Update: Let’s Help the New Syrian-Americans

So, in putting my money where my mouth is, I’ve contributed to this CrowdRise campaign organized by the actor Edward Norton. When he read about the story of ‘The Scientist’, it moved him to start a crowdfunding campaign to help this family.

I contributed a very small sum, about how much it would cost us for our Christmas ham and it was donated on behalf of my family, specifically my children and how lucky they are and they are to share their blessings with people who are less fortunate. I’ve gone through all of our clothing and bagged all the presentable ones and I will donate them to Syrian refugees. I will also ask each of my children to gift one of their Christmas gifts to another refugee child in need.

The donations is to go towards his medical treatment, he currently has stomach cancer which he needs surgery on stat. His surviving daughter still has shrapnel stuck in her neck from the explosion that blew up his house and killed his family, his son needs psychiatric and psychological help as he’s suffering from the trauma of watching his mom and his other sister being blown to bits.
There are restrictions on what the funds may and may not be used for, I am finding out more details on that and will report as soon as I know. I’ve inquired but I haven’t gotten replies back yet. And any leftover funds from the fundraiser will go towards the other 11 Syrian refugee families featured on Humans of New York.

As of right now, $421,292 have been raised. Most of these donations are small sums from $10-$50. It shows the true generosity of the American people. The REAL Americans (not the Sarah Palin kind), the kind of Americans who help others in need and give what little they have to others. I’ve also been in touch with residents of Troy, Michigan (where ‘The Scientist’ is to be resettled) to see when they are arriving and what else they need besides money to help them transition to become Americans.


Thoughts From my Kitchen

I’ve been rendered speechless. I am rarely speechless. The mass shootings at San Bernardino, California, not too far from where I live and the response of Donald Trump to ban all Muslims entering the country and the rank and file GOP doubling down saying they will support whoever the Republican candidate for president will be, regardless of who it is. These three things happening in sequence have rendered me speechless. I am rarely speechless.

Despite House Majority Leader Paul Ryan, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders denouncing Donald Trump’s views, they fall short of saying they will not support him should he become Republican nominee for president. This to me is tacit agreement with Donald Trump. This is just asking Donald Trump to be their hit man and they hide behind this bigot like cowards.

I remember the actress and comedienne Rosie O’Donnell saying she fell…

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