Dear Donald Trump Voters

Dear Donald Trump Voters:

If Trump keeps winning primaries at the rate he is going, he could very well be your next presidential candidate. This thought is scary but not for reasons that are often repeated by Trump-haters and the media.

Yes, he is a fascist, racist, misogynist and a bully but that’s not the real problem here. The real problem is that he is lying to you and you are believing his lies, lock, stock and barrel.

That wall he talks about building along the border with Mexico and have the Mexican government pay for it? Unless he overturns NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), a fortified border where no Mexican can get through is near impossible. Also, Mexicans are not the only people that uses the southern border freely. Many Americans also use the southern border to vacation in Mexico, get medical treatment which are not offered in the US or medical treatment which are offered in the US but are cheaper in Mexico. Many Americans use the southern border to flee crime and personal responsibilities like child support and alimony and all sorts of other illegal reasons. You don’t hear the Mexican government kicking up a shit storm about that. He then says he’ll force the Mexican government to pay for it, so we don’t have to spend the billions to build a useless wall. Based on what authority can he can “force” another sovereign nation to erect a wall? He didn’t clarify, except that he’ll make it happen.

The truth is the fate and history of the United States and Mexico’s are inextricably linked. Through centuries of colonialism, wars, land theft, plunder, cultural and human genocide of the indigenous populations in North and Central America, no borders tight enough or walls high enough could separate our mutual fates and interests. Mexico is doubly unlucky, they were first colonized by the Spaniards and then the Americans. Many indigenous languages written and spoken have been obliterated by Spanish colonial rule, and to add insult to injury, the Catholic Church just elevated Father Junipero Serra to sainthood. Father Junipero Serra was one of the people responsible for wiping out Mexican and North American indigenous cultures (and people). Father Serra’s main contribution to Catholicism is bringing Catholicism by force to North America, not so much for his benevolent acts. On the Catholic Church’s list of useless saints, Father Serra would rank close the top, after the saints that never existed in the first place.

Trump’s promise of detaining and then deporting every single illegal alien in this country if not an outright lie then it’s a fanciful tale. First of all, not all illegal aliens in this country are Hispanic, they are white (European), Asian and African. An illegal alien is not only someone who came to this country illegally without a visa, but also someone who overstays their visa. To deport over 11 million people will require the due process which our immigration courts are not equipped to handle, never mind the $400-600 billion price tag. It will cost more to deport them than to let them live here in the shadows or create a path to citizenship. As president, there aren’t enough executive orders he can write to deport this many people. I won’t even get into his lies about how people from Mexico bring their problems with them. Study after study has shown immigrants do not commit more crime than legal citizens and residents. Mexicans and other low-skilled immigrant laborers do not ‘steal’ jobs from white people. Mexicans do not use or abuse the welfare system more than other people. The majority of recipients of food stamps are white people, followed by black people and then Hispanics and Asians.


One last thing about Mexicans and jobs, it is very likely that a lot of the maid service staff and construction workers who work for Trump’s ghastly and vulgar hotels are staffed by illegal immigrants. So, on top of being a xenophobe and racist, he’s also a hypocrite.

Not satisfied with singling out Mexicans for scorn, after the Paris attacks in November in 2015, he moved on to Muslims. He called for banning all Muslims entering this country, even war refugees, and all Muslims currently traveling on US passports be denied re-entry to their country of citizenship (and birth for some). First of all, he cannot ban a US citizen from returning to the US, regardless of their religion, that’s unconstitutional. Secondly, a passport doesn’t state your religion or ethnicity, only your country of birth. Also, having a Muslim sounding name doesn’t mean one is Muslim. A Muslim can be called Stephen Jones.

Middle and working class white America is suffering. And the pain is real. There seems to be no end to that pain. Industrial jobs are gone. Good paying skilled jobs are gone. They’ve either gone overseas where there’s no union to deal with or the jobs have been replaced by computers and robots. But the Mexicans didn’t cause this. The Mexicans didn’t steal your good paying factory jobs. The corporation owners relocated to Mexico and Asia to get away from paying you a decent wage. It is the the likes of Donald Trump and his ilk which caused you to lose your job and your standard of living. It’s Wall Street playing with people’s money that ran the economy into the ground. The same Wall Street who is good friends with Donald Trump.

