Open Letter to Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton 

Dear Mrs. Clinton:

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Debbie Wasserman Schultz has just resigned from her post. It was a long time coming. She should have been gone over a year ago. We all knew what she was up to but it took an email leak to confirm without a doubt what Bernie Sanders supporters already knew and that he was subjected to a sustained effort of sabotage by the DNC. This was a sabotage of a special kind, it wasn’t just voter suppression, ballot manipulation by way of closed primaries but the good old dog whistling antisemitism – questioning if Sanders “believes in God”. For your own sakes, I hope that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, yourself and Sen. Tim Kaine show up at your respective places of worship every week, because anything short of that, you are the worst kind of hypocrites. You are no different than those Bible beating, gun toting people condemning everyone who don’t share their beliefs kind of people. I won’t even call them Christians because they defile what it means to be Christian.

Since Wasserman Schultz’s dismissal (resignation – whatever you want to call it, the truth doesn’t really matter here) from her post at the DNC, you’ve hired her to be part of your campaign. You must possess some kind of superhuman arrogance or just plain tone deaf. I get that you owe her a great debt. She’s shilled extra hard for you, to defend your indefensible positions and tell everyone until she is blue in the face on why you are the best person to be our next president.

Poll after poll shows that young people don’t trust you, they don’t like you, that you have a tenuous relationship with the truth. You are a warmonger with a trigger happy finger, especially with those drones. You destabilized regions to help your rich Arab friends. You especially have trouble with young women, women who really should be looking up to you, who should want to be like you, except they want nothing to do with you. And in the face of all this, you hire your clone-shill Debbie Wasserman Schultz to help run your campaign, in the hopes of getting you elected as our first woman president.

I am one of those ‘youngish’ woman who don’t like you, who wants nothing to do with you. To put it plainly and perhaps it’s a little crass, you are like that insufferable mother we can’t wait to get away from. That lying, emotionally manipulative mother who who whips out the martyr card when the occasion suits. Any disagreement we have with you automatically equals ungratefulness and ‘you have no idea what I went through so you can have all of this!’You are like the mother that we desperately want to love and admire but in the end must walk away from to save our sanity.

The thing is I used to like you, a lot. I looked up to you. You were a vast improvement from Nancy Reagan or Barbara Bush in the First Lady department. When you stayed with that cheating husband of yours and was criticized for it (you were painted as either a pathetic woman desperate to hang on to a man or a Lady Macbeth using your husband for your own political gain), I defended you and to this day, woman to woman, I respect your decision. It was no one’s business how you handle your private affairs. Whether you stayed with your husband or not didn’t make you any less of a woman or feminist and for what it’s worth, I still hold that view today. How we choose to handle our private lives is no one’s business.

The reason I cannot support you is your constant hypocrisy between your personal conduct and what you tell the public. You say you fight for women and children, but you were on the board of Walmart, one of the most anti-women and children organizations there is. They are anti-Union (which would go far to help working women), have a history of promoting men over women for important management positions, they punish pregnant women, pay wages so low that one-third of Walmart employees must access some type public assistance to survive. One of Walmart’s heirs, Alice Walton donated over $300,000 to your campaign, despite your protestations that you’ve cut ties with Walmart.

Your ties to Wall Street – what sage advice can you impart on Wall Street bankers that they feel compelled to pay you almost $300,000 for a thirty minute speech. And when it was requested that you release your speech transcripts you gave a slick Willy answer and up until today, no transcripts are forthcoming. They won’t be forthcoming now that you have the nomination. Those speech fees are political bribes, to make sure you don’t bring them ‘to heel’ when you become president. It was your husband who repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, which gave way to the rampant market speculation that brought down the economy in in 2008 – and along with it, millions of American lives were ruined and have yet to recover from (while your daughter Chelsea lives in a $10 million dollar penthouse in Manhattan – and she’s never had a real job in her life before, working for your ‘foundation’ doesn’t count, you gave her the job – and that special correspondent job at MSNBC – give me a break).

