British counterpart Margaret Thatcher. These two political figures almost single handedly destroyed the safety net of two of the most advanced economies in the world. On each side of the Atlantic, they destroyed unions, shut down whole industries, privatized public utility (or as the British called it ‘selling the family silver’), inflated the stock market and then caused arbitrary crashes to create unease and inflict economic anxiety to the working classes. Those who adapted and participated in the exploitation of the vulnerable did exceptionally well. Those whose livelihoods were destroyed begun to join the ranks of the precariat and the unneccesariat.

Those of us forty years old and under, we’ve been sold a pack of lies. We’ve been told that neoliberalism and capitalism is our salvation. Look at Facebook, Netflix, Uber, the iPhone and all the other gadgets, applications and services which we need to get on in our daily lives all owe their existence to capitalism and freedom to innovate. When the government gets out of the way of ordinary people, they flourished. Newsflash: the technology sector employs about 11% of the total workforce in the United States, what about the rest of the 89%? Socialism doesn’t stifle innovation and creativity, economic insecurity does. When you have to worry about your next meal or how to pay the rent, you mind has no room to create or innovate. It’s not a coincidence that many of these ‘innovators’ (Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg et al) came from stable middle class families. They didn’t have to see their parents struggle with joblessness and providing for the family.

My conservative family (a double whammy of conservative politics and conservative social values) rammed into us that in order to succeed in life, one must get good grades, go to college and get a good job. And even in college, we are advised to study subjects which will lead to lucrative jobs. Subjects in liberal arts and humanities are nice, but no one needs history or English majors. I was straightjacketed into this belief. I followed the neoliberal blueprint and it made me and countless others miserable. Then came the financial crash of 2007-2008, neoliberalism should have sounded its death knell right then and there. But then we elected a fake progressive president in the form of Barack Obama who ran on a progressive platform but decided to bail out Wall Street instead of Main Street when he was handed the keys to the White House.

Obama had in spades what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump don’t have; the ability to repackage neoliberalism (just like how Wall Street bankers repackaged bad loans to sell as grade A loans) and re-sell it to his loyal supporters who voted him into office as a good thing in the end for everyone. He was going to have to bail out Wall Street instead of the average Joe the Plumber because prevailing economic principles (the ruling class, the real people that run the country) dictate that he must; he has no choice. He bailed out the auto industry in Michigan but the autoworkers didn’t feel the impact of that bail out either. They were told that their wages would be cut, pensions and health insurance will be slashed, some up to 60% but don’t worry, this is necessary to ensure the viability of the auto industry. Having a crappy job with scant benefits is better than having no job at all. Wall Street got a get out of jail free card plus golden parachutes and average Americans were left with nothing. Less than nothing, no homes, no jobs, broken families, broken lives – all in the name of neoliberalism, because the basic tenet of neoliberalism is “transfer[ing] control of economic factors to the private sector from the public sector.” When Obama’s sales pitch didn’t work with the former factory workers in the auto industry and Rust Belt and begun to criticize his policies and point out their declining standard of living, instead of admitting his mistakes, he scolded them instead: unions jobs are gone, that you can graduate from high school at 18 barely literate and able to string two sentences together but get a factory job and union card and earn a comfortable living, those days are over. You need to get more education, better training, learn computer skills, get a vocation if you can’t find a job in the factory floor – basically, quit whining. These people revolted. They may have revolted against their own interest after years of being ignored and belittled. But revolt they did.

After years of failed policies and declining wages and standards of living, the American people woke up to the con. Wall Street is booming again. The people that inflicted the horror on the American people got away with it all. In that wake, in a critical election, the Democratic establishment chose Hillary Rodham Clinton as their nominee. A corrupt, warmongering ‘good friend’ of the Saudi and Qatari royal families. The Democratic establishment along with the mainstream media colluded to push Bernie Sanders out of the race. And when push came to shove, the people voted for Donald Trump as our next president. The Liberal Elites, through their own actions (or inaction), realized the result they dreaded the most: that orange troll Donald Trump is our next president. Clinton’s sneering contempt and arrogance towards the working class or anyone who wasn’t ‘with her’ was odious enough to make people change their votes or stay away from the voting booth or write in Harambe for president. Anti-Clintons did anything to not have to cast a ballot for her. The Clinton Machine underestimated the voter’s rage against her and the establishment and ruling class interests she represents. Voters would rather roll the dice with an orange troll who is an admitted misogynist, racist, Islamophobe and homophobe than to have another Clinton as our president. I told you so.

But this is good news for those on the Left. The first best thing is we don’t have to hear or see another Clinton in public life for a long time and if anyone attempts to float Chelsea Clinton’s name out there for public office, the left will put a stop to it. The Clintons are done. Hillary had her chance, not once but twice. It is the perfect time to rebuild a true progressive worker’s party that the Democratic Establishment can’t co-opt to get elected into office and then abandon once they are in. We don’t have to hear the babbling rants of the liberal elites anymore. We don’t have to hear them lecture to us from their ivory towers on how to live our lives and organize our politics. They’ve lost all credibility. Neoliberalism has failed. Capitalism has failed. Socialism is the way forward to combat multinational corporations which collude with corrupt governments. The voters have spoken. Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables”, a serious case of teapot calling the kettle black. We don’t yet know all the motivations for Trump voters. There’s no question that some people voted for Trump because he seeks to restore the power of the straight white male ego and make the lives of minorities and women miserable, to which we can tell them to fuck off and go back to the cave they came from. For the other Trump voters who voted for him hoping that he’d bring back good jobs and rip up the shady trade agreements, they’ll be in for a shock. Trump is a self-described ‘businessman’, and not a very good one at that. Like all fascists, he only cares about himself. He’s already wavering on the ‘big beautiful wall’ on the southern border because he realized that the US economy cannot function without exploiting undocumented immigrants. Trump’s own companies can’t function without the exploitation of undocumented workers.  Trump is a conman who would say and do anything to get into the White House and he’s been successful not because he’s a very good conman, but because his opponent was so weak.

There is no telling if Bernie Sanders could have won the Democratic nomination if the DNC supported him, but Bernie Sanders appealed to the economic interest of the voters (not the lazy racism, xenophobia and sexism), and he didn’t blame black people, undocumented immigrants or women for the demise of their livelihoods, he blamed the unsustainable system of capitalism, free trade agreements which only benefit the corporations and not the workers and inadequate safety net from the government, which he made clear that there was more than enough money to provide free tuition, free health care and subsidize $15 per hour living wage if we can spend trillions on illegal wars overseas. Had Bernie Sanders won the nomination, he will be able to get a significant cut of the working class vote, the bloc of working class voters who aren’t racist or sexist but feel they cannot vote for Clinton and would rather take their chances with Trump. But we never got the chance to find out.

Whatever reasons the Clintonites want to give and whomever they want to blame for her loss in the general election, they cannot get away from the fact that if with all of their  money, corporate support, Military Industrial Complex support, teams of ‘experts’, pollsters, ‘Ada’ the robot software and Clinton still can’t beat Donald Trump, who by comparison is operating on a shoestring budget, then you don’t deserve occupy the West Wing. That. Is. All. On. You. There is no one to blame but the inept, over bloated Clinton campaign machine.

And for a funny take on all of this, enjoy this video:



The election shitshow is over, now it’s time to unite.

The election is over. Hallelujah. The Hillbots can retreat back to their caves and to the days where no one has to read or hear their ‘analysis’ on their ill-chosen savior. The pro-Trump trolls, white nationalists and other assortment of supporters can rejoice and savor in their victory for a short while, until they realize exactly what they voted for. The Democrats and liberals, with all that time, resources and energy they wasted on writing and speaking on behalf of their chosen messiah has all been for nought. They will spend the next few months spewing even more vitriol at the demise of the Clinton Machine and they will blame it on the men, specifically working class white men (who the liberals consider just a tad more advanced than cavemen), women who didn’t support her, minorities who didn’t support her. In fact, they’ll blame it on everyone and their grandma except to acknowledge the fact that when you choose a shitty candidate, you get shitty results.

This election was a case of two shitty candidates and the electorate gets to choose from the pile they hate less or not choose at all, and from this, we have Donald J. Trump (aka Fuckface Von Clownstick) as our next president. It makes you rethink how America was ever ‘great’.

If there’s one thing I gained from this election is all new words in my lexicon. ‘White privilege’, ‘cishet privilege’, ‘male privilege’, ‘hetero-normative privilege’, ‘psycho-normative privilege’. The word ‘privilege’ has been bandied around and used so many times that it’s lost its real meaning. And then you realize, the word ‘privilege’ is just replacing the word ‘rights’. You can take away people’s privileges but you can’t take away people’s rights. So, if you convert rights into privileges, your rights can be then taken away. Now that the oppression olympics (a phrase I stole from someone else) and privilege scorekeeping is over, we can all get back to the real issues: how to stop the ruling class and their ilk from taking over our economic system and our lives. How can we mount a real worker’s movement where all workers of the world are included. It’s no longer enough to mount workers movements in one geographic location because corporations are multinational now. If they don’t like the rules and workers union of one country, they can up sticks and move to another country (NAFTA made this possible). But if workers of the world is united internationally, corporations have less places to run and hide their ill gotten profits.

The Clinton campaign, instead of addressing the very real issues of workers being scammed out of their labor and wages, they chose to instead to focus on ‘privilege’, with its own cascading scale and scorekeeping. White working class people are not the true victims of globalization and shady trade deals because they are white and with it comes inherent privileges which are not available to people of color. Their grievances are just complaints, they are treated like overgrown man babies who didn’t get what he wanted at the candy store. They are just angry that they have to share the economic pie which used to be exclusively theirs with other people and women. That the Rust Belt of the United States has literally rusted out of existence and with it their livelihood  which is largely in part because of NAFTA is not a valid grievance. They should have ‘gone back to school and retrained in another profession’ is one of the favorite refrains of the liberal elite. The ruling class, which includes the Democratic Establishment, assisted with the ruin of working class America is a fact we are supposed to ignore and not bring into public discourse because it doesn’t coalesce with the message of Hillary Clinton . As a result, the working class has been oppressed, suppressed, bitterly divided and they turned on each other and punched down instead of the ruling elite. There is a competition of a race to the bottom. They are competing to see who is worse off instead of unionizing to make everyone better off as they’ve been told the unionizing days are gone and they believe it. The elites are loving this. They are loving the fact that the working class and downwardly mobile middle class are blaming each other, minorities, women and immigrants for their plight instead of focusing on the real culprit; capitalism and those who rule it are the real cause of all of the suffering of not just Americans but workers all over the world. The ruling class wants us to fight over scraps. Is there really much difference between someone making $12 an hour and $15 an hour if the underlying reasons why they are making a pittance in wages isn’t solved? If all the profits still go to the top and the CEO of a corporation is making twenty-three times what his average employee makes, whatever income that employee makes is inadequate.

Bernie Sanders’s minimum living wage of $15 is a start but it’s by no means a solution to the larger problem. Why are wages so depressed when the corporations are earning millions and billions in profits? Why do those profits only go to the top? Why are people’s labor, which is really their time, blood, sweat and tears, treated like it’s disposable and replaceable. Workers spend over 8 hours a day at their jobs, which amounts to one-quarter of their day, most of their adult life is spent working, why is that not valued? One doesn’t need to be a student of Marxism to know that their life (in the form of labor, time and wages) are being stolen from them.

All of the ‘privilege’ mocking aside, I am fully aware the misogyny and sexism that women in power or women who seek power face. I don’t deny that Hillary Clinton has suffered misogynistic attacks and sexism, all of which I abhor and really distracts from the real issues. I know that racism, latent or overt is alive and well and they need to be part of public discourse and addressed (not just in relation to police shootings but in all areas). But when the whole discourse becomes about privilege checking in relation to sexism, racism and all the other -isms, we lose sight of the bigger picture, which is to fight for equality for all people. Real equality. Not the means tested neoliberal bullshit the Democrats love to shove down our throats and then tell us that it’s as good as it’s ever going to get. Free college tuition – yes, for those whose combined earnings are under x dollars, so it’s not really everyone. Universal health coverage – yes, but you can’t make more than 150% than federal poverty guidelines (which are ridiculously low to begin with), so again, you will have people who fall through the cracks. You need housing assistance, of course it’s available, the waiting list is 10 years long and due to the long wait, they aren’t taking any more names but there are thousands of vacant homes, buildings and apartments that Wall Street wants to sell and rent at market premium rather than subsidize the rent to ‘those people’. Those who are poor enough to qualify for government assistance are shamed and humiliated the whole way and are reminded at every turn that it’s the ‘taxpayer’s money’ and they better not waste it. People wax lyrical about just what kind of food should food stamp recipients purchase and eat, while the Republicans openly vilify purchases they don’t approve of (as in the grocery checkout line) and create outright lies of people on food stamps buying steaks and lobsters, liberals are more subtle with their insults, turning the topic to ‘healthy food choices’ (which is combination of poor shaming and fat shaming at the same time). And note to upper middle class clueless liberals – it is very expensive to eat ‘healthy’, i.e. the FDA recommended of  5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day and cut out processed foods and carbonated drinks. Processed food loaded with unhealthy chemicals and ‘non-foods’ is much cheaper to buy than fresh fruits and vegetables. Questions like should a mother on food stamps be buying a cake from the grocery store to celebrate her child’s birthday or reward her child with cupcakes? And if you can use your supposedly paltry food stamp allotment on sweets, then how hungry are you really? Are all subtle ways the liberals shame and keep food stamp recipients in their place.

Lastly, when you hear anyone tell you that ‘we can’t afford it’ on whatever social programs the people need and demand; don’t believe them, they are lying. If the US can spend trillions destroying the Middle East, Afghanistan and Libya, arming ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria and elsewhere, indiscriminately violate the sovereignty of other nations and drone their civilians, they can damn well make sure that every American has plenty to eat, a roof over their heads, access to good health care and good education. The latter costs a fraction of what these overseas illegal wars cost.

The US is the richest nation in the world, supposedly the most innovative, it’s the proof of the triumph of capitalism. But homelessness has skyrocketed, good jobs are scarce, worker’s wages are depressed, families are going hungry, many see no way out. Neoliberalism is done. Capitalism is a failure. But it took an election of choosing between two shitty candidates for us to realize that. But there is a silver lining; with the bloviating liberals in retreat and temporarily out of the way (it’s like playing whack-a-mole with these liberals), the Left has a real chance at organizing and putting a stop to Trump just like the Republicans obstructed Obama at every turn for eight years.

