Trump is a racist. When will people (especially White people) stop making excuses for him?

White people hate to be called racists. Calling a white person racist, or just implying that something they may have said or done which may be seen as racist makes them very nervous and agitated and they immediately go on the defensive as to why they are absolutely not racists and are willing cite reasons as long as their arm. The favorite line of defense is I have a ______ friend, therefore I am not (I, by virtue of logic,) cannot under any circumstance be racist. Even White nationalists subscribe to this logic, because more often then we like, there are just enough self-loathing half-Whites and half-Something else’s who fall for white supremacy playbook hook, line and sinker.

These are some of the comments from my piece published yesterday, Antifragile and White Nationalism, it warrants commenting on the comments because it’s a very realistic and unguarded look and racism and what constitutes as racism in White America:


If I must hear about how White Southerners are lovely friendly people one more time…

And I don’t mean to crap on the White folks, I really don’t. I am white-ish myself, I am half-White and half-Chinese. One half of my family consists of these well meaning, non-racist white people. But I’ve been around enough ‘diversity’ in my life and have developed a finely tuned snout to snuff out overt, covert and coded racism. Most White people today aren’t overt racists anymore, they are too smart for that; because, remember, even amongst white nationalists, to be called a ‘racist’ is an insult to their integrity; they are merely ‘preserving’ white culture from becoming extinct by this huge massive invasion of black, brown and mix raced peoples.

I’d agree that most white people are decent good people, they mean well, they certainly don’t mean to come across as racist. But the person we are talking about here is Donald Trump, not the average White person you meet, Trump is an avowed racist. So comments like the one below not only confounds but baffles me:

While I hardly think he has any nazi empathies himself, he does seem to attract such white supremacist feelings simply because he himself is so way out in left field (or “right” field) in his political approach. I would NEVER attribute Trump to knowingly have understood some pulse of the nation.

A person without Nazi sympathies will not attract white supremacists and other Nazis. Full stop. White supremacists and Nazis have their own antennas and speak in their own ‘codes’ in which they detect each other in public social settings. Except Donald Trump didn’t even use codes, he flat out called Mexicans rapists and murderers. And there are two groups of them, the likes of Trump and his ilk to present a ‘legitimate and presentable’ front to the public, where they put on an expensive suit and use a few big words which will then convince mainstream media that they are legit and then you have the basement Nazis, those who cover their bodies with Swastika and other white nationalist tattoos and greet each other with the Nazi salute. Donald Trump kicked off his campaign calling Mexicans “murderers and rapists”, short of that, they are here to steal American jobs and depress the wages of ‘real working Americans'(read: White Americans). Next he called a total ban on all Muslims, even American citizens (except for those serving in the military), after the tragic shootings in San Bernardino, California and the gay nightclub PULSE in Florida. How is this not categorically racist (and Islamophobic)? And while he was going about the Muslim ban and the two crimes he’s referring to are gun crimes, he failed to address the other violent gun crimes committed in this country by White people and the police. Some of those who voted for Trump voted for his economic and foreign policies and overlooked his racism, those same voters and supporters cannot use that reason to deny that Trump is a racist. And just because millions of people agree with Trump and his views, it doesn’t mean those same views have any validity.

Donald Trump called fat women slobs, and people who have any grievance against him ‘losers’. He’s sexually harassed women, threatened to fire women who didn’t respond to his sexual advances, threatened to fire a pregnant woman because he didn’t like how she looked pregnant. Trump has divided the population into ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. The ‘winners’ are very obviously people who are like him, who resemble him, and the losers are everyone else, which is a big group. Trump clearly understood “some pulse of the nation”. Why does this person feel the need to excuse Donald Trump? Why are White people so afraid of calling Trump what he is without the buts, exceptions and excuses. Trump is a bona fide and unashamed racist (and eugenicist) – he doesn’t even have a problem with being a racist, so why do other white people? It’s not just in 2016 he’s been revealed as a racist and bigot but in the 1980s, he took out a full page ad in the New York Times, calling for the execution of the five black teenagers for the attempted murder and rape of the Central Park jogger, who were later found to be innocent. When pressed on it, he said why where these five teenagers doing in Central Park at that hour? Shouldn’t they be home? So, after hours Central Park is only for White people like himself? Racism is not open to some arbitrary ‘interpretation’. Some may be subtle, some more overt, but we all know it when we hear it. For those who belong to minority groups feel it when they hear it and see it.

