A Rant 


The generation after the Millennials have a designation – Generation Z. Also said to be the most diverse ethnically, 47% of Gen Z will comprise of ethnic minorities. My children fit this description. But Forbes Magazine chose Kylie Jenner as an “influencer” – a rich white girl who spends half of her days taking selfies or posing in age-inappropriate attire. This person is an influencer? Someone whose job is to market herself, someone with the intellect of a mop bucket, who chooses to not pursue higher education to fill that mop bucket is fit to be an influencer. She’s not even an entrepreneur or a business woman. Putting your name and face on products then flogging it and getting a cut isn’t entrepreneurship or running a business. Of all the potential Gen Zs out there – they chose that, a remnant of the Kard-trashian train wreck. This is another attempt at reinforcing the white supremacy. To have an overprivileged, surgically enhanced white girl to influence her generation which are 47% non-white, I see red.

I personally choose Malala Yousafzai as an influencer of Gen Z. She’s not white and at 18, she’s won a Nobel Peace Prize for promoting education for girls. She nearly died for this cause, she wears the scars on her face.  Kylie Jenner is throwing away her opportunity to a higher education in favor of taking selfies. I want my children to know Malala. I want Malala to be their influencer.

Rant over.

2 thoughts on “A Rant 

  1. I didn’t know Generation Z was a thing yet. But I Googled it and it is. What are people born after 2010? Generation A? Generation ZZ? Generations ZZ Top?


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