November 8, 2016: The Elites Rue the Day

The results are in, Donald J. Trump, a racist, sexist, misogynist, someone who has assaulted women, fat shamed women, called for a ban on all Muslims, promised to build a wall on the southern border and deport all Mexicans, will be our next president of the United States.

The question which will be discussed ad nauseum for the next four years (please don’t let it be eight) is ‘how did this happen?’ How did a charlatan who talks about grabbing a woman’s nether regions con his way into the presidency of the United States?

I will tell you how.

When his opponent is an arrogant, elitist, corporate bought and paid for politician insisting on ramming her brand of politics down people’s throats. Those who reject her brand of politics are branded as racist and sexist.

When the Democratic Party chooses a corrupt, criminal, warmongering, murdering, wealthy elite with ties to Wall Street, big Pharma, oil and gas companies to represent the working people of America during one of the most economically uncertain times the world has ever seen and the alternative is Donald Trump; Donald Trump and his ilk will win. An angry electorate can overlook a lot, but they will not tolerate an elite ruling class thumbing their noses down at them and blaming them for their own misfortunes or minimizing their misfortunes and calling it ‘privilege’.

Elections are about common denominators. A candidate chooses an issue or issues which many people can identify with, which then would hopefully propel them into elected office. Donald Trump chose racism, bigotry and sexism and united the disgruntled white base (even some white women jumped on his sexism and misogyny train). Bernie Sanders tried to cut into that base by trying to unite everyone’s economic interests against the ruling elite as he correctly figured out, a large part of people’s anger is mainly due to the economic situation and not illegal immigrants. Had he garnered Democratic Establishment’s support, no doubt he’d successful. Hillary Clinton’s uniting base is her group of ‘diversified elites’, Ivy League graduates of every stripe and persuasion, she was hoping to use those people to bring along all the other Ivy League aspirants, not realizing that it’s the Ivy League do-gooders that the average American hates right now.

The Democratic Establishment took its base and support not only for granted, but stepped on and crapped all over it when the people dare challenge the establishment. They decided that the white working class male is an obsolete category and all of their grievances and concerns are condensed into racism, bitterness at the gradual betterment of women and minorities and most importantly, up until now, they’ve skated by on ‘white privilege’ and that privilege needs to be taken away so they know how it feels to have none. I defy anyone to tell an unemployed coal miner living in a rundown shack with his wife and children in West Virginia that he has white privilege and that his failures are his fault, he will probably risk going to jail and punch you in the face.

The Democratic Establishment lied to us over and over again about how Hillary Clinton is the only choice to save this country. She is most qualified, she has the most experience and more importantly, it’s her turn and America is due for a female president. She is it. The DNC, mainstream media all threw in their lot with Hillary Clinton. Their job is to make sure she becomes the party’s nominee and the ultimate victor in the General Election.

Except Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only qualified candidate to run for president in the Democratic Party. There was Bernie Sanders who started a grassroots campaign on the ground, bypassing the DNC machine. He addressed the immediate economic concerns of everyone, growing income inequality, inadequate access to quality and affordable healthcare, student loan debt and a basic restructure of the government to serve the people not the ruling class. The fact that Bernie Sanders even dared to challenge Clinton for the nomination was seen as an abomination of the first order by Clinton and her supporters. He was stealing her thunder, ruining her moment, making her look bad because she can’t get that same kind of response from her most desirable voting demographic: young people and women. No amount celebrity endorsement can change that. Bernie Sanders was seen as deliberately antagonizing Hillary Clinton and he was using his white male cishet privilege to do it. Bernie Sanders didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to stay clear out of the way for the queen so she can ascend her throne.

For over twenty years the Democratic base have believed the lies of the Clintons. They’ve cheered the Clintons on regardless of their lies, deceptions, corruption and scandals (some are frivolous some are legitimate). The Clintons, bolstered by their diverse group of elites which support them, and that support is handsomely rewarded with money and access to their foundation, they were able to keep the charade going. Their biggest mistake in this election cycle is the divide and conquer of the working class and marginalized people. They took their support base for fools. All of her operatives and supporters with fancy degrees from Ivy League schools took it upon themselves to school their less fortunate brethren. The country saw through the lies of the Democratic establishment and went elsewhere with their votes (or not bothered to vote at all).

The election of 2016 is a choice of between two rotten candidates with no room for a third alternative. Just because Clinton is rotten it doesn’t mean Donald Trump is the answer. He may be an alternative, but alternatives aren’t always better. While the Clintons are corrupt, Trump is an outright fraud. There’s no need to list all the misdeeds and lies of Donald Trump, they are well documented. But in spite of all that, he was elected as this nation’s president. While people are angry and have every right to be angry, those same angry people often vote against their own interests. There is lots wrong with this country but it is not the fault of immigrants, black people, women or minorities. Jobs are going overseas but it’s not the people overseas who are ‘stealing’ them. Most overseas factory workers work in appalling conditions. The Mexicans didn’t undercut the wages of Americans, it’s the whole rotten capitalist system along with neoliberalism that has caused the state we are in today. It’s what caused the Great Recession and financial crash of 2007-2008, but Trump is telling us it’s the fault of the illegal immigrants and his way to solve it is to build a wall between US and Mexico and have the Mexican government pay for it with the trade deficit.

As many already noted, if a Trump win over Clinton means we don’t have to see another Clinton in elected public office ever again, he has accomplished at least one good thing. As for all of the other bad things that come with a Trump presidency, it is now the perfect opportunity for the Left to rise up and demand a real socialist government. Once Trump’s voters get a taste of what Trump’s really intending for this country, which is to make it a neo-fascist haven for white nationalists and not better jobs with good wages; those that voted for him hoping for better jobs will hopefully see the con of Donald Trump.

If the ‘Clinton machine’ with all of its experts and data analysts, all that money from super pacs and major corporate donations can’t come up with a strategy to defeat Donald Trump, can’t even eke out a 51% win; which by comparison, Trump is operating on a shoestring budget; then Clinton doesn’t deserve to win. This is her second go at this, that she lost to Obama who was an exceptional candidate and campaigner is one thing, but to lose to Donald Trump, a guy who speaks on auto loop, maybe she isn’t as qualified as she thinks she is.

The Trump presidency probably won’t affect my life in any significant way. It doesn’t matter to me who wins this election. I don’t belong to a marginalized group but millions of Americans do. And for those Americans we can’t look the other way. For those individuals, those of us who are in a position to fight back, not only should, but must.



Voting is a Right, not a Privilege.

Hillary Clinton supporters have taken a rather long leave of their senses. They’ve brooked no criticism against their candidate. They’ve rejected and dismissed all of the criticisms against their candidate as either sexism, misogyny or ‘privilege’ – as someone having such a privileged life to be able to choose a Third Party candidate and not suffer the consequences of such a choice. They’ve been intransigent to the point of hilarity and as Wikileaks and other sources revealed more and more unsavory details about the Democratic Party’s chosen messiah, her supporters have constructed more and more preposterous responses to each of the allegations.

And as if it were written in the stars, the FBI while investing Anthony Weiner to see if he tweeted his dick to an underage girl, they found over 650 thousand of Hillary Clinton’s emails backed up on the Abedin-Weiner hard drives. This is problematic because Huma Abedin swore under oath that she didn’t have backup copies of her boss’s emails anywhere. It is further complicated by the fact that the Weiners are about to divorce. Anthony Weiner probably feels no compunction about protecting his soon to be ex-wife and the Clintons. One of the world’s most powerful woman may be brought down by Anthony Weiner’s … well, weiner. A Hollywood writer couldn’t write this script, no one would believe it to be remotely possible.

The Democratic primary was not meant to be a contest at all. It was to serve as a coronation for the ascension of Hillary Rodham Clinton to the  highest office of the land: the presidency of the United States of America. Anyone standing in her way is considered a hateful sexist who is denying the most qualified woman her rightful place in history. She’s earned it by being First Lady to one of the sleaziest men to occupy the West Wing, she paid her dues by knowing her place as a junior senator from New York, then she served as Secretary of State under president Obama. Now it’s her Turn at the top job. No one will stand in her way.

There comes Bernie Sanders from left field, who connected with Millennials and young people in a way Hillary Clinton can only dream of (including younger women). He directly addressed the fears and anxieties of America’s middle and working classes and he offered what appeared to be direct and simple solutions. Institute a living wage of $15 an hour, re-examine all trade agreements to make sure it benefits all workers, free college for all public institutions, expand Medicare to cover everyone, not just those over 65 years old. His foreign policy is far less hawkish, though still very problematic, especially when he praised Saudi Arabia as being a good friend to the U.S., it’s far more palatable to the 40 and under crowd. When it looked like Bernie Sanders was about to surpass Hillary Clinton in popularity, Sanders supporters were immediately categorized as ‘privileged’, sexist and racist because many of them are white and male. From the imaginary ‘Berniebros’ (a privileged white male who doesn’t want to see a woman in the White House) to young people who’ve never had a real job and live in their parent’s basements, to grown adults but are far too idealistic to know how the real world works. Bernie Sanders didn’t have the support of Southern Democrats, he was never going to win the nomination, but he didn’t lose it “fair and square” as Sen. Harry Reid lamented. Sanders biggest mistake was not willing to get down and dirty and expose the corruption of the Clintons.

Fast forward to today, the eve before the election. Hillary Clinton’s Republican opponent is none other than the neo-fascist Donald Trump. The ferret haired, orange faced buffoon, who has proclaimed himself as one of the smartest men in the world, who will ‘Make America Great Again’; and they are neck and neck in the polls. The supposed most qualified person (man or woman) to run for the president of the United States is neck and neck with a charlatan. She is furiously getting the vote out. Her supporters are on social media scaring the anti-Clintons and the undecideds into voting for Hillary Clinton, because if we don’t, America will meet its apocalypse with Donald Trump as president; not realizing that we are already there. We’ve been there, since her husband Bill Clinton turned the Democratic Party right in the 1990s to save his own behind because he can’t keep his pants zipped up and so he caved to Newt Gingrich and his demands. Bill Clinton introduced all kinds of coded racist vocabulary that have been in popular circulation ever since. Words like ‘personal responsibility’, making good life choices, having ‘consequences’ for bad personal behavior (incarceration); all pointing to the supposed poor choices of black people and welfare claimants.

Hillary Clinton has come to accept the fact that she’s not popular and not well liked by younger people and especially younger women, so she’s marketing herself as the ‘lesser evil’. The poll numbers suggest that those who will be voting for Clinton will be with great reluctance. There will be no expectations of her and her presidency except to not fuck it up too much, to maintain the status quo of the Obama presidency.

The Clinton liberals have turned ‘rights’ into ‘privilege’. Voting is a privilege. No it’s not, it’s a right, which by definition, can’t be taken away or criticized for not voting a certain way. Voting is one the most private decisions anyone can make, cameras are not allowed in voting booths, no one is supposed to know who you vote for, yet there are millions of Hillary Clinton supporters on social media, scolding, insulting, admonishing those who won’t vote for her. When did an election turn a candidate’s supporters into such busy bodies?

If Hillary Clinton loses the the election tomorrow, there will be a whole new school of punditry as to why and who to blame. A new ‘Ralph Nader’ will be chosen and forever scapegoated for denying a woman the presidency of the United States. Clinton supporters and surrogates will blame everyone and everything except the candidate herself, who is one of the most unpopular and unsuitable to the mood of the times and voters. The mood of country is changing from neoliberal to more socialist – gross income inequality is no longer tolerated, from hawk to dove, from interventionism to non-interventionism, but Hillary Clinton embodies all of the former and none of the latter. She may become the first woman to be elected to the presidency of the United States, but it is not a step forward for progressivism or even feminism. She’s just another wealthy, corrupt, well-connected elite elected to the country’s highest office.

Resist the Distraction of ‘Sexism’ and ‘Misogyny’ Accusations

The Era of ‘The  Bitch’ is Coming screamed a headline by The Atlantic. The writer Michelle Cottle is warning everyone to be prepared for a fresh wave of “four-to-eight years of the kind of down-and-dirty public misogyny you might expect from a stag party at Roger Ailes’s house.” While open racism isn’t tolerated and often called out, sexism and misogyny, especially if cleverly delivered, is still tolerated, accepted and even considered funny. What’s more, while it’s fair that people on the receiving end of racist abuse make their grievances known and heard, women subjected to sexism and misogyny are expected to keep quiet and laugh it off, especially women in powerful positions. For a woman to call out sexism is seen as whining and complaining and not addressing a legitimate grievance.

Cottle goes on to explain which types of misogyny and sexism Hillary Clinton might encounter in the coming months and years. Inevitably, they relate to her age, her looks, her body, her allegedly ‘bitchy’ demeanor, her coldness and aloofness, the sound of her voice, how she laughs (the cackle), her bitchy-resting face when she’s not smiling and when she does smile the compliments she gets for ‘finally smiling’ as if she’s some miserable cow who refuses to crack a smile.

All of these ‘warnings’ of sexism and misogyny is just a distraction from the real criticisms. It’s using identity politics to distract from the real issues of a Hillary Clinton presidency. It’s a red herring. Sexism and misogyny is wrong. It’s nobody’s business when Hillary Clinton chooses to smile, she’s not a professional cheerleader, she’s not obligated to plaster a smile on her face to make everyone feel more comfortable. By the same token, she’s not required to be nice all the time either. She, like a man, is allowed temper flares, throwing things across the room and pounding the table when things don’t go her way. We don’t call a man derogatory names when he does those things, we say that he’s assertive and sets high standards. Shaming her age (especially when in connection with her appearance) is below the belt and appealing to the lowest common denominator and it really just says you don’t have any legitimate criticisms hence you make fun of her age and appearance. Hillary Clinton has never made herself out to be objectified or admired for her appearance, in fact, she self-deprecates when it comes to the style department (“remember my hairband days?”). She’s no Jackie Kennedy, and since that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the real issues.

Because Hillary Clinton’s opponent is Donald Trump, she’s not required to have a platform besides “I am not Trump”. She’s not required to present sound policies on the economy, preserving and expanding social security, raising the minimum wage, creating real universal healthcare, federally mandated paid parental leave, government subsidized childcare, raising the minimum wage, criminal justice reform, prison reform, drug sentencing reform, real immigration reform and integrating the millions of undocumented immigrants into the political process by allowing an immediate pathway to citizenship for all (not cherry picking the young, educated and English speaking ones), providing free college in all state institutions and reversing the toxic and destructive neoliberal economic policies of her husband and Obama. These are the issues that are important to the voters, especially the Millennial voters that she supposedly cares so much about. But thanks to freakshow that is Donald Trump, she doesn’t have address any of these issues. All she has to do is insist she’s no Trump and Mexicans aren’t rapists and murderers, she won’t build a wall at the Southern border and Muslims aren’t banned in this country.