People who being their sentence with “People make way too much of the race issue. I speak as a Southerner who believes the whole world is friendly to friendly people. The urban media’s constant stoking of the hatred flames only generates needless paranoia” is an immediate red flag. This person has either never been out of the town in the South they were born or must have a very low threshold on what’s considered racist. I am not talking about ‘micro-aggressions’ here, people who drone on about how they are micro-aggressed daily bore me too and too much focus on the ‘micro’ things deter from the bigger picture. But again, we are talking about Donald Trump, a proven racist; not the nice Southern lady next door who attends church every Sunday and volunteers at the local soup kitchen and accidentally drops a racial slur. This is a man who received the endorsement of the KKK and white nationalist groups, and a whole group of supporters called the “alt-right” are out in support of him and he didn’t denounce them nor reject their support until AFTER he got elected. Most racists today no longer wear hoods and burn crosses at night on the lawn of black homes or black churches, they’ve evolved (the theories of antifragile are at work here too).

Because I am half-White and half-something else but appear more White than the something else, many people have mistakenly aired their racist views towards Asians in my presence and hearing. This has happened even when I was working in corporate America, the place of neoliberal utopia, where everything is supposedly a meritocracy. I’ve heard all the jokes and the mocking and white people just love to mock our parent’s accents. And the jokes are lame as fuck: “where did you go this weekend?”, “Chinatown”, then some lame-ass frat boy man baby breaks out mocking Chinese accent of a waiter trying to get these white frat boys orders right. But the irony is the manager (and she manages over 100 people) of these privileged UCLA frat boys is a tough as nails Vietnamese woman barely standing at 5 feet tall without her heels and they revoltingly kiss her ass and brow nose her in her presence. These will be the same frat boys complaining about reverse discrimination should their daddies not be rich enough to contribute to the alumni endowment and all but guarantee their college entry.

Racism towards Asians is more sneaky, more passive aggressive, more micro-aggressing than maybe some of the racism towards other minorities (for example, it was acceptable for the frat boys I worked with to mock Asians than to be overtly racist against Black people or Latinos). Racism toward Asians is turning our academic achievements into mockeries and jokes (frog eyed, spectacle wearing geeks who can’t toss a football), our appearance (we all look the same, lizard eyed, yellow tone skin), our accents, our faulty English grammar, our parents accents, professions (dry cleaners, liquor store owners, restaurant owners) are mocked. The only thing that shields some Asian children at school from total outright bullying is they have perfected the game white people invented. Getting good grades, perfect SAT scores and getting into top universities and joining the middle and upper middle class within a generation ,or in a word: upward mobility; which from the last statistics is going in the opposite direction for some white communities.

All of the lecturing on “personal responsibility” the conservatives and Clinton neoliberals love to preach to black people, many Asians already do and do it very well, they do “personal responsibility” better than Rand Paul and all of the Republican lawmakers of both the House and Senate combined.

So, White people: do not tell me that Trump isn’t ‘categorically’ a racist, because he hasn’t been caught in a white hood burning crosses. He is. He begun his campaign on a call to deport, ban, harass and detain Mexicans. Or that minorities and people of color are just too sensitive and are imagining things which aren’t there, they are. And believe me, the majority of people of color ignore the micro-aggressions and racist comments and situations hurled at them (except the Hilbots on Twitter). Many people of color (those that have a real life and not live online) do not speak out and complain until it’s overly egregious where ignoring it would be one step short of self-denigration. Most people do not have the time of day (nor energy) to be so sensitive to every slight (perceived or real) and respond to it. Most people of color just get on with their days.

One of my best friends cried when she heard Donald Trump won the election. If I am to be very honest, my first reaction was ‘well, that’s a bit dramatic and overboard’; but then I was never called a “chink” in broad daylight as I am crossing the street. Another friend of mine, who stands at just over five feet two inches, doesn’t look a day over 25, is routinely patronized, talked down to, dismissed or mistaken as the secretary and told to go bring some coffee for everyone while attending her own startup investor’s meeting; she is on her third or fourth startup (I lost count) and she gives seminars and talks on weekends mentoring other people how to do a startup. This could never happen to me because I am just not that awesome or capable.

I don’t care if Donald Trump has Black, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, First American, LGBTQ friends and tomorrow he appoints a transgender person to be his Secretary of State and all the other cabinet members and high level positions represent every minority and marginalized group. I don’t care how many Black people, Latinos, Asians voted for Trump. He is still a filthy racist, sexist and misogynist. His actions have proven that, his words confirms it.

3 thoughts on “Trump is a racist. When will people (especially White people) stop making excuses for him?

  1. Trump is probably the most openly racist President in my lifetime. Nixon’s racism was mostly revealed on the Watergate tapes and Reagan at least tried to hide it after he ran for President.

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    1. Others were ‘dog whistling’. Trump doesn’t bother. What I don’t get is Trump doesn’t mind being a racist. He’s been called a racist by media, he laughs it off, and so it begs the question, why do other people mind so much? Why are people ‘explaining’ away, excusing or creating exceptions to his racism?


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