When a presidential campaign devolves into sex scandals. 

It only means two things when your enemies dig up dirt about your past, especially dirt which relates to extra-marital affairs. They are trying to embarrass you and your spouse if they are true and if they aren’t they are trying to rattle your cage and put you on the defensive to prove that you didn’t cheat on your spouse. Either way, it’s a desperate state of affairs. 

The only two viable candidates left in the Republican presidential race are now facing an existential fight to stay in the race. Currently Donald Trump is ahead but not ahead by as much as he would like. There are talks of a possible brokered or contested convention come summertime, which would mean, all of these primary results won’t mean anything. All those people who dragged themselves out to the polls on primary day have all just wasted their time. The delegates at the convention will choose their own presidential candidate for the general election, and it doesn’t even have to be someone who’s tossed their hat into the ring. Many rank and file Republicans are seriously considering this option as they’ve run out of all of them. The campaigns of their preferred candidates Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush were really over before they began. The couldn’t control the Trump circus and now their backup candidate is the right-wing, gun toting nut case Ted Cruz, who apparently, has had five extramarital affairs. This man, by his own description, is a devout evangelical Christian. His father, Rafael Cruz is a well known mega-church evangelical preacher. Persons with these kinds of backgrounds just scream for this type of scandal. They are either closest crack smoking homosexuals who solicit rent-boys when they aren’t writing their next sermon (Ted Haggard) or they are philandering hot messes (Jim Baker). The kinds of mistresses evangelical people tend to go after are usually women who are considered improper and ‘sinful’ in their strict Christian upbringing: escorts, strippers, non-devout Christian women, atheist women and the like. And these scandals usually ends the same way as well, they get dressed up in their Sunday best, get in front of their congregation, a hysterical display of weeping, full of remorse with their wife and children all standing there, ready to forgive him. 

Many blog and column inches have been dedicated to the odiousness of Donald Trump and how he’s just an oversized oompa-loompa running for president with a few catch phrases and slogans without any meaning or substance. Ted Cruz, as a result, has been overlooked in his different brand of odiousness. This man is repugnant in his own way. Firstly, about his race and his country of birth:  he was born in Canada to a Cuban father and American mother. He is what we classify as ‘an American Citizen born abroad’, which according the constitution should disqualify him from running for president, if it doesn’t disqualify him, there should at least a review process to see if he is indeed eligible to run for president. After all that uproar about president Obama not being born in this country and therefore is not a legitimate president. The silence on the birther conspiracies surrounding Ted Cruz is just another manifestation of racism from the American right. About Ted Cruz’s race, for all intents and purposes, he is passing himself off as red blooded, gun toting, game hunting, bible thumping white male but just happens to have the last name Cruz, a most Hispanic last name if there ever were one. He isn’t Catholic as most Cubans are, he is a Baptist (like his father), like most Southern white people are. Though not as vehemently anti-immigrant as Donald Trump, he’s not a bastion of inclusiveness either. With his pale complexion and long thin hook nose, he has threw in his lot with the whites. He has espoused their causes and adopted them as his own (guns, bibles and hatred of anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the above mentioned). Being mixed race myself, I find his actions totally disgusting and offensive on a personal level and wholly un-American on a professional level. He is every bit unfit to be president as Donald Trump.

Whether or not he had five extramarital affairs is beside the point and the least dangerous thing about Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz said he is a Christian first and American second. He has wild notions that the United States was founded on Christians values (it wasn’t), he is anti-women, anti Planned Parenthood and wants to repeal Obamacare, which for all of its shortcomings, has at least gotten 90% of people covered either with government subsidies or government sponsored health insurance programs. He wants to undo all that and kick the people who are currently on government sponsored health insurance off their plans to balance the budget. And when asked what would people do if they get sick and are uninsured? You pray to God, really – he said this. 

“There would be less cancer, less disease, and aids and diabetes in this country if people would simply pray. God blesses the righteous with good health and curses the immoral with sickness.” Ted Cruz – Speech to CPAC 2015

Cruz is also telling people to pray the gay away, he branded people with illnesses as immoral, because why else would they be sick. 

As a liberal, this is the greatest freak show on earth. I am not too enamoured with our front runner Hillary Clinton. I support Bernie Sanders (#FeelTheBern). The Republican Party has been on a self-destructive path ever since President Obama was elected in 2008. They are in an existential crisis and it’s caused some factions of the party to go completely ape-shit. A liberal erudite black man occupying the highest office in the land is just unfathomable to them. The fact that the country’s demographics are changing and by 2050 the US will no longer be a white majority country just scares them to death. The fact that black, brown, yellow and mixed raced people will fill the political and demographic landscape of this country is just too much for the right wing to bear. So, they are all acting crazy: writing bills on giving Chrisitan refugees priority over Muslim ones. Denying people born in America natural citizenship if their parents aren’t US citizens. States with Republican governors are refusing to sponsor refugees (which they’ve no authority to do, it’s a federal matter). Promising to build a wall when they know they can’t nor do have the authority to do so. In short, they’ve all gone bat shit crazy and it’s wonderful to watch. It’s the greatest show on earth. 

11 thoughts on “When a presidential campaign devolves into sex scandals. 

  1. Disagreement here:

    “Many rank and file Republicans are seriously considering this option as they’ve run out of all of them. The campaigns of their preferred candidates Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush were really over before they began. ”

    Rubio and Bush were the candidates of the elite. Like it or not, Trump is the preferred candidate of the Republican rank and file.

    Personally I don’t think Cruz was ever a viable candidate. Maybe he’ll come back in 2020 if Clinton wins but in 2016 it seems to me the Republicans will either united behind Trump or throw the race. We’ll see.

    As far as sex goes, I wish we could be more like the French and just yawn. Then again, maybe we are more like the French, at least Trump’s supporters. They don’t seem to care.


    1. I honestly have a hard tine believing trump is what they want. But more like resignation. And by rank file I meant the GOP elite… Any way you slice it. It’s a shit show. And I love it.


  2. Oh my god, that quote about praying? Is that true?! How ridiculous – I can’t believe America is entertaining somebody so awful and dangerous. That’s almost hilarious if it wasn’t such a serious situation


    1. Yes. This waste of space believes you pray everything away and God rewards the morally righteous. He said if people wanted contraception (which is what planned parenthood does – provides contraception and women’s health services) he’ll provide vending machines with condoms at every building.


  3. As a young person who is both an atheist, and leaning Republican it makes this stuff hard to deal with. I wish there were more outlets like my new blog: The Political Punk Dude, that show what real people think. Especially those of us who are young, socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Come check it out


  4. I hate it when politics gets personal. Trump’s attacks are disgusting. You said this could mean two things, but I’ll add one more. This things also happen when people like Trump don’t know what to talk about because they have no idea about public or foreign policy so they have to divert attention. A classic move on the part of an incompetent politician.

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