We already know she’s not Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, in some respects is far more dangerous than Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a buffoon and a clown, he appeals to the other lowest common denominators of racism, xenophobia, anti-immigration and white nationalism (which also includes misogyny and sexism). Whether he acknowledges it or not, most of his boldest proposals can’t be implemented and are just white nationalist fantasies. For all of Trump’s boasting of his business acumen, his artistry at making business deals where he sends his opponents scurrying to the hills, the reality is far more different. He considers business bankruptcy as a legitimate business strategy (which translates to not paying your suppliers or investors by declaring you are bankrupt) and has filed for business bankruptcy many times. He has no political record to speak of and so he has a political clean slate. He can say whatever he wants to do if he becomes president without having to back it up with previous track records or explaining his political decisions.

Hillary Clinton has no such luxuries, she has a long record of votes and political decisions that she must explain and defend, starting with her days as this country’s First Lady. She supported her husband’s punitive welfare and criminal justice reform, which 20 years later show that the most affected are people of color. One out of every four Black man today can expect to be incarcerated during some time in his life. The welfare reforms gutted the most essential social services to the most vulnerable populations in this country many of them women and children. The Yes vote for the invasion of Iraq, which haunted her during her 2008 bid for the White House, is based on false, made up, concocted intelligence of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and the Saddam Hussein regime having ties to Al Qaeda. None of which were true. As Secretary of State, she sanctioned the destruction of Libya and the fueled proxy war in Syria. All of this is done in the name of destroying ISIS. ISIS is now the designated boogey man (after the death of Osama bin Laden) in which our national security is threatened so we must be very vigilant and militaristic with our enemies around the world.

Anybody who criticizes her foreign policies, her connections to Wall Street, or calls her a war criminal is disciplined and told that it’s an unfair sexist attack. Or short of that, they are patronized and told they don’t understand how dangerous the world is and how the world works. Her image as feminist who fights for human rights has been shattered. You cannot claim to fight for human rights when you bomb and destroy nations and those that suffer the most from the fallout are women and children. You cannot claim to be a feminist when one quarter of the donations for The Clinton Foundation is from Saudi Arabia, arguably one of the most abusive and repressive regimes against women in the world. You cannot claim to be a feminist or a human rights activist when you allow Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemeni civilians and starve Yemeni children for oil and money. Clinton’s interventions in the internal affairs of Honduras has caused a failed state where right wing military thugs rule the country. The fact that she would consider Henry Kissinger a friend and mentor should raise serious blood soaked red flags.

But right now, we are told by the elites that we must not be childish and hold on to these grudges because we have a more important danger in our midst, in the form of an orange clown with small hands who tends to talk out of his rear end. This is our real enemy right now. This is who we are supposed to be afraid of; not the trigger happy former Secretary of State responsible for destroying at least two sovereign states and destabilized several more. Those Sanders supporters who refuse to fall in line with Hillary Clinton are privileged, spoiled and willfully sabotaging the candidacy of the first woman president.

Electing a woman to the highest office in the land is a milestone, a shattering of a once thick and impenetrable glass ceiling, which given the patriarchal structure of our society, is a monumental effort; but it must not be confused with political revolution. Electing a woman as president of the United States will usher in the progressive change voters want only if the right woman is elected. Just like electing the first Black president Barack Obama didn’t usher in a time of post-racial harmony in America; one can argue the opposite happened.

Many countries have already reached this milestone: Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina, Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India, the world’s largest democracy, Pakistan also previously elected woman Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Bangladesh is currently governed by a woman Sheikh Hasina right now, the United Kingdom has produced two female Prime Ministers with Theresa May’s recent ascension to the position after the ousting of David Cameron and the fact that she has no children and how that might affect her style governance was still brought up in the year 2016. In Brazil and Argentina, abortion is still illegal and punishable with jail sentence; women in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to all intents and purposes are still second class citizens, especially women who reside in Tribal areas ruled by the Taliban. Electing a female head of state didn’t emancipate these women on a large scale. In traditional societies like Pakistan and Bangladesh; their fates are still determined by male members of their family with very little legal protection from the state.

For all of us who feel we have no stake in the discourse or outcome of this ghastly trainwreck of an election, all we have are our pens, our right to critique, debate, argue, to contradict, contrast, to speak out against the mass propaganda that is thrown at us. And on top of that, we have to wade through all the other dreck like The Atlantic article about the supposed flood of sexism and misogyny that’s about to come our way because of the possible elevation of Hillary Clinton as the President of the United States; which is really telling us that we should not criticize Hillary Clinton at all because women who don’t support other women deserve a special place in hell. In that case, I’ll tell Lucifer to save them a spot.

Open Letter to Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton 

Dear Mrs. Clinton:

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Debbie Wasserman Schultz has just resigned from her post. It was a long time coming. She should have been gone over a year ago. We all knew what she was up to but it took an email leak to confirm without a doubt what Bernie Sanders supporters already knew and that he was subjected to a sustained effort of sabotage by the DNC. This was a sabotage of a special kind, it wasn’t just voter suppression, ballot manipulation by way of closed primaries but the good old dog whistling antisemitism – questioning if Sanders “believes in God”. For your own sakes, I hope that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, yourself and Sen. Tim Kaine show up at your respective places of worship every week, because anything short of that, you are the worst kind of hypocrites. You are no different than those Bible beating, gun toting people condemning everyone who don’t share their beliefs kind of people. I won’t even call them Christians because they defile what it means to be Christian.

Since Wasserman Schultz’s dismissal (resignation – whatever you want to call it, the truth doesn’t really matter here) from her post at the DNC, you’ve hired her to be part of your campaign. You must possess some kind of superhuman arrogance or just plain tone deaf. I get that you owe her a great debt. She’s shilled extra hard for you, to defend your indefensible positions and tell everyone until she is blue in the face on why you are the best person to be our next president.

Poll after poll shows that young people don’t trust you, they don’t like you, that you have a tenuous relationship with the truth. You are a warmonger with a trigger happy finger, especially with those drones. You destabilized regions to help your rich Arab friends. You especially have trouble with young women, women who really should be looking up to you, who should want to be like you, except they want nothing to do with you. And in the face of all this, you hire your clone-shill Debbie Wasserman Schultz to help run your campaign, in the hopes of getting you elected as our first woman president.

I am one of those ‘youngish’ woman who don’t like you, who wants nothing to do with you. To put it plainly and perhaps it’s a little crass, you are like that insufferable mother we can’t wait to get away from. That lying, emotionally manipulative mother who who whips out the martyr card when the occasion suits. Any disagreement we have with you automatically equals ungratefulness and ‘you have no idea what I went through so you can have all of this!’You are like the mother that we desperately want to love and admire but in the end must walk away from to save our sanity.

The thing is I used to like you, a lot. I looked up to you. You were a vast improvement from Nancy Reagan or Barbara Bush in the First Lady department. When you stayed with that cheating husband of yours and was criticized for it (you were painted as either a pathetic woman desperate to hang on to a man or a Lady Macbeth using your husband for your own political gain), I defended you and to this day, woman to woman, I respect your decision. It was no one’s business how you handle your private affairs. Whether you stayed with your husband or not didn’t make you any less of a woman or feminist and for what it’s worth, I still hold that view today. How we choose to handle our private lives is no one’s business.

The reason I cannot support you is your constant hypocrisy between your personal conduct and what you tell the public. You say you fight for women and children, but you were on the board of Walmart, one of the most anti-women and children organizations there is. They are anti-Union (which would go far to help working women), have a history of promoting men over women for important management positions, they punish pregnant women, pay wages so low that one-third of Walmart employees must access some type public assistance to survive. One of Walmart’s heirs, Alice Walton donated over $300,000 to your campaign, despite your protestations that you’ve cut ties with Walmart.

Your ties to Wall Street – what sage advice can you impart on Wall Street bankers that they feel compelled to pay you almost $300,000 for a thirty minute speech. And when it was requested that you release your speech transcripts you gave a slick Willy answer and up until today, no transcripts are forthcoming. They won’t be forthcoming now that you have the nomination. Those speech fees are political bribes, to make sure you don’t bring them ‘to heel’ when you become president. It was your husband who repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, which gave way to the rampant market speculation that brought down the economy in in 2008 – and along with it, millions of American lives were ruined and have yet to recover from (while your daughter Chelsea lives in a $10 million dollar penthouse in Manhattan – and she’s never had a real job in her life before, working for your ‘foundation’ doesn’t count, you gave her the job – and that special correspondent job at MSNBC – give me a break).

The punitive welfare reform and criminal justice reforms of your husband, which you wholly supported has wreaked havoc the lives of millions of people, and the most severely impacted are minority women and children. Oh the irony when the press dubbed your husband as the ‘first black president of the United States’ and by that same logic, you are about to become the first ‘black woman president of America’. The destruction he wrought to black lives is still unfolding, fifteen years after he’s left office. Many would say it’s not fair to hold you accountable for the policies of your husband and normally I’d agree, but you put yourself out there as a different kind of First Lady (not the cookie baking kind), you publicly supported the policies of your husband and remember that little comment about bringing child criminals, super predators to heel? Also, you also have significant donations from the private prison lobby, which is in their best interest to keep incarceration rates high so that they can ‘profit’ off of the suffering of other people.

Even the single-payer health plan, which was your original platform when you were First Lady. This was YOUR platform, it didn’t get past committee but it was so close, so when Bernie Sanders advocated Medicare for all, you should be jumping on board, after all this was your idea, but instead you denounced Sanders plan as not being practical without really saying why it’s not practical. You said that to expand Medicare would cause many to lose their current plans (or you told Chelsea to tell people that rather). In your debates you said that Obamacare is adequate, no it’s not, Obamacare is riddled with problems. Our coverage rate is 90% and you’ll ‘work on the 10%’ who are not covered. Newsflash: Obamacare is not a good plan, it solved some problems, but created many more, but most importantly, while it expanded coverage rate, it didn’t expand actual insurance coverage,  nor did it bring down the cost of premiums significantly. Deductibles are still high, we are still paying a lot for monthly premiums, and there are problems with doctors accepting health plans for those who are on state and federal exchanges. Obamacare never solved the problem of insurance companies making profit off of the illness of others. Until you do something about that, we will still have the same problems. The best way to take care of that is to expand Medicare to include everyone, not just those over 65. But will you do it? No, of course not.The insurance companies paid you off too.

Then there’s your ‘foundation’ which is funded in large part by the Saudi Royal family. The most rotten, corrupt and abusive family in the world is your ‘friend’ and ‘ally’. Their money reeks and not just of oil. Saudi women are some of the most oppressed in the world, they can’t even drive, they cannot go anywhere without the consent or accompaniment of another male relative or husband. Their human rights record is appalling, in the year 2016, they’ve hit a new ‘record’ and just executed their 100th prisoner, by the medieval barbaric method of beheading with a sword. Where is your sense of feminist or human rights outrage here? This is a country that still practices female genital mutilation, forced marriages, child marriages, honor killings and they practice and preach the most violent form of Islam which advocate murder of all non-Sunni Muslims and these people are your friends and allies? And you consider them appropriate allies of the United States? To be clear, the United States is not some ‘land of the free and home of the brave’ either, we have our own forces of oppression and our methods of oppression are more insidious (mass digital surveillance, curtailing of free speech and expression) but compared to that of Saudi Arabia, our lot is much better. You look the other way while Saudi Arabia and their Gulf allies wreak havoc in the Middle East. They’ve been bombing Yemen for over one year, Yemeni people are being starved to death, the humanitarian situation is one of the worse that we’ve ever seen – even when compared with Syria and we don’t hear about it on CNN. One of the worst human catastrophes is going on right now and we are deliberately being kept in the dark about it.

You destabilized Syria to help Israel, to break up the alliance of Hezbollah, Iran and Syria because these three alliances are against the Israeli and Western hegemony in the region. You deposed Qaddafi and his cache of chemical weapons and arms made its way to Syria, in the hands of ‘moderate’ rebels who just beheaded a Palestinian child, which the State Department calls a ‘mistake’ and money and weapons should not cease to go to these rebels as a result of this ‘mistake’. The French and US air forces just killed over 100 civilians in Manjibi in Aleppo in retaliation to the Nice attacks and again that was another ‘mistake’, no apologies, nothing. The ‘Free Syrian Army’ is a farce, the ‘moderate pro-Western opposition’ is a farce. The moderate opposition talk of slaughtering Alawites and Shias (their own fellow Muslims) and stealing their possessions because they don’t subscribe to the Salafist strain of poisonous Islam. If this is acceptable to you, then you are a war criminal. No, correction, you already are a war criminal. Your ‘Yes’ vote to invade Iraq was not a lapse in judgement as you and your ‘surrogates’ constantly say. And you accuse of anyone continuing to bring this up as being childish and stuck in early 2000s. The ‘Yes’ vote is the first crack in your mask of your true views on foreign policy, which is more hawkish than those of Richard Nixon. Again not surprising, since you consider Henry Kissinger a mentor and someone to be admired – a man responsible for many genocides in South East Asia. And another friend of yours, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said it was acceptable to have over 250,000 Iraqi children die as a result of sanctions meant for Saddam Hussein. Anyone who subscribes to and carries out collective punishment is a genocidal maniac. Yes, this was so 1990s, but I don’t care, I won’t forget it and I will bring it up over and over again. I bring it up as a tribute to the sorrow and sadness of the mothers who lost those 250,000 children; since no one in America bothered to mourned their deaths or even acknowledged the sadness of their families – they are just numbers on a page, I will. Then you sanctioned the total destruction of the Iraqi state whereby millions of civilians perished and now ISIS has stepped in the vacuum. All of this is just another ‘mistake’. Millions of lives lost, thousands of American soldiers died, many thousands more are injured or are suffering with permanent injuries and mental conditions – all for a ‘mistake’.

You call yourself a feminist but you are just a corporate imperialist feminist. Brown and black women overseas and in Central America are not part of your umbrella of feminist activism. You only care about women who look and sound like you, elite, upper class, identitarian neoliberal – even working class American women are excluded from your activism and your doling out of favors because they are ‘white’ and therefore benefit from white privilege – a social construct that is used to discuss racism and anti-black bias in America, which your supporters took and applied it to their own notion of what white privilege is, which is anyone who is white, without considering other factors, is by default privileged and therefore do not need to be under your umbrella of activism.

