“White people, you did this. I don’t care if you’ve never set foot in the state of Ohio. I don’t care if you were mortified by the video of Tamir’s murder. I don’t care if you cried and reached out to your black friends. I don’t care if your children are black. You are responsible for this.

Each and every one of you did this. Save your tears. Rally your fucking people! Demand the change. Prove all that shit y’all are in our inboxes and texts saying. Stop talking about and be about it. Stop asking us what you can do to fix this problem and fix it.

A 12-year-old is dead and no one is being held accountable. That’s the only conversation I’m willing to have. It’s the only conversation I can afford to have right now because I definitely can’t afford a black dress. I can’t afford the undying rage burning inside me. I can’t afford white apathy, white savagery, white supremacy and black docility. I can’t afford one more hashtag. I can’t afford the indignity.” – La Sha


They say George Stinney, at 14, was the youngest person ever executed by the state. Tamir Rice now holds that distinction. He was 12. Above all else, that fact matters. He had just 12 birthdays before his life ended. If it had been cancer or some other chronic ailment, we’d all mourn the tragedy. Since he was murdered by the epidemic diseases of white apathy and police brutality, though, the mourning for this baby is up for debate.

Black people, we failed to stop this too many times before. I don’t mean marching and begging like we do every time one of ours is murdered by cops. We’ve done that for decades. We’ve tried to appeal to an invisible conscious. We’ve demanded the snuff videos be released to the public again and again. And we’ve literally watched our own die, only to have what we thought was an indisputable account…

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