There was never going to be an indictment.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was not indicted. She will not get indicted. The FBI chose to not recommend to press charges and the Attorney General agreed. She is home free. The State Department ‘reopened‘ its investigation but it’s just another sideshow to the main shitshow. It will drag on until a few more months and miraculously, on the eve of the general election, she will be given the all clear again. After she’s elected president, they’ll open another investigation which will take years and then find that there is no grounds to recommend charges. It’s like the white cops killing unarmed black men and children, after all the investigations, no one is charged; though it’s with much sadness and regret that no charges will be filed.

This ’email scandal’ is a fake scandal, manufactured and propagated to distract from the real scandal; and that is Hillary Clinton is corrupt. She is corrupt because she has been bought and paid for by Wall Street, defense contractors, Wal-Mart, private prison corporations, corporate mass media and other big multinational corporations. She will be elected to serve them and their interests and occasionally, when the mood takes her, she’ll throw minorities, women, LGBT community a bone or maybe two. And when she does, she’ll be lauded as a president who ‘saved’ the country from itself.

While the mass corporate media was whipping itself up into a frenzy about how the Secretary of the State can be so careless as to set up her own private email server in the basement of her home, without oversight from the State Department, without taking the proper precautions to make sure her emails, especially emails containing classified information isn’t breached; Wikileaks has already hacked into the State Department leaked her emails to the public, which really renders the whole FBI investigation moot – if it’s aim is to stop classified materials being leaked to the public. So, if Wikileaks or anyone who has the tools and skills can hack her private email server and cables from the State Department, it clearly wasn’t secure to begin with and proper precautions were not taken to make sure this classified information isn’t breached. What’s more, anyone who has access to internet connection and a computer or smart device can read them. And they run from the mundane of asking her trusted aide Huma Abedin to establish the fax line to the more sinister of deliberately destabilizing Syria to help Israel. This leads to two conclusions: first – the State Department is so lax with their electronic security that they allowed this to happen or second, these emails were deliberately made to be hacked so the public can see what she’s up to. Either way, to spend resources on investigating something that is meant to be kept secret while it’s already available to the public is just moronic and they take Americans to be fools.

The real scandal is not the unsecured email servers. The real scandal is her deposing Qaddafi in Libya and the resulting mayhem and chaos that was left behind. Even the tragedy at Benghazi isn’t the real scandal, what happened in Benghazi is the direct fallout of deposing and having Gaddafi killed leaving Libya in a power vacuum which now terrorists have filled. She supported the war in Iraq, she was just Senator at the time but she voted Yes to invasion, an illegal invasion of a sovereign state. The invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya has led total breakdown and turned former functioning sovereign states into failed states.

The real scandal is her support for domestic policies of her husband which eroded the most basic safety net for the poorest of Americans, often single mothers and women of color; yet she considers herself first and foremost a feminist. Her support for a crime bill passed by Bill Clinton saw an exponential increase in mass incarceration of black and brown people. She supported right wing military coups in Central America, destabilizing a frail and impoverished region even further, causing millions of migrants to flee north to the United States, only to deport women and children back to the hell that she helped create.

And in spite of all this, her supporters, the #IAmWithHer horde of bots, those without an original idea of their own, Twitter Hill-bots, Hill-shills who write for Salon, Slate and Daily Kos some of whom are paid for by her Superpacs don’t seem to care. They just want to see a woman take the highest office in the land. Before the severity of her connections with Wall Street and unscrupulous corporations came to light, they defended any and all of her actions. The Iraq vote: it’s so 2002 – only childish people keep bringing this up, time to move on: not so fast, never, the illegal Iraq invasion destroyed a sovereign state and ruined millions of lives, and just the eve before Eid el Fitr – the most celebratory and holiest day in Islam – sort of like their Christmas, where people celebrate with huge feasts, buy new clothes, the biggest suicide bombing went off, killing almost 300 people, in a Shia neighborhood, ISIS claimed responsibility – more like boasted about their responsibility. The Iraqis – bless them, went back to the site on Eid el Fitr and prayed out in the open, for the dead and for themselves. About Libya – she was only responding to requests from Anti-Gaddafi rebels on the ground: no, actually, she was aiming to destabilize the whole region to help Israel. A lot of the chemical weapons in Libya made its way to Syria. Sending hardline Salafists and foreign fighters into Syria to aid the Syrian people in their grassroots uprising against Assad: nonsense, the US, Israel, Gulf States want Assad out of the way each for their own reasons, so much so that even mortal enemies, Gulf States and Israel have a tacit, under the table agreement to oust Assad. These are also countries that often hold protests which chant ‘Death to Israel’. But for the sole purpose of ousting Assad, they will be under the table friends allies.

