They will come for us.

I am no political theorist nor political scientist. I can’t definitively say if we are in a real, by the text book definition of a fascist regime. For that, I’d refer you to to Robert Paxton’s ‘The Five Stages of Fascism’ for better clarification. But by taking recent events at face value, it sure feels like it. The over-militarized police and border control officers have become even more bold and militant, answering only to Donald J. Trump. Some have ignored court orders, denied people illegally detained at customs their right to see their attorney and refused elected officials to see the people detained. I wish I could say I am surprised.

Donald Trump is a piece of shit. Most people I know believe the same, but that’s not the tragedy here. The real tragedy is the only other alternative to Donald Trump is the corrupt and warmongering Hillary Clinton. It’s a race to the bottom. When voters are presented with two bad choices of which level of hell you want to descend to, it’s not a choice.

Many people who agree that Donald Trump is a piece of shit also just want to keep their heads down for the next four or eight years until it blows over and hope that we still have have some semblance of our lives and sanity afterwards. Many people feel powerless against the behemoth that is Trump and his criminal cronies at the top. But instead of fighting back and resisting, their plan is to stay clear of the warpath and hopefully escape unscathed when all of ‘this’ is over.

I was one of those people sleepwalking through life. I had the privilege of doing so. Through the Clinton, Bush, Obama years, I could effectively keep my head down and pretend none of it was happening to me personally. I still have this privilege today, one of pretending nothing will happen to me or those immediate to me, if I so choose. But I can’t. Donald Trump is trying to ethnically cleanse this country of minorities. He’s starting with Mexicans and Muslims (even though Muslims aren’t a race or an ethnic group but is anyone who adheres to the religion of Islam, he doesn’t care), he’s going after Native Americans by polluting their land and water source. Trump is getting by the skin of his teeth with Jews only because he’s using his hapless son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka Trump (a converted Jew) as a firewall against charges of anti-semitism and he promised Benjamin Netanyahu to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, so at least on the surface, despite hiring Steve Bannon, a known white nationalist and anti-semite as his chief strategist, Trump is not labeled as an anti-semite yet.

The immigrant group he hasn’t yet gone after are the Asians. And being Asian and involved with Asian immigrants myself, many are taking the dodge the bullet path, and it’s unacceptable. Because Trump hasn’t named and shamed an Asian group yet, they think they are ‘safe’ from his wrath and anti-immigrant policies. Trump has made some remarks about China and how they cheat on trade and currency manipulation, but as far as targeting Chinese or Asian immigrants in America, he hasn’t said anything about them yet. Indonesia being the largest Muslim country in the world, who also have a significant amount of extremist activities was left off of his travel ban. Trump is an opportunist, the seven countries on the list of persons banned from entry are economic non-entities in terms of trade with the US, he can afford to incite their ire and wrath. But Asia is quickly becoming the economic center of the world, it would be stupid to incite their wrath.

One quick study of history one will see that fascists spare no one. They are bloodthirsty hunters who show no mercy. Trump’s white nationalist agenda is clear. Trump is preparing to ethnically cleanse this country of non-white people. And if he can’t get rid of them, he’ll deprive them of resources and shift it to white people. This is his ‘Make America Great Again’ promise. It’s make white America great again. The factory jobs he claims he’ll bring back, it’s for white people. Plum government posts and jobs, those are for white people, especially positions which requires them to enforce his illegal executive orders. The few benefits which he won’t slash, those are saved for white people. Everyone else can either accept the new world order or go back to where they came from. This is unacceptable. We will not be silent.

The minorities he hasn’t targeted yet, he will come for us. When he is done kicking out the Muslims and Mexicans and putting the fear of the state police in their hearts, he’ll come for the rest of us. My family is Asian. I am a child of a first generation immigrant and my children are third generation immigrants. We are seeing American born citizens being detained at airports with immigration officers questioning their loyalty to the United States and how they feel about Donald Trump all on the account that they are not white and have travelled to a Muslim country. Today it’s Muslim countries, tomorrow it could be countries who Trump perceives to be ‘cheating’ economically or manipulating their currencies.

I can no longer ‘mind my own business’, go about my daily life uninhibited by what’s going on. And for the minorities currently in the ‘privileged’ groups, those who still can board airplanes and deplane without hassle and harassment; those days may be numbered. We have an obligation to help and stand up for those who have no voice or are too scared to speak. Every small act of solidarity matters. Every small act of resistance counts towards the larger resistance. We can’t depend on any political party, least of all the Democratic Party to help those being targeted by Trump’s fascist policies. We only have each other.

4 thoughts on “They will come for us.

    1. There is a pervasive, self-preservation related anxiety amongst Asians to keep your head down and don’t make waves, we don’t want to be tossed out for causing trouble, type of thing. I grew up with it all my life. Don’t make waves, study, get a job, stay out of trouble; it used to irritate the shit out me even though I do understand the psychology behind it. Especially as the Chinese were the first group written law targeted for exclusion. But now, we can’t even afford that. staying out of trouble, getting a job, paying your taxes, contributing to society won’t save us anymore.


      1. In that sense Chinese immigrants are more American than American since Americans all think that personal achievement will exempt you from political persecutions. It’s the sentiment that lies behind the liberal obsession with highlighting “good” Middle Easterners (Steve Jobs was Syrian etc.).


        1. It’s more of blending in don’t make waves (if you are lacking in the achievement dept). And yes I find liberal’s obsession with Steve Jobs sickening, as if you have to be excellent to deserve citizenship


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