Your candidacy is a platform for the elites which you approve of, people who agree with you and who subscribe to your worldview, which in this present day is shrinking by the minute. You are not despised because you are a woman who dared to be ambitious – that is to be admired. You are not despised because you are a wife and mother who dared to have dreams and ambitions outside of your home, you are despised because you are corrupt and dishonest. You positions are hypocritical. You call yourself a feminist, but you helped destroy lives of women in this country and abroad. You claim to be anti-racist, but policies you supported created mass incarceration of Black and Latinos. You gave police departments unprecedented powers to incarcerate, harass, kill and maim Black people and other minorities.

So, instead of getting back in the good graces of the younger voters, you double down on your neoliberal agenda. Instead of staying clear and far away from the likes of Wasserman Schultz you hire her as your campaign advisor. To appease the Latino and minority voters, instead of a choosing a well qualified Latino or Black running mate, you choose another white neoliberal Tim Kaine – who is Catholic and speaks Spanish because he did charity work in Honduras. And he could technically be considered Latino because he attends church with a lot of Latinos? The same way your husband was the country’s first black president? Do you take Latinos for fools? Do you take all of us for fools? We are just going to fall in line and vote for you because you think it’s your turn at the presidency and because ‘you’ve paid your dues’? We all lined up at the polls for Obama because we believed Obama was going to bring a new era of progressiveness to American politics (another total failure on that front but that’s a whole other post). If you are successful in your endeavor at the top job of the land – the era of the Clinton Democrat will be born, and it’s going to have the same meaning and connotation as the Goldwater Republican – a phenomenon never allowed to be repeated again.


The Anti-Hillary Young-ish Voter


There was never going to be an indictment.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was not indicted. She will not get indicted. The FBI chose to not recommend to press charges and the Attorney General agreed. She is home free. The State Department ‘reopened‘ its investigation but it’s just another sideshow to the main shitshow. It will drag on until a few more months and miraculously, on the eve of the general election, she will be given the all clear again. After she’s elected president, they’ll open another investigation which will take years and then find that there is no grounds to recommend charges. It’s like the white cops killing unarmed black men and children, after all the investigations, no one is charged; though it’s with much sadness and regret that no charges will be filed.

This ’email scandal’ is a fake scandal, manufactured and propagated to distract from the real scandal; and that is Hillary Clinton is corrupt. She is corrupt because she has been bought and paid for by Wall Street, defense contractors, Wal-Mart, private prison corporations, corporate mass media and other big multinational corporations. She will be elected to serve them and their interests and occasionally, when the mood takes her, she’ll throw minorities, women, LGBT community a bone or maybe two. And when she does, she’ll be lauded as a president who ‘saved’ the country from itself.

While the mass corporate media was whipping itself up into a frenzy about how the Secretary of the State can be so careless as to set up her own private email server in the basement of her home, without oversight from the State Department, without taking the proper precautions to make sure her emails, especially emails containing classified information isn’t breached; Wikileaks has already hacked into the State Department leaked her emails to the public, which really renders the whole FBI investigation moot – if it’s aim is to stop classified materials being leaked to the public. So, if Wikileaks or anyone who has the tools and skills can hack her private email server and cables from the State Department, it clearly wasn’t secure to begin with and proper precautions were not taken to make sure this classified information isn’t breached. What’s more, anyone who has access to internet connection and a computer or smart device can read them. And they run from the mundane of asking her trusted aide Huma Abedin to establish the fax line to the more sinister of deliberately destabilizing Syria to help Israel. This leads to two conclusions: first – the State Department is so lax with their electronic security that they allowed this to happen or second, these emails were deliberately made to be hacked so the public can see what she’s up to. Either way, to spend resources on investigating something that is meant to be kept secret while it’s already available to the public is just moronic and they take Americans to be fools.

The real scandal is not the unsecured email servers. The real scandal is her deposing Qaddafi in Libya and the resulting mayhem and chaos that was left behind. Even the tragedy at Benghazi isn’t the real scandal, what happened in Benghazi is the direct fallout of deposing and having Gaddafi killed leaving Libya in a power vacuum which now terrorists have filled. She supported the war in Iraq, she was just Senator at the time but she voted Yes to invasion, an illegal invasion of a sovereign state. The invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya has led total breakdown and turned former functioning sovereign states into failed states.

The real scandal is her support for domestic policies of her husband which eroded the most basic safety net for the poorest of Americans, often single mothers and women of color; yet she considers herself first and foremost a feminist. Her support for a crime bill passed by Bill Clinton saw an exponential increase in mass incarceration of black and brown people. She supported right wing military coups in Central America, destabilizing a frail and impoverished region even further, causing millions of migrants to flee north to the United States, only to deport women and children back to the hell that she helped create.

And in spite of all this, her supporters, the #IAmWithHer horde of bots, those without an original idea of their own, Twitter Hill-bots, Hill-shills who write for Salon, Slate and Daily Kos some of whom are paid for by her Superpacs don’t seem to care. They just want to see a woman take the highest office in the land. Before the severity of her connections with Wall Street and unscrupulous corporations came to light, they defended any and all of her actions. The Iraq vote: it’s so 2002 – only childish people keep bringing this up, time to move on: not so fast, never, the illegal Iraq invasion destroyed a sovereign state and ruined millions of lives, and just the eve before Eid el Fitr – the most celebratory and holiest day in Islam – sort of like their Christmas, where people celebrate with huge feasts, buy new clothes, the biggest suicide bombing went off, killing almost 300 people, in a Shia neighborhood, ISIS claimed responsibility – more like boasted about their responsibility. The Iraqis – bless them, went back to the site on Eid el Fitr and prayed out in the open, for the dead and for themselves. About Libya – she was only responding to requests from Anti-Gaddafi rebels on the ground: no, actually, she was aiming to destabilize the whole region to help Israel. A lot of the chemical weapons in Libya made its way to Syria. Sending hardline Salafists and foreign fighters into Syria to aid the Syrian people in their grassroots uprising against Assad: nonsense, the US, Israel, Gulf States want Assad out of the way each for their own reasons, so much so that even mortal enemies, Gulf States and Israel have a tacit, under the table agreement to oust Assad. These are also countries that often hold protests which chant ‘Death to Israel’. But for the sole purpose of ousting Assad, they will be under the table friends allies.

When her crimes and corruption came to light, and it became impossible to defend without looking like a complete and total fool – the ‘lesser evil’ narrative came out of the woodwork. She’s the lesser evil than Donald Trump – perhaps, but only in detail. Before the first campaign event even kicked off, before Hillary Clinton even announced her candidacy, the establishment has already decided who the Democratic nominee will be and they, along with their cronies in the media, cronies in corporations and big businesses will do anything to make it happen. Then Bernie Sanders happened, an insurgency from the left, someone who presented a platform which appealed to the young people. Earning a living wage, at least $15 per hour, free college for state schools, single-payer health insurance and a candidate that represented all around decency. Clinton’s supporters went after Sanders and his supporters like they were the enemy of the establishment. When Sanders won 22 states, many were shocked, he was supposed to be a fringe candidate and exit from the main stage when the time came. His campaign may be over, but many of Sanders supporters have not jumped on the Clinton bandwagon, not like her supporters jumped on the Obama bandwagon in 2008.

So now we are back at where we started with the whole email non-scandal. She isn’t going to be indicted. The whole thing was a just a ruse, a subterfuge designed to obscure the real issues. The FBI as though following a script, didn’t recommend charges, albeit very reluctantly, and begin to detail how she didn’t hand over all of her emails and she wasn’t as cooperative as she made it appear and then the ominous ‘there’s lots more that we don’t know’; but in light of it all, we aren’t going to recommend charges.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations doesn’t exist to punish people of the establishment or the ruling class. They aren’t the police officers of the federal government, who are protecting and serving the people of this country. The FBI exists to oppress and to put down who they consider to be subversive groups. The drug war was a war on poor black and brown people, it was never about protecting communities from the scourge of drug abuse. If it were, they’d use the money spent on hunting down drug dealers and locking up non-violent offenders and spend it on drug treatment for addicts instead. The drug war created a whole industries of employment for law enforcement, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, investigators, private prisons and all that they employ and everything in between. At the same time it locked up millions of black and brown young men and women for non-violent drug crimes, destroying a whole generation. The FBI spied on Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X to get dirt on them to blackmail them. They shut down the Black Panthers, a left-wing black nationalist group with communist leanings. They infiltrated the Communist Party in the United States in order to expose and shut them down. They even spied on John Lennon for his anti-war protests. Yet when in 2008, when the Great Recession happened because of the actions of criminal bankers on Wall Street, crimes committed in broad daylight, under the guise of legality, where was the FBI and their investigators? This should be very easy to investigate, these crimes were committed in the open with plenty of paper and electronic trail and witnesses. Wall Street bankers lost trillions of dollars which belonged to American people (401K, pensions etc) and the government bailed them out. They squandered the money of American investors, foreclosed on their homes, while they had golden parachutes and still lived comfortably in their homes, where was the FBI? Bernard Madoff was only investigated because his sons turned him in, he swindled billions of dollars from his friends, charities and scores of smaller investors, and no one suspected a thing until his sons turned him in. The FBI like the local police, cannot be trusted to protect the average person.

Now that this shitshow is in full swing, investigation after investigation will take place but none of it going anywhere, not resulting in any charges or even recommendation of charges, wasting the taxpayer’s money to deflect from the real issues. This is what the next eight years will look like, we better fasten our seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

We may finally elect a woman for president and I can’t feel the joy.

For as long as I can remember, it was my dream to see a woman become the president of United States in my lifetime. When I opened my third grade history book, all I saw were stern looking, powdered haired, aging white men as our presidents. The only notable exception in that array of white men was President John F. Kennedy, who was the youngest president ever elected, who was elected by the slimmest margins ever and was a Roman Catholic. We were all supposed to cheer the fact that an Irish Catholic was finally elected president – against all odds –  never mind the fact that his father Joseph Kennedy Sr. was a millionaire and bought the presidency for his son. Regardless, Kennedy broke the barrier of needing to be a WASP in order to become president. It didn’t sit right with me at the third grade and it doesn’t sit right with me now. What was obviously missing from the line up of presidents was a black president and a woman president or a combination of both. It was so glaring that it was screaming at me from my history book, even in the 1990s.

I came of age during Bill Clinton’s presidencies. It was when I first became aware of politics, feminism and equality. Hillary Clinton was a First Lady like no other. I admired her. She refused to stay home and bake cookies and dared to say it out loud. I liked that. It appealed to my nascent feminism and that girls should (not just could but should) aspire to more than finding a good husband, having babies and making his favorite meals. Life for a woman is more than keeping her man happy and that women are not to invest all of her happiness and emotional well being in her marriage and family. Even when she was just First Lady, it was obvious who our first female president might be should we get the opportunity to elect one.

That opportunity has arrived, fifteen years after her husband left the office of the presidency of the United States; Hillary Rodham Clinton, barring any serious missteps in the general election, will be our next president. She will be our first female president after 44 men have come before. But I do not feel the joy that I expected to feel.

Hillary Clinton almost got the nomination eight years ago, she missed the nomination so narrowly. I supported her over Barack Obama, I was with her. I felt suckered punched to the stomach when she lost the nomination. It was so close. Back then, I just wanted any woman to be president, I never really looked into her donor contributions, her large speaking fees from Wall Street, her connections to Wall Street, Walmart and other criminal organizations. Her underhanded campaign against Obamainciting racism and Islamophobia was something I overlooked as part and parcel of running a contentious campaign. The glaring mistake which cost her the nomination is her ‘Yes’ vote in the senate for the invasion of Iraq, whereas Obama voted ‘No’ and he took that to the bank with him.

Since those 8 years she’s served as Secretary of State under President Obama’s first term in office. The invasion of Libya and the killing of Muammar Qadaffi destabilized the region. Libya is now a failed state, the arms cache and chemical weapons that was in Libya made its way to Syria, which are now being used by US proxies. She is for the removal of Bashar Al-Assad in Syria for the sole purpose letting Israel have nuclear monopoly in the region and to break up the Hezbollah, Iran and Assad alliance. She instigated and supported a proxy war between the Gulf States and Syria, and as a result, today, half of the Syrian population have been internally and externally displaced. Her military adventurism doesn’t just end there, she supported the right-wing military coup in Honduras, which has seen the country descend into a lawless land where activists are being killed left and right.

At least 174 LGBT persons have been killed in Honduras since 2009. According to Global Witness, 101 environmental activists were murdered between 2010 and 2014, including Berta Cáceres, a fearless environmentalist who fought for indigenous land rights and who was assassinated in her home in March. In 2014, Cáceres  called out Clinton for her role in the 2009 coup, saying, “We’re coming out of a coup that we can’t put behind us. We can’t reverse it. It just kept going. And after, there was the issue of the elections. The same Hillary Clinton, in her book, ‘Hard Choices,’ practically said what was going to happen in Honduras. This demonstrates the meddling of North Americans in our country.”

These are the actions of war criminals. The fallout from these actions are nothing short of genocidal killings. Iraq, Libya, Syria and Honduras all had legitimate governments in place before US intervention or invasion. The disastrous vote in for the Iraq invasion was not a one time lapse of judgement, intervening in other countries for the sake of United States national interest (which include a whole host of questionable and immoral things) and the interest of our oil rich Gulf allies and her own personal self interest is her modus operandi for foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton considers herself a feminist, and “women’s rights are human rights”. She claims to have spent her career in public service advocating for women and children, but which women and children? Only certain American women and children? Do Central American women and children not count? How about Mexican women and children? How about the Palestinian people? Libyan people? Syrian people? Iraqi people? The Honduran people, especially now after the military coup of 2009 life has become impossible for most people to live there. Are these people not included in her umbrella of activism? Are the lives of Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian and Honduran women and children less valuable than those of American ones? How can anyone call themselves a feminist when she is friends with someone who thinks that it was “worth it” that 250,000 Iraqi children died as a result of Western sanctions. The Western sanctions imposed on Iraq by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright didn’t bring down Saddam Hussein, he was brought down by an armed invasion by US forces with far superior military equipment. When did collective punishment of civilians for the actions of one dictator become an acceptable moral choice? Hillary Clinton’s unwavering support of Israel, who have brutalized Palestinians for 70 years all on the phony premise of ‘security’ and preventing another Holocaust when Israel is the one that is carrying out the ethnic cleansing. How can that be justified?

In the domestic sphere, President Bill Clinton passed NAFTA, which hollowed out the American middle-class when factories moved their operations to Mexico or South East Asia to avoid dealing with worker’s unions. Small Mexican family farmers lost their farms to large scale industrialized farming thus precipitating a migration northward to the United States. The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 eroded the safety net for the poorest of Americans, most of which happen to be people of color. His criminal justice reform bill oversaw the largest increase in mass incarcerations of people of color, with Hillary Clinton referring to underage offenders as “predators” needing to be brought “to heel” – like a dog. This is to justifying giving children adult sentences in adult prisons. These are the actions of her husband, but she supported them and advocated for them at the time.

