Left-wing apologists do no favors for the rights of refugees

Syrian refugee protesting Cologne attacks. Source: Facebook

So it’s happened, as someone of the extreme political right would say, this culture clash of East v. West, civilized and uncivilized, regressive v. progressive, the fundamental incompatibility of people from conservative Muslim societies and Western societies. People from Muslim countries do not respect women, especially white women and have no qualms about attacking white women in an open public square. These are the kind of people we are giving asylum to, these backward, uncouth, ingrates here to take from us and to live amongst us. On top of bringing themselves, they bring their dreck with them as well.

Let me preface this by saying, if prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, then rape and sexual assault has got to be the oldest crime against humanity, specifically, the female side of humanity. Rape is not specific to any race, religion, country or ethnicity. Every single country contains rapists. Every religion is also against rape and considers it a heinous crime. There is not one religion that condones or tolerates rape. But there is a difference on how different countries and societies across the globe treat rape as a crime (or not). In India, unless the rape is horrifically graphic, where the victim had to get airlifted to Singapore to get treatment, it gets no coverage (the victim died as a result of her injuries). In many conservative societies, rape is a taboo subject not for public consumption. It is not openly discussed or debated. Rape is quietly acknowledged and victims rarely see or seek justice in courts. Even in the United States, where rape and rape culture is discussed and debated ad nauseum, in reality very few rape cases ever get charged or brought to trial which result in a conviction and the rapists goes to jail.

The assaults which took place on NYE in Cologne, Germany were horrific as it was done on a mob like scale, in the middle of the city square of an ancient European city, dotted with ancient gothic cathedrals on one of what should be one of the most celebratory nights of the year. To date, there are over 500 of reported cases of assault where women lost their undergarments, cell phones and money. In some attacks, women were surrounded by mobs of men and separated from their friends. The police on site, which are always more than usual because it’s NYE could not cope with all complaints and had to disperse the crowds using water canons, not exactly a good way to end NYE.  Cologne represents Catholicism in Germany, a beautiful ancient city seemingly untouched by time even though Germany has been through two World Wars. It is Germany’s fourth largest city and it’s a city with a healthy mix of different ethnicities and minorities. Their largest minority (not counting the current people waiting for approval for refugee asylum) are Turkish, followed by Italians and people from other parts of the EU and they have a significant Iraqi and Iranian population as well. So, this is not a small town or hamlet in the German countryside where most of the residents are white or ethnically German and so are prone to suspicion or dislike of people who don’t look and sound like them.

The Mayor of Cologne and the Cologne police chief downplayed the incidents, especially about the origin of the attackers, which most of the victims said were of North African and Arab origin (basically they were brown and not white). Since Chancellor Angela Merkel threw open her doors to Syrian refugees, about 1.1 million people have entered Germany since the summer of 2015. Many claim to be refugees though not all are from Syria. Besides some fascist far-right fringe people, most Germans were kind and welcoming but also cautious about what their chancellor had done. Many Germans met refugees at train stations and brought them blankets, basic necessities and toys and candies for the little ones. Many Germans volunteered in refugee intake centers to help refugees. You compare that to the scorn Viktor Orban’s government shown to the refugees, the generosity and kindness of the Germans was moving to see.

However, not long after this initial swell of goodwill and generosity, there were whispers of ‘men of North African or Arab origin’ assaulting women and girls in refugee shelters. Women reported not feeling safe in refugee centers, they are afraid to visit the facilities at night and sleep in their day clothes. The German police were well aware of these but they chose to not make a big deal about it because they didn’t want to inflame an already volatile political situation at home and across the EU. There is already Viktor Orban and his ilk foaming at the mouth, Germany didn’t need to add fuel to that particular fire. The government was accused of hushing up rape allegations in favor of political stability, especially in the beginning months. Surprisingly, many Germans are quite level headed and agreed with this, but only to a point.

With public opinion hardening on the refugee influx, German authorities appear anxious to avoid giving extreme-right groups any opportunity to stir up hostility towards migrants, many of whom are Muslims including those fleeing the Syrian civil war.


But police union chief Rainer Wendt said he believed that authorities in Germany’s federal states, which are responsible for housing asylum seekers, were playing down the problem of assaults on women in the shelters.