When her crimes and corruption came to light, and it became impossible to defend without looking like a complete and total fool – the ‘lesser evil’ narrative came out of the woodwork. She’s the lesser evil than Donald Trump – perhaps, but only in detail. Before the first campaign event even kicked off, before Hillary Clinton even announced her candidacy, the establishment has already decided who the Democratic nominee will be and they, along with their cronies in the media, cronies in corporations and big businesses will do anything to make it happen. Then Bernie Sanders happened, an insurgency from the left, someone who presented a platform which appealed to the young people. Earning a living wage, at least $15 per hour, free college for state schools, single-payer health insurance and a candidate that represented all around decency. Clinton’s supporters went after Sanders and his supporters like they were the enemy of the establishment. When Sanders won 22 states, many were shocked, he was supposed to be a fringe candidate and exit from the main stage when the time came. His campaign may be over, but many of Sanders supporters have not jumped on the Clinton bandwagon, not like her supporters jumped on the Obama bandwagon in 2008.

So now we are back at where we started with the whole email non-scandal. She isn’t going to be indicted. The whole thing was a just a ruse, a subterfuge designed to obscure the real issues. The FBI as though following a script, didn’t recommend charges, albeit very reluctantly, and begin to detail how she didn’t hand over all of her emails and she wasn’t as cooperative as she made it appear and then the ominous ‘there’s lots more that we don’t know’; but in light of it all, we aren’t going to recommend charges.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations doesn’t exist to punish people of the establishment or the ruling class. They aren’t the police officers of the federal government, who are protecting and serving the people of this country. The FBI exists to oppress and to put down who they consider to be subversive groups. The drug war was a war on poor black and brown people, it was never about protecting communities from the scourge of drug abuse. If it were, they’d use the money spent on hunting down drug dealers and locking up non-violent offenders and spend it on drug treatment for addicts instead. The drug war created a whole industries of employment for law enforcement, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, investigators, private prisons and all that they employ and everything in between. At the same time it locked up millions of black and brown young men and women for non-violent drug crimes, destroying a whole generation. The FBI spied on Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X to get dirt on them to blackmail them. They shut down the Black Panthers, a left-wing black nationalist group with communist leanings. They infiltrated the Communist Party in the United States in order to expose and shut them down. They even spied on John Lennon for his anti-war protests. Yet when in 2008, when the Great Recession happened because of the actions of criminal bankers on Wall Street, crimes committed in broad daylight, under the guise of legality, where was the FBI and their investigators? This should be very easy to investigate, these crimes were committed in the open with plenty of paper and electronic trail and witnesses. Wall Street bankers lost trillions of dollars which belonged to American people (401K, pensions etc) and the government bailed them out. They squandered the money of American investors, foreclosed on their homes, while they had golden parachutes and still lived comfortably in their homes, where was the FBI? Bernard Madoff was only investigated because his sons turned him in, he swindled billions of dollars from his friends, charities and scores of smaller investors, and no one suspected a thing until his sons turned him in. The FBI like the local police, cannot be trusted to protect the average person.

Now that this shitshow is in full swing, investigation after investigation will take place but none of it going anywhere, not resulting in any charges or even recommendation of charges, wasting the taxpayer’s money to deflect from the real issues. This is what the next eight years will look like, we better fasten our seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

2 thoughts on “There was never going to be an indictment.

  1. It’s *a* scandal, perhaps the way Watergate was a “second rate burglary,” an onion you could peal back to reveal more layers. But in 1973 the ruling class was afraid of the people so they had to throw us a bone (namely Nixon). In 2016, they have things more under control. And Ford shut that whole process down when he pardoned Nixon anyway. Sadly, at this point in history, we’re stuck with a choice between the corrupt bourgeoisie and fascists. FWIW, I hope Hillary wins and Trump loses all 50 states. But I’m still voting for Jill Stein.

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