This time around Hillary Clinton has structured her campaign not on her positions on the issues or her past record, because they are terrible and untenable when compared to Bernie Sanders, but the campaign is all based on identity politics. Vote for me because I am a woman and I represent women’s issues and issues concerning minorities – but I get to pick which issues and which minorities are important. And if you happen to be a woman and not support me then you are not supportive of women in general. According to the same friend that felt it was acceptable that 250,000 Iraqi children died under Western sanctions, there’s also “a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” If there’s indeed a special place in hell for such things, I’d imagine Madeline Albright would already have a place there since she subjected the mothers of those 250,000 Iraqi children to untold grief and pain. The woman card in this campaign has been used to justify every attack and criticism, especially those that came from the direction of other white men. When Bernie Sanders didn’t quit his campaign yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s surrogates (Hill-bots) Amanda Marcotte wrote a piece in Salon that Bernie Sanders is “coasting on male privilege”. How this argument is logical or how it pertains to anything, I’ll let the readers decide. It’s also slightly hypocritical since Hillary Clinton also took her campaign to the Democratic Convention in 2008 where she formally released her delegates.

In 2008 where I felt hopeful and euphoric at the idea the Democratic nominees for president was a woman and a black man, and ultimately we got our first black president. I felt that something really good was about to happen, even though we were in the depths of a really bad recession. There is usually a wide gulf between expectation and reality and the reality is President Obama fell short of a lot of expectations and was a big disappointment in many areas. But for a brief moment there, there was great hope, great expectations and progressives felt that there was a chance at real change. Eight years later, when there is finally a viable female candidate for president. I can’t get excited about it. Eight years ago, I was ready to settle for any woman for president, now I want the right woman for president, a woman I can vote for and feel good about casting my first vote for America’s first female president. In my view, Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t the right woman.

To all of her supporters, I congratulate them. I wish I could feel an ounce of what they feel and jump on the Hillary for President bandwagon, but I am going to have to sit this one out.

Those who call for Bernie Sanders to quit the race now – not until the last primary vote is cast.

There are calls from all sides for Bernie Sanders to step down and concede the race before it’s over. Despite the fact that he said many times over that he will stay in the race until the last ballot is cast and last vote counted. It doesn’t matter to Sanders or his supporters that the odds are impossible against him, or that mathematically he’ll never catch up to Hillary Clinton even if he won every single race until the primaries are over because of the lack of support from the superdelegates. Hillary shills like CNN and MSNBC spend every night of their precious prime time air time, having different ‘experts’, political commentators and even staticians come in and Hillary-splain to its viewers on why Sanders can’t and won’t win the nomination and they end it with, “he’s dividing the Democratic party”, for those that are slightly more hysterical, they equate the current Democratic Party divide to that of the Republican Party divide and if we head down that road, it’ll spell doom and disaster.

Estimated Delegates Earned
Primary/Caucus Events


Total Including Superdelegates


2,383 delegates needed to win. Superdelegates are Party officials who can support whichever candidate they like. The total number includes superdelegates that have committed to Clinton or Sanders. It is worth noting that ‘commit’ is not the same as ‘bound’; these superdelegates are free to switch until they vote at the Democratic Convention. Delegate Counts: New York Times


Source: CNN/ 

For the uninitiated, the pledged delegates are the delegates won with primary votes, and those are split alongside winning percentage. So if Clinton won 30% of the vote and Bernie Sanders won 70% of the vote in a state’s primary, Clinton will be be awarded 30% of that state’s delegates, and Sanders gets 70% of the delegates. For Republican primaries and caucasus, some states are winner takes all, meaning if any candidate wins 51% of the primary votes in that state, they get to take all of the pledged delegates. Then there are the superdelegates who are the Democratic Party’s elite (Governors, Senators and other high ranking positions) and they are free to cast their vote for any candidate they like at the convention and what’s more they are allowed to change their vote depending on how the political wind changes, they are not tied or bound to any candidate and so they are also referred to as unpledged delegates. This electoral system normally goes to benefit establishment candidates and according to the DNC (Democratic National Committee) — it prevents a Donald Trump-like situation, meaning if the voters go apeshit and vote for a candidate like Trump, the party elites, those that know what’s best for the country and party, will have recourse to choose a more appropriate candidate. For a clearer explanation on how our convoluted electoral system works, refer to this link.

Now that the housekeeping rules are out of the way, let’s get to why Sanders should stay in the race and the red herring that is party unity.

First of all, if this election is being compared to a sport competition, the losing team wouldn’t quit the game until the last buzzer is rung. To quit the game even if you are far behind is unsportsmanlike behavior and being a sore loser or just a loser period. And you are also giving your opponent an easy win, if your opponent is to win, make them work for it and if you are to lose, to use a football term, “you leave everything out there on the field.”

Secondly, Hillary Clinton was in this exact same position in her bruising primary battle against Barack Obama in 2008, she didn’t quit the race until the bitter end. It was finally at the convention where she graciously “released” her delegates and asked everyone to rally behind their candidate Barack Obama with “no way, no how, no McCain”. Everyone applauded her, her supporters openly wept, Michelle Obama gave a gracious speech of how Hillary Clinton made 18 million little cracks in the impenetrable glass ceiling (that was how many votes she earned in the whole primary process) and that she paved the way for many women wishing to join national politics. Hillary Clinton went home to New York to nurse her wounds. President Obama rewarded her support with a plum post as Secretary of State and now she’s back again, poised to take the top prize for herself this time. This was, in fact, her plan all along. Those who thought that we’d see the last of her after she stepped down as Secretary of State were kidding themselves.

So, why should Sanders at this juncture step down? Granted, he’s far more behind Clinton than Clinton was behind Obama at this same stage in 2008, but why does that require Sanders to step down? If Hillary Clinton is to ultimately get the nomination, she better earn it, why should Sanders (or any other opponent) make it easier for her? Yes, dealing with Sanders supporters everyday on the campaign trail must be so tough. To answer questions on her very hawkish foreign policy positions and unconditional support for the fascist state that is Israel, and her husband instituting the mass incarceration of black and brown people and gutting welfare to the most needy must be really irritating. That’s the heat of the kitchen.

When Sanders ran for president, he didn’t run on the premise that he would win, of course he would love to win the nomination but he was only polling at 3% nationally, Sanders’s real aim is to create a political revolution to get big corporations and their rotten money out of politics. He wanted to run a different kind of campaign, without superpac money, without dirty money, without lobbyist support, only the support of the people. By the people, for the people. Many of Sanders positions are hardly radical, but after 8 years of the neocon and war criminal Bush Jr. and 8 more years of neoliberalism and a drone enthusiast Obama, what once seemed reasonable is now radical.

Not policing the world with our military is radical, not bullying developing and third world countries is now radical. Not instituting regime change in other countries to suit our national interests is radical, hell, minding your own fucking backyard and cleaning up the shit there first before you go foraging in other people’s backyard is now a radical idea.  A $15 per hour minimum wage is radical. Free college for publicly funded community colleges and four-year universities is radical. Asking multi-national corporations and the super rich to pay their “fair share” of taxes is now a really radical idea. Cutting up free trade agreements and ending fracking so that we don’t destroy the one planet we can live and breathe on is now very radical. Admitting that ‘free-trade’ isn’t really free, and it’s paid for with backs of workers in all of North America (not just American factory workers) is somehow blasphemous to the Capitalist creed. Challenging the ideas of rampant free-market capitalism is sacrilegious. Telling the police to do their jobs without shooting people to death is unfair, because they are afraid of all big and tall black and brown people. Updating our country’s crumbling infrastructure and at the same time putting millions of people to work is radical and unfeasible. Social security needs to be increased and not reduced is socialism rearing its ugly head. Having a single health payer system like many other advanced nations is radical because it’s allowing government to intrude on our lives. Newsflash: they already are, women’s right to abortion and access to free contraceptives are slowly being eroded with one court ruling after another.

Any time I hear any politician or anyone for that matter say “but how do we pay for all of this?” The first response is: shut the fuck up (or STFU for short), and if we can spend TRILLIONS for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and continue to spend that kind of money overseas, we can pay for everything and anything we need in this country. The supposed budget deficit is not caused by costs of welfare, medicare or social security, it’s caused by funding illegal wars overseas. Wars that American people didn’t sanction, wars that Congress didn’t approve. The second source of the deficit in our budget is all the tax breaks given to multi-national corporations and tax loopholes which allows them to stash their cash overseas, while their executives enjoy skinny lattes at their desk every morning while their employees wear diapers at the production line because they are denied bathroom breaks.

(On that note, please everyone boycott Tyson’s, Perdue, Pilgrim’s and Sanderson Farms – these multi-national corporations while raking in billions making salt soaked, chlorine bleached, disgusting, plastic tasting chicken deny their workers bathroom breaks.) 

And what are Hillary Clinton’s positions on these issues? Before Obamacare there was Hillary-care, a healthcare plan she devised when she was First Lady as a sort of prelude to a single health payer plan, it went nowhere but at the time it was bold and for the longest time she was for the single health payer plan. This was her platform, to bring good health insurance to everyone in this country. Recently? She’s hemmed and hawed saying the country just implemented Obamacare, to radically change the system again after Obamacare was just getting into groove would cause a lot of people to lose their existing plans. In other words, the insurance industry bought her off. We already know her hawkish stance on foreign policy matters, while she was Secretary of State she didn’t negotiate the Iran Deal in good faith because she thought it would go nowhere and also her pro-Israel stance prevented her from actively engaging in negotiating the Iran Deal. When Secretary John Kerry got a deal with the agreement of the international community, she tried to claim credit and said she laid the groundwork. She cast that disastrous vote to invade Iraq based on false intelligence of having WMD, there were no WMDs, now her supporters wants everyone to forget about it and those that keep bringing it up, i.e. Bernie Sanders and his supporters, we are told that we are being childish and it happened so long ago. It’s so 2003 and we all need to get over it and move on. Not so fast, the US military destroyed a functioning state (weakened by sanctions but still functioning) and all if its institutions. Iraq, the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein not withstanding, is an ancient land where multiple sects, religions and ethnicity coexisted together in relative peace. It is the place of many World Heritage Sites (along with Syria). Now it’s a lawless failed state, filled with corrupt politicians in Baghdad and lawless gangs on the streets with guns and improvised bombs. It is essentially ungovernable, just shy of being a total failed state. Millions of civilians have been killed, maimed and lives destroyed, so, no we will not forget this bloodshed nor should Americans forgive the legislators and leaders who allowed this to happen. In light of all this, her being a corporate shill who accepted millions in speaking fees as a form of political bribe or serving on the board of Walmart as it stripped workers of their organizing rights are the lesser of her crimes.

On the charge that Sanders is dividing the Democratic Party when it should be unified to fight the evil force that is Trump, therefore Sanders should drop out so the party can unite. We are too late for that, the party was already divided. Whether Sanders drops out now will make no difference. Before Bernie Sanders came onto the scene, there was already an insurgency from the Left, it manifested itself in the Occupy Movement, most of it was very grassroots, but the unrest was there. People no longer accept the current Democratic Party in its present manifestation, nor do they accept neoliberalism as the status quo, all was needed is a candidate to harness all of that discontent. Many argue Sanders doesn’t go far enough, perhaps, but he has brought many of the anxieties of the out into the open and there’s no putting that back into Pandora’s Box.

Hillary Clinton revealed herself to be a corporate feminist. She’s a feminist for the corporate elite, the aspirational women with college degrees and career paths, people who resemble her, neoliberals who are destined for the corporate world. She’s not a feminist for the Berta Caceres of the world, or the checkout girl who works at the local grocery store at minimum wage, or the receptionist who works at fancy law firms or what someone brilliantly call the “unnecessariat“, which is further extrapolated from the term precariat, coined by economist Guy Standing:

[They] refer to workers whose jobs were insecure, underpaid, and mobile, who had to engage in substantial “work for labor” to remain employed, whose survival could, at any time, be compromised by employers (who, for instance held their visas) and who therefore could do nothing to improve their lot. The term found favor in the Occupy movement, and was colloquially expanded to include not just farmworkers, contract workers, “gig” workers, but also unpaid interns, adjunct faculty, etc.

The unnecessariat takes this idea one step further:

Looking back from 2016, one pertinent characteristic seems obvious: no matter how tenuous, the precariat had jobs. The new dying Americans, the ones killing themselves on purpose or with drugs, don’t. Don’t, won’t, and know it.

Here’s the thing: from where I live, the world has drifted away. We aren’t precarious, we’re unnecessary. The money has gone to the top. The wages have gone to the top. The recovery has gone to the top. And what’s worst of all, everybody who matters seems basically pretty okay with that.


[A] world in which a significant part of the population has been rendered unnecessary, superfluous, a bit of a pain but not likely to last long. Utopians on the coasts occasionally feel obliged to dream up some scheme whereby the unnecessariat become useful again, but it’s crap and nobody ever holds them to it.

If there’s no economic plan for the Unnecessariat, there’s certainly an abundance for plans to extract value from them.

And the unnecessariat? A lot of them are women. It’s the women who are dying from alcoholism, drug overdoses, suicide or a combination of those at alarming rates. Women always outlived men. Where is the concern of Hillary Clinton, the most prominent feminist of our time, where “women’s rights are human rights” for the unnecessariat?

The majority of low wage work are occupied by women, Bernie Sanders raising the national minimum wage to $15 an hour will first and foremost benefit women who are subsisting on two or three minimum wage jobs, many of these women have children and are single parents.

Regardless what happens to Bernie Sanders’s candidacy, regardless if the “math” ever adds up or not, he brought about a political change, to call it a revolution may be premature. He challenged the economic status-quo. Large income inequality is not normal and it’s not acceptable. Extreme poverty in modern times is not the result of scarcity or unforeseeable weather events such as drought and floods. Modern technology have alleviated many of these concerns yet we still have large pockets of the world who are struggling with extreme poverty. Extreme poverty exist today is because of greed and resource hoarding at the top. When the Clinton campaign couldn’t attack Sanders personally, they attacked his supporters for being too white, too male and by default sexist, misogynist and racist (The Berniebro). If that’s not the teapot calling the kettle black, I’ve no idea what is. Hillary Clinton has superpacs who pay people to online troll her opponents.  All of her opponents if they are women are self-hating anti-feminist women, if they are men they are sexist and misogynist, never mind that some of Clinton’s policies and actions are the most sexist and anti-feminist of all.