Fast forward to NYE of 2015, the mob assaults in Cologne, it was not an incident the police or anyone could play down. Also, the victims in the NYE assaults are white German women, not other refugee women and they weren’t going to keep quiet. Originally the Mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker wanted to calm down the public outrage,  refused to confirm the majority of attackers of of North African or Arab origin, even though this was the account of the victims. And she went one step further, she suggested a ‘code of conduct’ for women in her city,

Her proposed guidelines included sticking to a group of trusted acquaintances, asking for help from others and informing the police. But it was her suggestion that women should keep at “an arm’s length” from strangers that has triggered most outrage on social media, with the phrase turned into a hashtag – #EineArmLaenge– on Twitter. Thousands of messages have been posted using the phrase.

The main charge being made against her online was that Reker was blaming the victims for their behaviour, rather than the attackers themselves.

Henriette Reker is one of those loathsome left-wing apologists, who will go so far to tell victims of rape to be more careful themselves rather than crackdown on perpetrators. The normally calm and levelheaded Germans took to the streets and mocked their mayor as they should.

When refugees came to Germany, Chancellor Merkel made it very clear that German laws, norms, customs and traditions are to be followed and that assimilation and integration is a requirement. Frau Merkel does not believe in ‘multiculturalism’ a la British style, where whole neighborhoods consist of people of Asian backgrounds and they carry on their lives and traditions as though they were still in their home country but with first world amenities. Merkel called this a “grand delusion”, where every culture has equal importance, living in their own communities, carrying on, oblivious to the host culture. That is a big fat ‘nein’ for Frau Merkel.

“Those who seek refuge with us also have to respect our laws and traditions, and learn to speak German. Multiculturalism leads to parallel societies, and therefore multiculturalism remains a grand delusion.” – Chancellor Angela Merkel

Merkel views her policy of accepting refugees as a “humanitarian imperative” not a free for all handout where you can come to Germany and do what you like. It’s not clear if the refugees entering or have already entered Germany got this memo.

What is more galling about leftist apologists is their tendency to well, apologize for and explain away our fundamental cultural differences and turn the problem around on the Western foreign policy, Western imperialism and Western colonization. It insults the intelligence of the people. This type of apologizing doesn’t solve any problems, it merely sweeps the problem under the carpet and create more resentment and give right-wing anti-immigration groups more ammunition to spew their hatred. It can even create resentment amongst moderate and liberal Westerners who are open minded to immigration. There is nothing more frustrating or irritating than government downplaying serious issues, such as sexual assault, racism, discrimination etc., hoping it will go away on its own. It never goes away on its own, just look at the racism issues in America today, we’ve been trying to deal with it by not acknowledging it for over 150 years.

According to a survey done of Muslims around the world in 2013 about their attitudes towards women and a lot of it isn’t pretty:

There really is a cultural gulf between rich, liberal, secular Europe and some of the countries from which recent migrants come. It is impossible to conduct surveys in Syria right now, for obvious reasons, but a 2013 Pew poll of Muslims around the world makes sobering reading. More than 90% of Tunisians and Moroccans believe that a wife should always obey her husband. Only 14% of Iraqi Muslims and 22% of Jordanians think a woman should be allowed to initiate a divorce. And although Arab societies take a harsh view of sex crimes, women who venture alone and in skimpy clothing into a public space in, say, Egypt can expect a barrage of male harassment.

-The Economist

I wonder where is the left-wing PC brigade’s outrage on these antediluvian attitudes? Where is their condemnation of sexim and  misogyny, their two favorite topics to accuse people of? Surely the above described can’t be ascribed to Western colonialism or imperialism, since it’s already established that rape occurs everywhere and therefore not imported or exported. Where is PC brigade’s tirade about how Westerners get to live the way we wish to live, in our own countries. Oh Right – our rights don’t  matter because we were conquerors once. We must spend the rest of our existence apologizing and excusing for even the most heinous crimes committed on Western women.

So, let’s declare a few facts here:

It is a FACT that Middle Eastern and Muslims societies are all around more conservative than the West.

It is a FACT that Muslim women and Muslim social attitudes towards women are far less permissive and lax than the West. Single men and women rarely socialize together. Social dating in the Western sense where you get to know someone prior to marriage or getting to know many someones before deciding which guy is the one is generally not acceptable or permissible. Marriages are usually arranged and courtships are conducted under the full supervision of parents.

It is a FACT sex before marriage for both sexes is not acceptable, but it’s more strict when applied to girls. Whereas in the West,

European women cherish their rights to wear what they like, go where they like and have sex or not have sex with whom they please. No one should be allowed to infringe these freedoms.

Because Muslim men and women do not socialize together until they are married, and 70% of asylum seekers in Germany are men, many of the single men, they haven’t a clue how to socialize normally with girls who isn’t family.

