#MadMenFinale – The Women of Mad Men

I miss the ladies of Mad Men too. Here’s to good riddance to a bygone era.

Thoughts From my Kitchen

The women of Mad Men were each triumphant and tragic in their own way. They were triumphant over sexism, misogyny and other tragedies which befell them. The women fared better than the men and each in their own way found their own happy ending.

The most prominent female character is Betty Draper Francis, even though her scenes in the show dwindled when divorce from Don Draper became final. But because her character was such an embodiment of the era that every scene Betty Draper Francis told a deeper story. Betty Draper Francis was Don Draper’s first wife, and arguably first love for them both. Betty Draper was a typical woman of her time. She went to college more to find a husband than for scholastic reasons. Though her major was anthropology, she was never going to go to Papua New Guinea to study the aboriginal peoples there, she learned to speak Italian…

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