The punitive welfare reform and criminal justice reforms of your husband, which you wholly supported has wreaked havoc the lives of millions of people, and the most severely impacted are minority women and children. Oh the irony when the press dubbed your husband as the ‘first black president of the United States’ and by that same logic, you are about to become the first ‘black woman president of America’. The destruction he wrought to black lives is still unfolding, fifteen years after he’s left office. Many would say it’s not fair to hold you accountable for the policies of your husband and normally I’d agree, but you put yourself out there as a different kind of First Lady (not the cookie baking kind), you publicly supported the policies of your husband and remember that little comment about bringing child criminals, super predators to heel? Also, you also have significant donations from the private prison lobby, which is in their best interest to keep incarceration rates high so that they can ‘profit’ off of the suffering of other people.

Even the single-payer health plan, which was your original platform when you were First Lady. This was YOUR platform, it didn’t get past committee but it was so close, so when Bernie Sanders advocated Medicare for all, you should be jumping on board, after all this was your idea, but instead you denounced Sanders plan as not being practical without really saying why it’s not practical. You said that to expand Medicare would cause many to lose their current plans (or you told Chelsea to tell people that rather). In your debates you said that Obamacare is adequate, no it’s not, Obamacare is riddled with problems. Our coverage rate is 90% and you’ll ‘work on the 10%’ who are not covered. Newsflash: Obamacare is not a good plan, it solved some problems, but created many more, but most importantly, while it expanded coverage rate, it didn’t expand actual insurance coverage,  nor did it bring down the cost of premiums significantly. Deductibles are still high, we are still paying a lot for monthly premiums, and there are problems with doctors accepting health plans for those who are on state and federal exchanges. Obamacare never solved the problem of insurance companies making profit off of the illness of others. Until you do something about that, we will still have the same problems. The best way to take care of that is to expand Medicare to include everyone, not just those over 65. But will you do it? No, of course not.The insurance companies paid you off too.

Then there’s your ‘foundation’ which is funded in large part by the Saudi Royal family. The most rotten, corrupt and abusive family in the world is your ‘friend’ and ‘ally’. Their money reeks and not just of oil. Saudi women are some of the most oppressed in the world, they can’t even drive, they cannot go anywhere without the consent or accompaniment of another male relative or husband. Their human rights record is appalling, in the year 2016, they’ve hit a new ‘record’ and just executed their 100th prisoner, by the medieval barbaric method of beheading with a sword. Where is your sense of feminist or human rights outrage here? This is a country that still practices female genital mutilation, forced marriages, child marriages, honor killings and they practice and preach the most violent form of Islam which advocate murder of all non-Sunni Muslims and these people are your friends and allies? And you consider them appropriate allies of the United States? To be clear, the United States is not some ‘land of the free and home of the brave’ either, we have our own forces of oppression and our methods of oppression are more insidious (mass digital surveillance, curtailing of free speech and expression) but compared to that of Saudi Arabia, our lot is much better. You look the other way while Saudi Arabia and their Gulf allies wreak havoc in the Middle East. They’ve been bombing Yemen for over one year, Yemeni people are being starved to death, the humanitarian situation is one of the worse that we’ve ever seen – even when compared with Syria and we don’t hear about it on CNN. One of the worst human catastrophes is going on right now and we are deliberately being kept in the dark about it.

You destabilized Syria to help Israel, to break up the alliance of Hezbollah, Iran and Syria because these three alliances are against the Israeli and Western hegemony in the region. You deposed Qaddafi and his cache of chemical weapons and arms made its way to Syria, in the hands of ‘moderate’ rebels who just beheaded a Palestinian child, which the State Department calls a ‘mistake’ and money and weapons should not cease to go to these rebels as a result of this ‘mistake’. The French and US air forces just killed over 100 civilians in Manjibi in Aleppo in retaliation to the Nice attacks and again that was another ‘mistake’, no apologies, nothing. The ‘Free Syrian Army’ is a farce, the ‘moderate pro-Western opposition’ is a farce. The moderate opposition talk of slaughtering Alawites and Shias (their own fellow Muslims) and stealing their possessions because they don’t subscribe to the Salafist strain of poisonous Islam. If this is acceptable to you, then you are a war criminal. No, correction, you already are a war criminal. Your ‘Yes’ vote to invade Iraq was not a lapse in judgement as you and your ‘surrogates’ constantly say. And you accuse of anyone continuing to bring this up as being childish and stuck in early 2000s. The ‘Yes’ vote is the first crack in your mask of your true views on foreign policy, which is more hawkish than those of Richard Nixon. Again not surprising, since you consider Henry Kissinger a mentor and someone to be admired – a man responsible for many genocides in South East Asia. And another friend of yours, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said it was acceptable to have over 250,000 Iraqi children die as a result of sanctions meant for Saddam Hussein. Anyone who subscribes to and carries out collective punishment is a genocidal maniac. Yes, this was so 1990s, but I don’t care, I won’t forget it and I will bring it up over and over again. I bring it up as a tribute to the sorrow and sadness of the mothers who lost those 250,000 children; since no one in America bothered to mourned their deaths or even acknowledged the sadness of their families – they are just numbers on a page, I will. Then you sanctioned the total destruction of the Iraqi state whereby millions of civilians perished and now ISIS has stepped in the vacuum. All of this is just another ‘mistake’. Millions of lives lost, thousands of American soldiers died, many thousands more are injured or are suffering with permanent injuries and mental conditions – all for a ‘mistake’.