Migrants are no more likely to commit crimes than natives. But it would be otherworldly to pretend that there is no tension between the attitudes of some and their hosts.

And as uncomfortable as this sounds, it is also a FACT that some (and I emphasize some) Muslim men see white women as fair game, as meat, available to assault, for the fact that we are Westerners and do not adhere to the same strict sexual conduct as Muslim women do. They fuck white girls but marry Muslim girls. Many left-wing apologists love to deny this and accuse people of being racists when they bring up this point. Not many Muslims have these attitudes, but some do and to deny it is the same thing as denying that racism exist or the existence of rape culture.

In 2012, in Rochdale, UK, police uncovered Asian (Pakistani descent) gangs grooming white girls for sex using drugs and alcohol and even trafficking and selling them by passing them around to their friends, some were as young as 14 or 15. The shock was not the discovery. The shock was the police, social services and other authorities already knew about this but were reluctant to press charges and call it for what it is which is the deliberate grooming of vulnerable white girls by Asian gangs. They were afraid of being called racists, for singling out Asian gangs of men.

The new, Asian-led grooming is being done mostly by large numbers of men acting as a group.

Such men regard their victims with contempt – “easy” girls, often in care or on `at risk` registers, whose early isolation from school and family has already turned them to drink, drugs or both.

One of the men on trial in Liverpool summed up this attitude when he said: “You white people train them in sex and drinking, so when they come to us they are fully trained”.

The PC brigade decried the implication that this was an Asian gang deliberately grooming and trafficking underage, vulnerable white girls by plying them with drugs and alcohol. They spun it into (as usual); it’s not about race, being Asian or white but that some men have these attitudes towards women. Perhaps, but white gangs grooming underage white girls are few and there are definitely no white gangs grooming underage Muslim girls. This is specifically Asian gangs of men, deliberately grooming white girls, and it’s the vulnerable white girls who are in foster care and cut off from their families, whom they refer to as “easy” girls because no one cares where they are. They didn’t go after middle-class white girls where her father is a solicitor or investment banker. This is the result of ‘multiculturalism’, people afraid to tell the blatant truth that is punching them in the face, for fear of looking racist.

The UK, well known for its PC culture, which even exceeds the US in some ways, where respected professors have lost their tenure for making a ‘sexist’ joke on a different continent. Where a solicitor tweeted to all her followers because some random guy who wanted to headhunt her complimented her headshot on her Linkedin profile, she declared him a sexist pig and shamed him publicly yet no one dared to tell these people to “get a life or sense of humor”. The overly PC people who take offense at everything they hear and if you don’t agree when them then you are sexist, racist or whatever else -ist they can come up with. It’s just another form of tyranny, dictating to people how tolerance should be practiced. How not offending people’s sentiments take precedence over the truth.

For Germany to pretend that letting over one million people in the country, during a short time, however noble the intention is, and to think no consequences, social or otherwise will result is naive.

In any given large group of people, such as 1.1 million refugees, there will be bad apples. To assume that all of them will be grateful for Germany’s largess and will behave in a lawful and decent manner is unrealistic. If every family has at least one bad apple, then what about the bad apples in 1.1 million people?

Since the attacks on NYE, Syrian refugees took to the streets in Germany, condemning the attacks on women on NYE. They started Facebook pages denouncing the attacks and showing their solidarity with Germany. Some men were handing out flowers to women passersby when they were protesting. Syrian Refugees were seen handing out this letter, translated into German to people on the streets of Cologne:

We, men from Syria, condemn in the strongest possible terms abuse against women and the attack and robberies on New Year’s Eve.

We regret that women were injured, physically and in their honor. We hope that they will recover well and soon from these attacks.

We hope that the perpetrators of these criminal acts will be found and punished.

Our cultural values were trampled by these crimes. Those values include respect for women and men, respect for bodily integrity, and respect for personal property.

We Syrians have come to Germany as refugees, because we want to live freely in this democratic society. We want to shape, to speak, and to live democracy.

We regret that the acts on New Year’s Eve have brought our group — a group of Syrians, a group of refugees and of other Arab or North African people — and our culture into disrepute.

We’ve fled an inhuman war, in order save our lives and our ability to remain human. We want peace and security and the opportunity to provide for our families through work.

Let’s hope this bit of humanity makes into the international news cycle. This reaction from law abiding Syrians, is every bit as newsworthy as the attack themselves. This is the silent majority, the good decent people trying to make their way in Germany, to put down new roots and create new lives. It’s one thing to punish the perpetrators and make it your main agenda but to ignore the scores good people trying to do right is doing the refugees a disservice.

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