It is just cowardly to ask one’s opponent to drop out before it gets too ugly, even if your opponent is too far behind to catch up. Since it’s established that there is no party unity to speak of at the moment, making Bernie Sanders drop out earlier than he needs to is Hillary Clinton being self-serving.

My primary is coming up on June 7, I double and triple checked our primary ballots to make sure we can vote for Bernie Sanders. I’ll be damned if anyone takes that opportunity away from me.

The GOP’s Real Views on Women

It’s long been wondered when the take down of Donald Trump and the modern day Republican party will begin. Just how many more racist, misogynist, sexist and outrageous things must this man say before enough is enough. The mass corporate media has chosen to give this clown a lot of air time yet they deliberately freeze out Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. For a long time I believed it to be a mistake to give Donald Trump so much air time. To give someone like Donald Trump prime time air time is giving legitimacy to a candidate who has no business in the political discourse and Donald Trump milks this ‘free’ promotion to his benefit. It saves him the trouble of having to buy air time.

Give someone enough rope and they’ll hang themselves – the town hall meeting with Chris Matthews is that rope. When asked about abortion, which is an issue Trump is normally indifferent or moderate about about, he said definitively there ought to be some form of punishment for women who seek abortions. By punishment, they mean jail, fines and a criminal record -all for getting a medical procedure. Because it’s a medical procedure, it’s protected under medical privacy laws, no one but you and the doctor should even know about the abortion.

Trump tried to dodge the question of course, he first said “Well, people in certain parts of the Republican Party and Conservative Republicans would say, “yes, they should be punished.” – We already knew that, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, John Boehner all would love to see women and children locked up for having abortions, but they dare not say it out loud. They leave it to a buffoon masquerading as a presidential candidate to do their dirty work for them. And for all of his boasting of just how intelligent and smart he is, Trump makes the fatal error of being someone else’s puppet.

Chris Matthews wasn’t done, he wanted to know what Donald Trump himself personally thought about banning abortions and what the sanctions are if a woman gets an abortion. Trump, after all, has an opinion about everything and everyone else, where he thinks only his opinion is right. As a candidate for the Republican Party, his default position has to be pro-life, that’s a given. But just how pro-life would depend on the individual candidate. Some candidates believe in allowing abortions when the life of the mother is in danger or in incidences of rape or incest, some candidates are so extreme that they don’t wish to allow abortions under any circumstance, such as Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum to name a few.

Trump, being the misogynist he is, said that any punishment for having an abortion is reserved for the woman.

MATTHEWS:  Do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no as a principle?

TRUMP:  The answer is that there has to be some form of punishment.

MATTHEWS:  For the woman?

TRUMP:  Yes, there has to be some form.

MATTHEWS:  Ten cents?  Ten years?  What?

TRUMP:  Let me just tell you — I don’t know.  That I don’t know.  That I don’t know.

MATTHEWS:  Why not?

TRUMP:  I don’t know.

MATTHEWS:  You take positions on everything else.

TRUMP:  Because I don’t want to — I frankly, I do take positions on everything else.  It’s a very complicated position.

Republicans are a gift that just keep on giving. Trump not only articulated his own sexist and misogynistic views, that an unwanted pregnancy is the sole responsibility of the woman, she is to take all the responsibility legally and morally and the man just walks away scot free, like it never happened. Trump also did the extreme right wing a huge favor by articulating their views for them, which is they want to lock women and children (not all pregnant women seeking abortions are 18 and older) up for seeking abortions, and that is something they’ve been dying to say for years but dare not say it because no one wants to have another Todd Akin moment on national television.

Trump, being the slimeball that he is, try to turn this around on Chris Matthews, as Matthews is a Catholic and yet he’s pro-choice. Matthews tried to explain that moral paradox if not for the constant interruptions. Matthews can explain the position of most liberal Catholics very articulately, which includes our Vice President Joe Biden.

I am a liberal Catholic, I consider myself an observant and good Catholic (I think). The following is my take on the moral positions the Church takes. I respect all of the moral positions of my church. I do not question it nor do I wish to challenge it, I just accept it like one accepts their grumpy and cantankerous grandfather. I don’t agree with all of it. I understand my church is an antiquated institution in need of some serious reform to get with the modern times. There is a lot wrong with the patriarchal structure of the church and the inherently anti-women positions on the church. There is a lot of corruption within the hierarchies of the church. There has been a lot abuses perpetrated by the church, especially to women and non-believers (colonization). However, the church is vast, it’s teachings cover many areas not just limited to morality. The church as in institution has also done a lot of good for humanity. You don’t toss out the baby with the bathwater.

Most liberal Catholics also believe in the separation of church and state and that the state has no right to invade our personal privacy even if it’s against the teachings of the church. Most liberal Catholics I know are pro-choice, but most will not choose to get an abortion themselves should they ever be faced with such a choice as it is against our beliefs. We wouldn’t encourage another to get an abortion either but if a friend or colleague told us they had to make this choice, we’d have no judgement on it either. Nor would we get all condescending and ‘pray for them’, unless they asked of course. Again, it’s personal. Most liberal Catholics do not believe that churches should be forced to perform gay weddings as it is against the doctrine of the church but at the same time the church should respect the personal choices of others. We do not believe that just because one has been divorced, is gay and in a relationship or has had an abortion, they are not allowed to receive Communion. These decision lie with the individual and how they wish to go about these personal choices. Keywords: individual and personal. In the many churches I’ve attended throughout my life, I’ve encountered divorcees and homosexuals. It’s not a big deal. There are many openly gay people who choose to attend the church that is openly against them and what they are about because they understand the church is not just about morality, it’s much more than that. They are not self-hating or ashamed of the fact that they are gay, they just choose to be part of the church that perhaps helped them in their personal growth in other ways.

Most traditional Catholics may consider us liberal Catholics heretics and not ‘true’ Catholics, and if we were born in a different century, we’d be burned at the stake. But Chris Matthews is as every bit Catholic as the pope. I am as worthy a Catholic than those who don’t share my views on abortion and LGBT rights. I consider the most important tenets of my faith in not the ‘Thou shalt not’ items but the message of non-judgemental universal love, kindness, mercy and if people read their Bibles carefully, there is really only one commandment and that is “to Love others as I have Loved you.” And it’s love the verb, not love the noun, which means you actively love people, even if you don’t want to, even if they are unlovable.

The most important takeaway from the exchange between Chris Matthews and Donald Trump is Republicans still view women as chattel. We exist only to serve men and provide them with children. Any woman who goes outside of those boundaries do not deserve rights, even the most basic right of having adequate health care.

Bernie Sanders and his appeal to young people

Not long ago, I attempted to explain the appeal of Hillary Clinton to her core group(s) of supporters despite her past record and policies. Hillary Clinton has mastered the art of espousing divisive identity politics and making it appear inclusive, cohesive and unifying. While the personal story of her rise to the top, shattering many glass ceilings in the process makes for compelling reading and inspiration, it’s hardly a good reason to elect her to the highest office in the land if her policies do not serve the best interest of the people.

Many seem surprised or even baffled by the appeal of Bernie Sanders, especially to young people. People thirty or younger of both genders are flocking to Sanders in droves. A grandfatherly looking man, the opposite of what they’d consider as ‘cool’ today, with scraggly white hair, at times grumpy but kind demeanor is what the kids are after today. Compared with the youth who flocked to a suave and smooth Obama, this is an about turn.

The reason is simple. Sanders is that reliable grandfather, dad, uncle or elder who is there for you when our parents couldn’t be. When our families are imploding from the inside out due to divorce or some other family dysfunction, that grandfather or uncle is there to guide you until the storm has blown over. He doesn’t sugar coat his positions and will not make promises he can’t keep just to score political points. Sanders lost significant supporters especially minority supporters when he didn’t support reparations as he feels there is zero chance it can be passed through Congress. That effort is best served at passing legislation which help the 99%. He readily admits that he’s not as experienced in foreign policy matters as Secretary Clinton, but he still has his good judgement and the judgement will make up for lack of experience.

Voters, especially young people, who are more intolerant of bullshit from politicians feel they can trust Sanders. Sanders seeks to unite, not divide. Though a white male, full of privilege as everyone loves to tell him, he advocates for those in less privileged, even a woman’s right to choose. I have watched many Sanders v. Clinton debates and not once do I perceive him to be man-splaining or white-splaining even in the middle of heated disagreements. And as a woman past a certain age, I am very sensitive to those who attempt to man-splain or white-splain. This is a man, after all, who has raised three daughters and I am sure has at one time or another gotten into hot water for attempting to do either of the above. He is an older man with white scraggly hair which is in good need of care some days, he isn’t glamorous or smooth nor does he pretend to be but he is sincere. You feel that he loves his supporters beyond the superficial; seeing them more than for their potential for donations or turning up at the polls.

(And just in case the Clinton-shills aren’t aware; Sanders is fully aware he is a white cis-male, he is Jewish not Christian, but still white, and he’s very privileged as a result. He KNOWS. No need to keep reminding him.)

Though he cleaned up last six of the seven primaries or caucuses, his chances are the nomination are still uncertain. It’s looking better but still uncertain. And he still may not get the nomination in the end. No matter what, Sanders will be remembered as a candidate who challenged the Democratic establishment, especially the Clinton juggernaut from the left. The insurgency of Sanders, driven by the youth proves that young people today are far from callow and apathetic. Young people know exactly what’s going on with their country and what to do about it. They will begin to destroy neoliberalism with their votes and bring the Democratic party back to its true progressive roots. If Clinton wins the nomination and ultimately the presidency in the general election. Let’s hope it’s the last we hear of them. The Clintons had their chance, they’ve overstayed their welcome and it’s time for them to spend their ill gotten millions in luxurious retirement, far away from the public. They can continue publishing books that no one will ever read, make speeches that no one will listen to or care about, but whatever they do, just stay out of our faces. This includes Chelsea too.


When a presidential campaign devolves into sex scandals. 

It only means two things when your enemies dig up dirt about your past, especially dirt which relates to extra-marital affairs. They are trying to embarrass you and your spouse if they are true and if they aren’t they are trying to rattle your cage and put you on the defensive to prove that you didn’t cheat on your spouse. Either way, it’s a desperate state of affairs. 

The only two viable candidates left in the Republican presidential race are now facing an existential fight to stay in the race. Currently Donald Trump is ahead but not ahead by as much as he would like. There are talks of a possible brokered or contested convention come summertime, which would mean, all of these primary results won’t mean anything. All those people who dragged themselves out to the polls on primary day have all just wasted their time. The delegates at the convention will choose their own presidential candidate for the general election, and it doesn’t even have to be someone who’s tossed their hat into the ring. Many rank and file Republicans are seriously considering this option as they’ve run out of all of them. The campaigns of their preferred candidates Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush were really over before they began. The couldn’t control the Trump circus and now their backup candidate is the right-wing, gun toting nut case Ted Cruz, who apparently, has had five extramarital affairs. This man, by his own description, is a devout evangelical Christian. His father, Rafael Cruz is a well known mega-church evangelical preacher. Persons with these kinds of backgrounds just scream for this type of scandal. They are either closest crack smoking homosexuals who solicit rent-boys when they aren’t writing their next sermon (Ted Haggard) or they are philandering hot messes (Jim Baker). The kinds of mistresses evangelical people tend to go after are usually women who are considered improper and ‘sinful’ in their strict Christian upbringing: escorts, strippers, non-devout Christian women, atheist women and the like. And these scandals usually ends the same way as well, they get dressed up in their Sunday best, get in front of their congregation, a hysterical display of weeping, full of remorse with their wife and children all standing there, ready to forgive him. 

Many blog and column inches have been dedicated to the odiousness of Donald Trump and how he’s just an oversized oompa-loompa running for president with a few catch phrases and slogans without any meaning or substance. Ted Cruz, as a result, has been overlooked in his different brand of odiousness. This man is repugnant in his own way. Firstly, about his race and his country of birth:  he was born in Canada to a Cuban father and American mother. He is what we classify as ‘an American Citizen born abroad’, which according the constitution should disqualify him from running for president, if it doesn’t disqualify him, there should at least a review process to see if he is indeed eligible to run for president. After all that uproar about president Obama not being born in this country and therefore is not a legitimate president. The silence on the birther conspiracies surrounding Ted Cruz is just another manifestation of racism from the American right. About Ted Cruz’s race, for all intents and purposes, he is passing himself off as red blooded, gun toting, game hunting, bible thumping white male but just happens to have the last name Cruz, a most Hispanic last name if there ever were one. He isn’t Catholic as most Cubans are, he is a Baptist (like his father), like most Southern white people are. Though not as vehemently anti-immigrant as Donald Trump, he’s not a bastion of inclusiveness either. With his pale complexion and long thin hook nose, he has threw in his lot with the whites. He has espoused their causes and adopted them as his own (guns, bibles and hatred of anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the above mentioned). Being mixed race myself, I find his actions totally disgusting and offensive on a personal level and wholly un-American on a professional level. He is every bit unfit to be president as Donald Trump.

Whether or not he had five extramarital affairs is beside the point and the least dangerous thing about Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz said he is a Christian first and American second. He has wild notions that the United States was founded on Christians values (it wasn’t), he is anti-women, anti Planned Parenthood and wants to repeal Obamacare, which for all of its shortcomings, has at least gotten 90% of people covered either with government subsidies or government sponsored health insurance programs. He wants to undo all that and kick the people who are currently on government sponsored health insurance off their plans to balance the budget. And when asked what would people do if they get sick and are uninsured? You pray to God, really – he said this. 

“There would be less cancer, less disease, and aids and diabetes in this country if people would simply pray. God blesses the righteous with good health and curses the immoral with sickness.” Ted Cruz – Speech to CPAC 2015

Cruz is also telling people to pray the gay away, he branded people with illnesses as immoral, because why else would they be sick. 

As a liberal, this is the greatest freak show on earth. I am not too enamoured with our front runner Hillary Clinton. I support Bernie Sanders (#FeelTheBern). The Republican Party has been on a self-destructive path ever since President Obama was elected in 2008. They are in an existential crisis and it’s caused some factions of the party to go completely ape-shit. A liberal erudite black man occupying the highest office in the land is just unfathomable to them. The fact that the country’s demographics are changing and by 2050 the US will no longer be a white majority country just scares them to death. The fact that black, brown, yellow and mixed raced people will fill the political and demographic landscape of this country is just too much for the right wing to bear. So, they are all acting crazy: writing bills on giving Chrisitan refugees priority over Muslim ones. Denying people born in America natural citizenship if their parents aren’t US citizens. States with Republican governors are refusing to sponsor refugees (which they’ve no authority to do, it’s a federal matter). Promising to build a wall when they know they can’t nor do have the authority to do so. In short, they’ve all gone bat shit crazy and it’s wonderful to watch. It’s the greatest show on earth. 