Muslims and ISIS are not dangerous to the immediate safety of the US. It’s the gun wielding psychopaths who wouldn’t hesitate to shoot up a school, shopping mall, movie theater or any public place that poses the most immediate personal danger. It is people like Dylann Roof and his ilk who is dangerous to Americans. Trigger happy and racist police officers are dangerous to Americans, especially black and hispanic Americans. The same police that Donald Trump shows full support to, who he sings praises about, who he will use to turn on you, should you get out of hand.

Donald Trump is only telling you what you want to hear. He is pandering to your basest instinct, your id. He is saying all of the things you wish you can say out loud and get away with it. He’s acting like that inappropriate uncle during Christmas or Thanksgiving who tells racist and sexist jokes and everyone has a good laugh.  He also has a serious case of the savior syndrome. He wants to save white America from going to hell. He’s going to save you all by kicking out all the Mexicans, by keeping out the Muslims and controlling how China does business with the rest of the world. He has no concrete ways of doing these things besides saying he’ll do them. Donald Trump has tapped into the collective fear and anxiety of your precious country being taken over by non-white people. The election of President Obama threw middle white America into an existential crisis, some believed the End was near. On the one hand, you wanted to see progress and improvement in racial equality, but having a black president was one progress too much. You associate your decline in standard of living with President Obama, but Obama didn’t cause the recession. Obama didn’t send men and women in uniform into war in the Middle East and bleeding trillions of dollars overseas when that same money should have been used to improve lives in America (he did continue the wars and that’s disappointing). Obama didn’t cause the housing bubble or the final collapse of the automobile-making industry. All of this was done by white people, a white person you probably elected, George ‘Dubya’ Bush.

Kicking out all the Mexicans, building a fence on the southern border and banning Muslims from entering the United States won’t improve your lot in life. Even if Donald Trump personally employs you in his organizations wouldn’t improve your lot in life either. He’s just like every CEO out there, seeking to cut the cost of labor to maximize his own profits. Donald Trump is tapping into your insecurities and worst fears and then he says he’ll fix it. He is using you to get into the highest office in the United States, not because he’s some patriot or has a desire to be in public service. Becoming president of the United States of America is just another notch on his belt, so that he can order new stationery that reads “Donald J. Trump, President of the United States”. He has no real desire to help anyone or help America. He isn’t interested in “Making America Great Again”, he’s interested in making himself great. And you are all indulging him, you are letting him make a mug out of you.

The former leader of the KKK David Duke came out in support and endorsement of Donald Trump, saying all white people who don’t support Trump is “treason to your heritage”. Trump has rejected his endorsement, but the fact that KKK is using Trump for their recruiting campaign is concerning. Does conservative white America want to stoop this low? Do you want to associate the conservative movement with the Klan?

The field of Republican candidates is less than inspiring, I am not here to tell you who to vote for. If I am honest, Hillary Clinton is less than inspiring herself and while Bernie Sanders has a lot of good ideas, but he fact that he identifies as a “social democrat” will scare off a lot of people as most people don’t know the difference between a social democrat and a socialist (Google can answer this but I digress). I am only here to say Donald Trump is not your answer. Voting for him will only worsen your lot in life, not improve it.

4 thoughts on “Dear Donald Trump Voters

  1. It was actually Polish illegal immigrants who built the Trump Tower.

    As far as the biggest problem with Trump it’s exactly that he’s a fascist, racist, misogynist and a bully, not that he’s a liar. Obama is a liar but I’d still take him over Trump.

    The rest of your article actually proves Trump is basically a fascist. He’s not lying so much as he’s scapegoating, blaming Mexicans and others for the problems of capitalism. I think his supporters also know he’s lying. But like Hillary’s supporters, they don’t care. They’re fascists too.

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    1. Re: It was actually Polish illegal immigrants who built the Trump Tower. – I mean the construction of all of his ghastly buildings.
      About lies: telling your voters you can and will deport 11 million plus people when you know it’s not feasible nor possible is lying without the scapegoating and blaming.
      Scapegoating and blaming foreigners for our problems is another lie in the form of scapegoating.
      About his supporters, if you watch him in some of the smaller cities in Iowa or SC, I think they really believe him…


      1. I think his supporter hear “he’d like to deport 11 million Mexicans” not necessarily “he will deport 11 million Mexicans.” It’s similar to abortion. Republicans vote year after year for candidate who promise to repeal Roe vs. Wade but never do. What they actually accomplish it to progressively cut back the availability of abortion year after year. I think Trump’s followers hope he does the same thing on immigration.


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