You call yourself a feminist but you are just a corporate imperialist feminist. Brown and black women overseas and in Central America are not part of your umbrella of feminist activism. You only care about women who look and sound like you, elite, upper class, identitarian neoliberal – even working class American women are excluded from your activism and your doling out of favors because they are ‘white’ and therefore benefit from white privilege – a social construct that is used to discuss racism and anti-black bias in America, which your supporters took and applied it to their own notion of what white privilege is, which is anyone who is white, without considering other factors, is by default privileged and therefore do not need to be under your umbrella of activism.

Your candidacy is a platform for the elites which you approve of, people who agree with you and who subscribe to your worldview, which in this present day is shrinking by the minute. You are not despised because you are a woman who dared to be ambitious – that is to be admired. You are not despised because you are a wife and mother who dared to have dreams and ambitions outside of your home, you are despised because you are corrupt and dishonest. You positions are hypocritical. You call yourself a feminist, but you helped destroy lives of women in this country and abroad. You claim to be anti-racist, but policies you supported created mass incarceration of Black and Latinos. You gave police departments unprecedented powers to incarcerate, harass, kill and maim Black people and other minorities.

So, instead of getting back in the good graces of the younger voters, you double down on your neoliberal agenda. Instead of staying clear and far away from the likes of Wasserman Schultz you hire her as your campaign advisor. To appease the Latino and minority voters, instead of a choosing a well qualified Latino or Black running mate, you choose another white neoliberal Tim Kaine – who is Catholic and speaks Spanish because he did charity work in Honduras. And he could technically be considered Latino because he attends church with a lot of Latinos? The same way your husband was the country’s first black president? Do you take Latinos for fools? Do you take all of us for fools? We are just going to fall in line and vote for you because you think it’s your turn at the presidency and because ‘you’ve paid your dues’? We all lined up at the polls for Obama because we believed Obama was going to bring a new era of progressiveness to American politics (another total failure on that front but that’s a whole other post). If you are successful in your endeavor at the top job of the land – the era of the Clinton Democrat will be born, and it’s going to have the same meaning and connotation as the Goldwater Republican – a phenomenon never allowed to be repeated again.


The Anti-Hillary Young-ish Voter


3 thoughts on “Open Letter to Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton 

  1. This lays out the case against Clinton fairly well. Trump is a monster so I won’t condemn anybody for voting for Hillary. I just her supporters would show me that same courtesy when I say I’m voting for Jill Stein. If you have to shame people into voting for your candidate, she/he probably wasn’t very good in the first place. As for Debbie Wasserman Schultz , she’s being replaced by Donna Brazile, who ran Al Gore’s miserable campaign in 2000, and is a lot more responsible for Bush being President than Ralph Nader (and at least he gave us seat belts).

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    1. Yes and you have to promote your candidate as ‘the lesser evil’ when compared to Trump – that’s a bigger problem. To brand all of your opponents as whatever-ist for not voting for HRC – is just sad and pathetic, it means her platform is no longer driving the campaign. Al Gore was a less than inspiring candidate, unlike Dubya, which according to Karl Rove was the perfect puppet to put out there, he had charisma, charming did was he was told without questioning it. I never looked deeply into the management failures of Brazile and Gore, but it wasn’t Nader’s fault that Gore lost the election. Gore lost his home state of Tennessee – granted it’s a red state but it’s pretty pathetic if you can’t swing your home state.

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