The Appeal of Hillary Rodham Clinton

If Bill Clinton wasn’t a former president of the United States, his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) the possible Democratic Party presidential nominee will be like the millions of women who came before and after her, and that is she has the misfortune of having a husband who is both feckless and unreliable. Bill Clinton is unreliable in the two departments which matter the most: you can’t rely on him to keep his pants up and firmly zipped and for most of his political career until he became the President of the United States, his income was abysmal. His salary as the governor of Arkansas was $35,000 a year plus another $19,000 public relations fund appropriated for the governor, which brings it to a grand total of $54,000. Hillary Clinton on the other hand consistently earned over $150,000 as an attorney while her husband was governor of Arkansas – and she was also a mother to a very young Chelsea. This is the story of many women in America. The details may be different, not all have high powered careers as corporate attorneys or are Ivy League educated, but the story is the same. Women have to shoulder the burden of family alongside a husband who is less-than-helpful on a good day. This is where many women personally connect with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

While Bill Clinton may have been a devoted father to Chelsea, the fact that he spent so much of his free time chasing other women for sex shows that his priority is not his family. If he prioritized his family first (regardless of what’s going on personally with his wife), he will have no time for Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and countless others we don’t know about.

Women are not damsels in distress. We don’t all want a knight in a shining armor riding in on a white horse to save the day. He doesn’t exist. To expect that of a man is not only being misogynistic and sexist to ourselves, but it’s also unfair to men. It’s unfair pressure for them to attain something which almost no man except in fairytale stories have achieved. It would be the same as men wishing they have wives who are always understanding, loving, never nags, never complains, love them as they are at all times, and finds them to be faultless. Oh and don’t forget the beer and blowjobs too. No. Women just want a man who is reliable. Reliable to not embarrass her and if he’s not able to bring home enough bacon due to circumstances out of his control, then show up for the marriage in other ways. It’s not too much to ask.

HRC became the First Lady when I was thirteen years old. I was just becoming aware of myself and who I wanted to become. What kind of woman I wanted to become. My parents were already divorced by then and my mother raised me as a single mother with very minimal contribution (financial and otherwise) from my father. Long stretches would pass before I would see my father, it was only when I became an adult I resumed frequent contact with my father. During my teenage years, he was no help in the parenting department either. My mother could not call him and discuss any problem she was having with me (and there were many) and expect him to step in and help, even if from another state or country. What I saw as my mother’s emotional coldness and aloofness was actually emotional strain. Keep our heads above water, keeping us firmly in the middle-class so that I’d have a chance at succeeding. So that I don’t end up getting pregnant, doing drugs or falling in with the wrong crowd where the trajectory of my life will totally change for the worse with very little chance to reverse. I saw in HRC what I could be: a woman who hustles, regardless of what her husband is doing or not doing, regardless if she has a husband or not. It’s irrelevant.

I liked that HRC was no bullshit and unapologetic about wanting to “fulfill her profession”. She didn’t stay home and bake cookies and that was liberating. I am glad she said it out loud. In the 1990s, women who worked did so guiltily, because they felt that they should be at home baking cookies and hosting afternoon tea. Even if they loved working out of the home and pulling in a paycheck bigger than their husbands, they feigned guilt so that the patriarchy will get off their backs. If a woman’s place isn’t in the home anymore, then her heart should be firmly planted in the kitchen. Though I never articulated it out loud, being raised by a single mother (with the help of extended family) made me realize that men are ultimately unreliable. And that one day, no matter what, it will be up to me to keep the ship going. I am not wide off the mark either, divorce rate in this country is still hovering at 50% so the chances of being divorced with children to support is well within the range of possibility. Most women don’t wish to be divorced and raise children on their own, they don’t desire it, but to not plan for this very possible eventuality is foolhardy. The economy in developed nations have changed as well. Very few families can survive on just one income unless they are the 1% or shill for the 1% (i.e. corporate lawyers, consultants, financial advisors etc.).

When Bill Clinton became president, HRC, for reasons which are obvious could no longer work as a corporate lawyer. She had to move to the White House, settle in with Chelsea and her role as the nation’s First Lady. Their finances should be better by this stage, but no, the shady dealings of the Clintons’ pre-White House days followed them to the White House. They became targets of right, which is in part a witch-hunt and in part their own doing. They had to fend off investigation after investigation, which means astronomical amount of attorney’s fees, something even the much higher salary of the US Presidency can’t cover. And who could forget the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the mother of all embarrassments. Besides being humiliated by her husband on the international stage, more legal bills mounted as a result of the impeachment hearings.

HRC was heavily criticized when she said: “We came out of the White House not only dead broke but in debt.” It’s the truth and I don’t understand why everyone got their panties all in a wad over it. She made this comment in defense of her accepting large speaker’s for her speaking engagements. And since Bill Clinton was still shaking off the Monica Lewinsky scandal when he left the White House, Hillary was the more popular of the two. So, like a grown woman, she put her big girl pants on and got to work. Chelsea was still in college when they left the White House and she was attending Stanford University, not a cheap school. What’s more, her husband will have Secret Service protection for the rest of his life should he choose to (as do HRC), he will also have a very comfortable pension and health benefits afforded to a former president. So, even if he never made another dime in his life again and live frugally, he’ll be just fine. Besides, no one will let a former president, especially a popular one, live below the dignity which should be afforded him. So someone will come to his rescue should it ever come to that. What about his wife? What has she gotten out of their eight years in the White House? Embarrassment, public humiliation, heartache and the icing on top, no money and in debt. Worse than nothing.

Since her husband got elected to public office, HRC’s career in the public eye has been skewered and excoriated. In the more sexist days of the ’90s, she was accused of being unfeminine. No one felt sorry for her when her husband stepped out on her, some even went so far to say she deserved it. Some mused if she was really a lesbian. Maybe if she stayed home and and cooked, baked cookies and hosted tea parties her husband just might behave better. People must have forgotten the story about the leopard and its spots. She got shit from everybody. Even feminists, the group of women she’s most identified with. When the Monica Lewinsky scandal hit the headlines, people expected HRC to walk away from her husband and her marriage, like a good feminist should. I felt the same at the time, though I was just 17 and knew absolutely nothing about what being married is like, yet I made a judgement about her.

When she didn’t leave her husband, the narrative changed. She suddenly became this calculating bitch. A modern day Lady Macbeth. The ONLY possible reason left for her to remain with that love cheat is for political reasons. She wants to be the president herself one day and she needs him. That’s what this whole unholy union is about, she wants the top prize for herself. Some speculated that it’s payback for poor old Slick Willy, she will make the rest of his life miserable and he will for the first time in all their years together, put on the good husband act and go out there and stump for her. It’s her turn and he better fall in line or else.

I am not an expert on their relationship nor do I want to know anymore than the public has already been subjected to. But for the public to blindly assume that she remained with her husband only for her political career is about the worst kind of sexism I’ve ever seen. It assumes that she cannot forge a political career or a career of any kind without him. She must be Hillary Rodham Clinton in order for her to get her foot in the door anywhere. Hillary Rodham isn’t good enough. It assumes that all the years she spent as the family’s breadwinner was not of her own merit but because she was Mrs. Clinton, even when the name Clinton had no cache attached to it yet, when they were back in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was Hillary Rodham who got into Wellesley on her own merit. It was Hillary Rodham who got into Yale Law School on her own merit. It was also Hillary Rodham who hustled and earned the bacon while her husband pursued a career in politics. She didn’t need Bill Clinton to help her achieve any of these things for her.

What about shared history? How about the shared pain of being persecuted by the Washington right wing? How about Chelsea, their only child? Of wanting to keep their family in tact for her? How about *gasp* love?  Or even if she wanted him around for her future political career, what is so wrong with that? She supported him unconditionally. She didn’t embarrass him with her own peccadilloes, why can’t the favor be returned? A lot goes into a long term relationship. Sometimes the easiest thing is to run to the courthouse and file papers and get this whole sorry saga over with. The easiest thing is not always the best thing or the right thing. The Clintons are grown ups, they know what’s best for them and their marriage. One worthy irony to point out though, the Clintons’ marriage was depicted as the dysfunctional one, the Gores’ on the other hand was the paragon of what a healthy and loving marriage looked like. The Gores’ were loving and tactile in public, there were no scandals in their marriage and they had 4 children which are the product of this loving marriage. Imagine everyone’s shock when the Gores’ announced their separation a few years ago? The Clintons’, ironically, are still very much together.

Many women are still defined by their marriage, or more specifically, who they are married to. Everything she does or doesn’t do is related to her marriage in one way or another. And it’s not a bad thing or good thing, it’s just how life worked out for some women. Hillary Clinton is obviously her own woman. I do not get the notion that if she weren’t married to Bill Clinton she wouldn’t have achieved what she has.

After the Clintons’ left the White House, they spent a lot of time refilling the Clinton coffers. And they went about it pretty ruthlessly. They took on high paying speaking gigs and got offered huge advances for writing their memoirs. HRC did so without shame. She worked with anyone who would pay what she asked and good for her. I would have done the same. The pressure of having no money while a woman has children cannot be underestimated. It’s the worst kind of stress a mother can experience. So I can appreciate her aggression in the pursuit of financial security. But, and this is a big but – if HRC wants to fill her family coffers by any means necessary, then she should give up running for public office, especially the nomination for the presidency of the United States.

I’ve withdrawn my political support for HRC, as I find her to be tainted politically. She’s too entangled with the monied elite in this country for her to govern objectively and I no longer trust her political judgements. I dislike her hawkish stance in foreign policy matters. She’s become as trigger happy as her fellow Republicans. She will always be a woman I admire greatly. She was my first feminist role model in which I could see myself modeling my life after. I could be married and not be defined by my marriage, or by being a Mrs. Somebody. I could be married, be a mother and still operate as my own entity or operate as a joint entity if I choose. The writings of Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and Simone de Beauvoir informed my feminist consciousness, but they weren’t exactly women I could emulate my life after. They were too far removed from my generation. HRC has taken many blows in the form of public opinion about everything. How she speaks, her tone of voice, the volume of her voice, her emotions, her lack of emotions, her style (or lack of one), her looks, her age everything but the issues. And if I am totally honest, I don’t know how Bill Clinton is still with the living, I wouldn’t be able to exercise so much self control, but I suppose there are worse fates than death when you’ve humiliated your wife over and over.

She can be a good role model to women, but I don’t think she’s good as my president. As much as I want a woman to ascend to the highest office in the land, I cannot support Hillary Rodham Clinton in that endeavor.

Reblogged Content: The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism

It is a sad day in America when our choices are boiled down to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It’s even more pathetic that the elephants have reduced themselves to dick measuring to achieve the highest office in the land.

We created this. By ‘we’, I mean the liberal elites or those affectionately referred to as neo-liberals. Those of us who grew up middle class with access to college education, those of us who got to move up the economic ladder before it got torn down. Those of us who got to live in wealthy metropolitan cities and suburbs and thus largely shielded from the erosion of manufacturing jobs and industry, which was the backbone of the American economy for over 100 years. Those of us who were able to adapt to the technology age, who are neither too young nor too old to learn new skills, behaviors, habits or professions. Those of us who are not blighted by alcohol and drug addiction because of despair. Armed with our college degrees which are still worth something and our jobs, we looked down on and sneered at the underclass.

The liberals didn’t say it out loud but their beliefs were on the same lines as the conservatives, there must be something wrong with them if they are stuck in this rut. That they can’t convert their factory job skills to something outside of the factory. Some blamed them being too dependent on their unions to provide them a living and now they’ve got to hustle and they can’t. It’s the American creed, where there’s a will, there’s a way. You pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Nobody is going to hand anything to you on a silver platter for free. Generations of men who are used to working with their hands and wish to continue to work with their hands are out of options.

A lot of them don’t deserve any sympathy. People who sympathize with the KKK or any other hate group don’t deserve sympathy or even a mention in civilized society and discourse. The underclass want “freedom”, but not the kind we are accustomed to, they want the freedom to “hate” and be hateful:

They want the freedom to use words like “nigger,” “kike,” “spic,” “chink,” “raghead” and “fag.” They want the freedom to idealize violence and the gun culture. They want the freedom to have enemies, to physically assault Muslims, undocumented workers, African-Americans, homosexuals and anyone who dares criticize their cryptofascism. They want the freedom to celebrate historical movements and figures that the college-educated elites condemn, including the Ku Klux Klan and the Confederacy. They want the freedom to ridicule and dismiss intellectuals, ideas, science and culture. They want the freedom to silence those who have been telling them how to behave. And they want the freedom to revel in hypermasculinity, racism, sexism and white patriarchy. These are the core sentiments of fascism. These sentiments are engendered by the collapse of the liberal state.

Being a white, Christian, heterosexual male is about the only thing the white underclass has going for them and they found a champion in Donald Trump. But as I previously explained, Trump is no friend of theirs, he’s only using them to get the the highest office in the nation to abuse his power. Fascists are scumbags, they use the nationalism and populism to rally their forces and then shaft them when they are done with them. There’s not one fascist leader that ever delivered on their promises. Communists at least try, or start out with good intentions of bringing equality to the proletariats. There’s a lot to be desired with Marxist political and social ideology but I am not here to argue that, my point is facists are the bottom of the barrel. When the presidential election has been reduced to dick measuring, especially when they can’t possibly go any lower, it’s time to cut off the head of the snake.

Chris Hedges explains further. 

College-educated elites, on behalf of corporations, carried out the savage neoliberal assault on the working poor. Now these elites are being made to pay. Their duplicity has brought them—and the rest of us—Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. – 2016/03/02

Source: The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism (from @Truthdig)

The anger is real: how Hillary Clinton betrayed her supporters by taking money from Walmart. 

Alice Walton – A mug shot from her DUI arrest, who is a major Clinton donor

It has just been made widely known that Alice Walton, one of the richest women in America and one of the heirs of the Walmart family fortune donated $353,400 to the Hillary Clinton campaign. The contribution was made in December of last year and it was quietly disclosed last month and it’s now been made known to the wider public.
Hillary Clinton served on the Walmart board of directors between 1986 and 1992, at the same time as John Tate, an executive vice-president who was also a board of director. Tate was notorious for his anti-union policies against Walmart’s workers, who went on record to say:

“Labor unions are nothing but blood-sucking parasites living off the productive labor of people who work for a living.”

