Adolf Eichmann: The Banality of Evil

“The Banality of Evil” is as important as it is today than it was in 1960 or in 1940. Scores of ‘well meaning people’, people who normally wouldn’t hurt a fly are still executing and enforcing illegal, inhumane, unenforceable criminal orders handed down by the president of the United States. The words ‘by federal mandate’ scares everyone into submission. Some agencies such as state and federal police are created for the express purpose of executing unjust orders, but then you have mayors and state authorities following their federal counterparts blindly, for fear of losing their positions or getting into trouble themselves. Now is a time to take a stand against state sanctioned violence and criminality. If those in power, even if they are just an insignificant immigration officer or airport security officer, don’t exercise that power based on their conscience, based on what’s right or wrong, then what they good for? They are no better than Adolf Eichmann, the man charged with the logistics of executing The Final Solution, the man who swore up and down at his trial what he did was a horrible thing, that he “sinned against God” but because all of it was legal, he, therefore, cannot be charged with a crime carried out under the laws and mandates of a legitimate government (The Third Reich). It was bullshit to those who heard it then in that Jerusalem courtroom in 1960, and it’s bullshit now. Huge crowds of people have gathered at our nation’s biggest airports, showing outrage at our government and support to those detained. Lawyers are offering their time and expertise to prepare unlawful habeas corpus briefs, these are people without a badge or assigned power, what are those in power prepared to do?


Hannah Arendt volunteered to report on Adolf Eichmann’s trial in Jerusalem in 1960 for The New Yorker magazine, she wrote a series of articles for them, later compiled in a book called Eichma…

Source: Hannah Arendt: Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil

3 thoughts on “Adolf Eichmann: The Banality of Evil

  1. I’m much more concerned with what the government is doing to our own people at places like Standing Rock and everyone along the Missouri River’s path. That the government is aligned with international corporate oil interests to butt f**k middle America’s land and water is outrageous. Now that President Trump has given a green light to Keystone XL and the North Dakota Access pipelines, and the Wall Street Journal has given its gold-plated seal of approval, American taxpayers need to grab their wallets and their families, and stand their turf against this egregious assault on our collective quality of life and food. The WSJ claims these pipelines are “good for the economy.”

    F**k “the economy,” I say. “We’re talking about human beings.”


    1. What out government does to our own people and are abroad are linked. We are all people. The people that the government shits on in this country are poor, brown, black and indigenous, not unlike the people overseas. Brown/black people from Middle East & Africa are not expendable just because they aren’t white or do not hold American citizenship. The US/Western Imperialism have stolen, looted, killed, maimed from Middle East/Africa, South America, Central America for their resources for centuries. The global south and Middle East are the most resource rich, but are now the poorest regions (save for some gulf states who are just hitmen for US), that’s not an accident (and please don’t say Muslims/africans/tribal people like to kill each other and would have done so if white people never landed on their shores, this is insulting, this is absolving imperialism of its crimes even if they did like killing each other. Europeans have engaged in 100 years war, 30 years war, crusades and every other kinds of war in between – I haven’t even gotten to the 2 world wars yet). The WSJ is a rubber stamp for capitalism and imperialism, cloaked under the guise of what’s good for the ‘greater economy’ which then benefit everyone. It’s bullshit.


      1. I’m not sure who you’re responding to, but it’s not me. I’m one of those people who believe the federal government has outlived its usefulness, and federal bankruptcy is the only thing that will save us. I’m only suggesting that the focus on immigrants is partly a diversionary tactic to gloss over the land-rape by pipeline interests in the farm belt of America.

        I believe those seven countries on Trump’s hit list are countries the US has been bombing for some time, even before the election. I’ve been a pacifist for a very long time, but I don’t see any traction among Americans to stop this senseless bloodshed.


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