Reading Mein Kampf (1925)

A fellow blogger actually read and reviewed Mein Kampf. The review is excellent. It’s like nothing I’ve ever read about Mein Kampf. It’s one of the most reviled and equally discussed books yet I know not one person who’s read it cover to cover. Myself included. And I’ve no desire to read even out of curiosity, and I am a very curious person.
Stanley Rogouski has read this book. It’s God-awful in every way. It’s devoid of artistry or even any attempt of artistry just like the author himself (Hitler, not Stanley).
For all of Hitler’s boasting of the Aryan race and Aryan values, he was sorely lacking in all that he exalted. He was neither blond, nor tall, nor thin nor good looking. Hitler looked like an oversized ommpa loompa. But all that is beside the point, the Aryan race was a boogeyman created to serve the Nazi aim.
For everyone who is curious just what the hell is in Mein Kampf, read this and you’ll never need to pick up the book. Stanley has summarized the whole Nazi creed in this essay, where Hitler needed 525 pages, Stanley just needs a few thousand words.

Writers Without Money


Is there any other nation so completely identified with one man as Germany with Adolf Hitler? We don’t necessarily think of Napoleon when we think of a Frenchman or Mussolini when we think of an Italian. Winston Churchill, a bombastic liberal imperialist and wildly overrated military leader, has gone done in history mainly because of his opposition to the Nazis. That American historians regularly conduct poll about who was the “greatest president” is proof that there is no one representative American head of state. When we imagine the typical German, on the other hand, we don’t conjure up Luther or Goethe, Beethoven, Mozart, Karl Marx, or Frederick the Great. Adolf Hitler has taken the entire history of a great nation, and swallowed it whole.

The American misconception that Hitler was “Austrian not German” points to some of the reasons why. Unlike the British or the French, the Germans do not…

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