November 8, 2016: The Elites Rue the Day

The results are in, Donald J. Trump, a racist, sexist, misogynist, someone who has assaulted women, fat shamed women, called for a ban on all Muslims, promised to build a wall on the southern border and deport all Mexicans, will be our next president of the United States.

The question which will be discussed ad nauseum for the next four years (please don’t let it be eight) is ‘how did this happen?’ How did a charlatan who talks about grabbing a woman’s nether regions con his way into the presidency of the United States?

I will tell you how.

When his opponent is an arrogant, elitist, corporate bought and paid for politician insisting on ramming her brand of politics down people’s throats. Those who reject her brand of politics are branded as racist and sexist.

When the Democratic Party chooses a corrupt, criminal, warmongering, murdering, wealthy elite with ties to Wall Street, big Pharma, oil and gas companies to represent the working people of America during one of the most economically uncertain times the world has ever seen and the alternative is Donald Trump; Donald Trump and his ilk will win. An angry electorate can overlook a lot, but they will not tolerate an elite ruling class thumbing their noses down at them and blaming them for their own misfortunes or minimizing their misfortunes and calling it ‘privilege’.

Elections are about common denominators. A candidate chooses an issue or issues which many people can identify with, which then would hopefully propel them into elected office. Donald Trump chose racism, bigotry and sexism and united the disgruntled white base (even some white women jumped on his sexism and misogyny train). Bernie Sanders tried to cut into that base by trying to unite everyone’s economic interests against the ruling elite as he correctly figured out, a large part of people’s anger is mainly due to the economic situation and not illegal immigrants. Had he garnered Democratic Establishment’s support, no doubt he’d successful. Hillary Clinton’s uniting base is her group of ‘diversified elites’, Ivy League graduates of every stripe and persuasion, she was hoping to use those people to bring along all the other Ivy League aspirants, not realizing that it’s the Ivy League do-gooders that the average American hates right now.

The Democratic Establishment took its base and support not only for granted, but stepped on and crapped all over it when the people dare challenge the establishment. They decided that the white working class male is an obsolete category and all of their grievances and concerns are condensed into racism, bitterness at the gradual betterment of women and minorities and most importantly, up until now, they’ve skated by on ‘white privilege’ and that privilege needs to be taken away so they know how it feels to have none. I defy anyone to tell an unemployed coal miner living in a rundown shack with his wife and children in West Virginia that he has white privilege and that his failures are his fault, he will probably risk going to jail and punch you in the face.

The Democratic Establishment lied to us over and over again about how Hillary Clinton is the only choice to save this country. She is most qualified, she has the most experience and more importantly, it’s her turn and America is due for a female president. She is it. The DNC, mainstream media all threw in their lot with Hillary Clinton. Their job is to make sure she becomes the party’s nominee and the ultimate victor in the General Election.

Except Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only qualified candidate to run for president in the Democratic Party. There was Bernie Sanders who started a grassroots campaign on the ground, bypassing the DNC machine. He addressed the immediate economic concerns of everyone, growing income inequality, inadequate access to quality and affordable healthcare, student loan debt and a basic restructure of the government to serve the people not the ruling class. The fact that Bernie Sanders even dared to challenge Clinton for the nomination was seen as an abomination of the first order by Clinton and her supporters. He was stealing her thunder, ruining her moment, making her look bad because she can’t get that same kind of response from her most desirable voting demographic: young people and women. No amount celebrity endorsement can change that. Bernie Sanders was seen as deliberately antagonizing Hillary Clinton and he was using his white male cishet privilege to do it. Bernie Sanders didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to stay clear out of the way for the queen so she can ascend her throne.

For over twenty years the Democratic base have believed the lies of the Clintons. They’ve cheered the Clintons on regardless of their lies, deceptions, corruption and scandals (some are frivolous some are legitimate). The Clintons, bolstered by their diverse group of elites which support them, and that support is handsomely rewarded with money and access to their foundation, they were able to keep the charade going. Their biggest mistake in this election cycle is the divide and conquer of the working class and marginalized people. They took their support base for fools. All of her operatives and supporters with fancy degrees from Ivy League schools took it upon themselves to school their less fortunate brethren. The country saw through the lies of the Democratic establishment and went elsewhere with their votes (or not bothered to vote at all).

The election of 2016 is a choice of between two rotten candidates with no room for a third alternative. Just because Clinton is rotten it doesn’t mean Donald Trump is the answer. He may be an alternative, but alternatives aren’t always better. While the Clintons are corrupt, Trump is an outright fraud. There’s no need to list all the misdeeds and lies of Donald Trump, they are well documented. But in spite of all that, he was elected as this nation’s president. While people are angry and have every right to be angry, those same angry people often vote against their own interests. There is lots wrong with this country but it is not the fault of immigrants, black people, women or minorities. Jobs are going overseas but it’s not the people overseas who are ‘stealing’ them. Most overseas factory workers work in appalling conditions. The Mexicans didn’t undercut the wages of Americans, it’s the whole rotten capitalist system along with neoliberalism that has caused the state we are in today. It’s what caused the Great Recession and financial crash of 2007-2008, but Trump is telling us it’s the fault of the illegal immigrants and his way to solve it is to build a wall between US and Mexico and have the Mexican government pay for it with the trade deficit.

As many already noted, if a Trump win over Clinton means we don’t have to see another Clinton in elected public office ever again, he has accomplished at least one good thing. As for all of the other bad things that come with a Trump presidency, it is now the perfect opportunity for the Left to rise up and demand a real socialist government. Once Trump’s voters get a taste of what Trump’s really intending for this country, which is to make it a neo-fascist haven for white nationalists and not better jobs with good wages; those that voted for him hoping for better jobs will hopefully see the con of Donald Trump.

If the ‘Clinton machine’ with all of its experts and data analysts, all that money from super pacs and major corporate donations can’t come up with a strategy to defeat Donald Trump, can’t even eke out a 51% win; which by comparison, Trump is operating on a shoestring budget; then Clinton doesn’t deserve to win. This is her second go at this, that she lost to Obama who was an exceptional candidate and campaigner is one thing, but to lose to Donald Trump, a guy who speaks on auto loop, maybe she isn’t as qualified as she thinks she is.

The Trump presidency probably won’t affect my life in any significant way. It doesn’t matter to me who wins this election. I don’t belong to a marginalized group but millions of Americans do. And for those Americans we can’t look the other way. For those individuals, those of us who are in a position to fight back, not only should, but must.



2 thoughts on “November 8, 2016: The Elites Rue the Day

  1. Personally I think Bernie shares some of the blame. He should have run a tougher, harder, dirtier campaign against a candidate I’m sure he knew would be a disaster. He needs to make a decision. Does he support the creation of a new, truly working class party or does he go on with the illusion that the left can take over the Democrats. I’m confident that he will chose the later. More’s the pity.


    1. Yes. Bernie was too nice. I always thought that. He tried to take the high road, every time. But when your opponent is the Clinton Machine, they only understand one kind of language. I hope he continues his movement with working class people at its center.


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