He served four of the six years with Hillary Clinton, she was largely silent about Walmart’s efforts to destroy the organization efforts of the Walmart’s workers, who are some of the most abused and underpaid in corporate America. This is a woman who calls herself a champion of women and working people yet stood by silently for six years while Walmart abused its workers. Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, who rakes in billions in profits by selling substandard products made from slave labor in the third & developing world, will not give their millions of retail workers a fixed predictable schedule, health benefits which don’t leave them starving after pre-tax deductions and a living wage so that their workers don’t have to depend  on food stamps, food pantries and the generosity of others just to eat. 

At a 1990 stockholder’s meeting, Hillary Clinton said – “I’m always proud of Wal-Mart and what we do and the way we do it better than anybody else.” 

Since the time she’s served on the board of directors, she’s sought to distance herself from Walmart. She’s consistently downplayed the time she served on the board of Walmart, not mentioned in her autobiography and even went so far as to return donation funds from them in 2005. Clinton insists she is against any corporations who discourage labor organization. She has obviously changed her her mind about her association with the Walton family. 

To demonstrate what a betrayal it is to working people women and children (Walmart employs a lot of low-wage earning women, many of whom have children), here’s a list of the “best of” reel of the worst labor practices by Walmart. 

Anti-Union practices: Walmart is notorious for its anti-labor organization practices. Any workers or store who seek to unionize are first intimidated by the big bosses from hicktown, Arkansas who fly in via private jet to explain to workers why unionizing is bad, and the reason is, ‘you will leave us no choice but to close the store’. They also show a video showing its anti-union stance to all of its new hires, ‘explaining’ to them the virtues of remaining unorganized – flexible schedule and self-determination without the interference of bad union bosses. While it is legal for companies to relay to their employees their stance about union organization, it is not legal to intimidate or in anyway discourage by force any efforts at organization, this would include – threatening layoffs, store closures, hour reductions and denial of promotions. 

It’s claims that their stance is consistent with all other “discount retailers” is false.Walmart is not like any other discount retailer. Walmart is not the Dollar General Store chains or the 99C Store chains who actually sell discarded items from other retail stores at a discount price of $1. Walmart sells a full range of products, from groceries, pre-packaged foods, electronics, flat screen televisions, video game consoles, clothing and other household items. And it is able to sell them for cheaper than its competitors because they suppress the wages of their retail workers, all 1.3 million of them. 

Walmart, as much as possible, keep a majority of their workers on a part-time basis so that they do not have to give them health benefits and 401K. Many workers who need full time work and overtime to supplement their income are consistently denied, all to save a few bucks so they can continue to sell at prices lower than other retailers: 

There is enough wealth to spread around in America. Last year Walmart made $16 billion in profits — so there is no excuse for not giving associates, like me, a living wage; for not giving associates who want it, 40 hours a week, and overtime whenever needed, and full-time benefits. Walmart doesn’t seem to understand or doesn’t care to understand that while it is profiting from the current “low-wage” business model, the company can still profit and improve the current situation of its workers if the company would implement a business model suited more to the needs of the individual rather than the profits of the company. Until this change takes place, workers like me will continue to struggle. The struggle is very real. Trust me, I know. I work at Walmart. – Jamaad Reed 

Walmart also consistently engages in wage theft by way of training workers for their new promotions but that promotion never comes. 

There was a point in time when I was training to become the customer service manager as well. However, after close to six months of “training” — often doing this job all by myself — I wasn’t offered the position yet I was still scheduled to work as the customer service supervisor, and I wasn’t compensated for the work I did. – Jamaad Reed 

Besides low pay, wage theft, unreliable working hours, Walmart also has a history of discriminating against women. Women make up the majority of Walmart’s employees, 815,000 in total (47% of its sales workforce). Women were consistently denied raises and promotions. One affidavit after another says a woman who’s worked at one store for 9 years without a promotion, or a woman who was employee of the month twice in one year didn’t receive a raise nor promotion, Duke v. Walmart was filed as a class action lawsuit in 2001. It made its way through district courts, appeals courts, federal courts and finally the Supreme Court in 2011. The Supreme Court decided 5-4 that this suit could not be a class action lawsuit because there is no way to prove that Walmart as a whole company had a consistent policy of gender discrimination, even if every single allegation provided in the affidavits were proven true, they still could not prove that Walmart, the corporate entity had a deliberate policy to discriminate against women. The women were free to file smaller independent lawsuits against their former employer but a class action suit was out of the question. Justice Scalia (the jurist with the brilliant mind) led the majority followed by Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Kennedy. Walmart had an outright victory, they know that these low wage earning women do not have the means to file an expensive lawsuit against them. 

Perhaps most disgraceful of all is the pay at Walmart is so low that many of the workers, most of whom are women with children need public assistance and food pantries to feed their families. Food insecurity is a huge problem with Walmart workers. Workers have had to empty their pockets and put their single dollar bills and loose change together to buy lunch to share, which by the way employees do not enjoy an employee discount. Employees get discounts on grocery items but not deli food items or pre-packaged food items. In a store in Oklahoma City in 2014, Walmart organized a food drive for their employees during the holidays as most do not have enough leftover to host a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal for their families. If this isn’t the ultimate irony I don’t know what is. Walmart sells food and groceries, the leftovers are probably thrown away or if they are feeling charitable, donated to local soup kitchens or food pantries, which by some point their sales associates may need visit to feed their families. So instead of just giving leftover food and groceries to their associates from the store directly, they create an extra hurdle. 

In 2015, Walmart gave a raise to about 500,000 of their employees. Their wage floor is no longer the federal minimum wage, their hourly wages start at $9 per hour and by February of 2016, it would go up to $10 per hour. Even at $10 per hour, and assuming the associate is lucky enough to work 40 hours a week, that is still only $19,200 per year and yet the CEO acts like he’s doing everybody a big favor. Despite the floor wage increase, Walmart still did not guarantee all its associates full time employee privileges should they want to, some stores have decreased the hours of employees after the wage increase was instituted. 

Back to Hillary Clinton, she just accepted a hefty donation from the family who invented the ‘low wage’ business model. The founder of Walmart Sam Walton died in 1992 leaving his wife and heirs billionaires. It is estimated the widow of Sam Walton and his four children each are worth around $20-30 billion each. They are not involved in the day -to-day running of the company. They sit back and collect their dividends, the family still own about 40% of Walmart stocks. 

If voters have the niggling feeling that Hillary Clinton treats her supporters with contempt, this proves it. She is fully aware that young voters are abandoning her in droves in favor of Bernie Sanders, but she made a shrewd calculation against Sander’s un-electability and will continue her business as usual to get where she needs to go, and that is to accept big donations from Wall Street, rotten and corrupt corporations like Walmart and rub in our noses. 

My support for Hillary Clinton ended some time ago, I did so with a heavy heart and disappointment but my decision was right. She has sold out over and over again. I am by no means a political idealist where I expect clean records for political candidates. I was accepting of the fact that she is the establishment, that she shifted from political activism to being a career politician – one can’t be in politics for 40 years and not be tainted by it. Now she’s not even a feminist who cares about the lives of women and children. She cares about herself and the 1%. She doesn’t deserve our support and words like “even if they (the youth) don’t support me, I support them” (paraphrase) is further proof of her condescension. 

#NotWithHer, #NotHillary, #FeelTheBern 

Dear Donald Trump Voters

Dear Donald Trump Voters:

If Trump keeps winning primaries at the rate he is going, he could very well be your next presidential candidate. This thought is scary but not for reasons that are often repeated by Trump-haters and the media.

Yes, he is a fascist, racist, misogynist and a bully but that’s not the real problem here. The real problem is that he is lying to you and you are believing his lies, lock, stock and barrel.

That wall he talks about building along the border with Mexico and have the Mexican government pay for it? Unless he overturns NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), a fortified border where no Mexican can get through is near impossible. Also, Mexicans are not the only people that uses the southern border freely. Many Americans also use the southern border to vacation in Mexico, get medical treatment which are not offered in the US or medical treatment which are offered in the US but are cheaper in Mexico. Many Americans use the southern border to flee crime and personal responsibilities like child support and alimony and all sorts of other illegal reasons. You don’t hear the Mexican government kicking up a shit storm about that. He then says he’ll force the Mexican government to pay for it, so we don’t have to spend the billions to build a useless wall. Based on what authority can he can “force” another sovereign nation to erect a wall? He didn’t clarify, except that he’ll make it happen.

The truth is the fate and history of the United States and Mexico’s are inextricably linked. Through centuries of colonialism, wars, land theft, plunder, cultural and human genocide of the indigenous populations in North and Central America, no borders tight enough or walls high enough could separate our mutual fates and interests. Mexico is doubly unlucky, they were first colonized by the Spaniards and then the Americans. Many indigenous languages written and spoken have been obliterated by Spanish colonial rule, and to add insult to injury, the Catholic Church just elevated Father Junipero Serra to sainthood. Father Junipero Serra was one of the people responsible for wiping out Mexican and North American indigenous cultures (and people). Father Serra’s main contribution to Catholicism is bringing Catholicism by force to North America, not so much for his benevolent acts. On the Catholic Church’s list of useless saints, Father Serra would rank close the top, after the saints that never existed in the first place.

Trump’s promise of detaining and then deporting every single illegal alien in this country if not an outright lie then it’s a fanciful tale. First of all, not all illegal aliens in this country are Hispanic, they are white (European), Asian and African. An illegal alien is not only someone who came to this country illegally without a visa, but also someone who overstays their visa. To deport over 11 million people will require the due process which our immigration courts are not equipped to handle, never mind the $400-600 billion price tag. It will cost more to deport them than to let them live here in the shadows or create a path to citizenship. As president, there aren’t enough executive orders he can write to deport this many people. I won’t even get into his lies about how people from Mexico bring their problems with them. Study after study has shown immigrants do not commit more crime than legal citizens and residents. Mexicans and other low-skilled immigrant laborers do not ‘steal’ jobs from white people. Mexicans do not use or abuse the welfare system more than other people. The majority of recipients of food stamps are white people, followed by black people and then Hispanics and Asians.


One last thing about Mexicans and jobs, it is very likely that a lot of the maid service staff and construction workers who work for Trump’s ghastly and vulgar hotels are staffed by illegal immigrants. So, on top of being a xenophobe and racist, he’s also a hypocrite.

Not satisfied with singling out Mexicans for scorn, after the Paris attacks in November in 2015, he moved on to Muslims. He called for banning all Muslims entering this country, even war refugees, and all Muslims currently traveling on US passports be denied re-entry to their country of citizenship (and birth for some). First of all, he cannot ban a US citizen from returning to the US, regardless of their religion, that’s unconstitutional. Secondly, a passport doesn’t state your religion or ethnicity, only your country of birth. Also, having a Muslim sounding name doesn’t mean one is Muslim. A Muslim can be called Stephen Jones.

Middle and working class white America is suffering. And the pain is real. There seems to be no end to that pain. Industrial jobs are gone. Good paying skilled jobs are gone. They’ve either gone overseas where there’s no union to deal with or the jobs have been replaced by computers and robots. But the Mexicans didn’t cause this. The Mexicans didn’t steal your good paying factory jobs. The corporation owners relocated to Mexico and Asia to get away from paying you a decent wage. It is the the likes of Donald Trump and his ilk which caused you to lose your job and your standard of living. It’s Wall Street playing with people’s money that ran the economy into the ground. The same Wall Street who is good friends with Donald Trump.

Muslims and ISIS are not dangerous to the immediate safety of the US. It’s the gun wielding psychopaths who wouldn’t hesitate to shoot up a school, shopping mall, movie theater or any public place that poses the most immediate personal danger. It is people like Dylann Roof and his ilk who is dangerous to Americans. Trigger happy and racist police officers are dangerous to Americans, especially black and hispanic Americans. The same police that Donald Trump shows full support to, who he sings praises about, who he will use to turn on you, should you get out of hand.

Donald Trump is only telling you what you want to hear. He is pandering to your basest instinct, your id. He is saying all of the things you wish you can say out loud and get away with it. He’s acting like that inappropriate uncle during Christmas or Thanksgiving who tells racist and sexist jokes and everyone has a good laugh.  He also has a serious case of the savior syndrome. He wants to save white America from going to hell. He’s going to save you all by kicking out all the Mexicans, by keeping out the Muslims and controlling how China does business with the rest of the world. He has no concrete ways of doing these things besides saying he’ll do them. Donald Trump has tapped into the collective fear and anxiety of your precious country being taken over by non-white people. The election of President Obama threw middle white America into an existential crisis, some believed the End was near. On the one hand, you wanted to see progress and improvement in racial equality, but having a black president was one progress too much. You associate your decline in standard of living with President Obama, but Obama didn’t cause the recession. Obama didn’t send men and women in uniform into war in the Middle East and bleeding trillions of dollars overseas when that same money should have been used to improve lives in America (he did continue the wars and that’s disappointing). Obama didn’t cause the housing bubble or the final collapse of the automobile-making industry. All of this was done by white people, a white person you probably elected, George ‘Dubya’ Bush.

Kicking out all the Mexicans, building a fence on the southern border and banning Muslims from entering the United States won’t improve your lot in life. Even if Donald Trump personally employs you in his organizations wouldn’t improve your lot in life either. He’s just like every CEO out there, seeking to cut the cost of labor to maximize his own profits. Donald Trump is tapping into your insecurities and worst fears and then he says he’ll fix it. He is using you to get into the highest office in the United States, not because he’s some patriot or has a desire to be in public service. Becoming president of the United States of America is just another notch on his belt, so that he can order new stationery that reads “Donald J. Trump, President of the United States”. He has no real desire to help anyone or help America. He isn’t interested in “Making America Great Again”, he’s interested in making himself great. And you are all indulging him, you are letting him make a mug out of you.

The former leader of the KKK David Duke came out in support and endorsement of Donald Trump, saying all white people who don’t support Trump is “treason to your heritage”. Trump has rejected his endorsement, but the fact that KKK is using Trump for their recruiting campaign is concerning. Does conservative white America want to stoop this low? Do you want to associate the conservative movement with the Klan?

The field of Republican candidates is less than inspiring, I am not here to tell you who to vote for. If I am honest, Hillary Clinton is less than inspiring herself and while Bernie Sanders has a lot of good ideas, but he fact that he identifies as a “social democrat” will scare off a lot of people as most people don’t know the difference between a social democrat and a socialist (Google can answer this but I digress). I am only here to say Donald Trump is not your answer. Voting for him will only worsen your lot in life, not improve it.