An Anti-Abortion Message on my Dining Room Table

This landed on my dining room table

ANTI ABORTION 2I found the above on my dining room table today. Visiting relatives went Mass at a local parish and the church was getting collections to support local Pregnancy Centers and Women’s shelters.

The collection and message was good enough until I read what the end of the paper said:


Just as I wrote in my previous post about the Catholic church and attempts at influencing the legislature to write laws in the Catholic way, this shows up on my dining room table. I’ve no problems with the church’s views on abortion even if they choose to call it an ‘intrinsic evil’, and they’ve every right to hold that view, but the secular should remain separate from the religious.

This fundraising idea is clever and cute, using a baby bottle to demonstrate the point. It also implies that if you give unwed mothers the financial support and resources they need, they will automatically choose life. As if women only chose abortion due to lack of financial resources to raise the baby. The view which, as long as she has her baby, holds it in her arms, she will know what a gift this little precious life is and will have no more regrets (the only one being that she considered the abortion at all). If only life were that simple. I’ve got no problem with the teachings of the message until it says ‘Keep the unborn in mind whenever you vote.’ I hate to break it to them, but most voters have more pressing issues than potential unborn babies when they go to the polls.

In my many years of church attendance and when there’s an election coming up, the presiding priests always tells the congregation how to vote (citing its ‘our’ conscience we should vote on) one way or another on certain initiatives and candidates, most have to do with gay marriage or the abortion/contraceptives issue. I always ignore them as I do not need anyone telling me how to vote on issues. I can decide on my own, vote my own conscience and be able to sleep at night. I still remember the uproar caused when Obama won his first election. You had panicking priests (grown men in robes) and their lay minions fearmongering about the liberal Obama and he was going to allow unrestricted abortions and hand out contraceptives like candy. I actually called them out for using the abortion and contraceptives issues as a smokescreen for the real issue, which is his race. A liberal black man in the White House is doom for the Catholic church. I got quite in a bit of trouble for that. I think I called someone a white supremacist (I said ‘This is the view of certain white supremacists’ or something to that effect), it was a rather old lady and she looked like she was about to faint.

I naively thought that people were smart enough to make up their own minds on who to vote for and how to vote on initiatives, until I overheard certain parishioners talking amongst themselves about how they will take the ‘recommendation’ of the priest. I then realized what kind of trouble we are in as nation.

‘Intrinsic evil’ is not abortion. Abortion is  many things but intrinsic evil isn’t one of them. To shame women who have either thought about getting an abortion or have had an abortion and then to call them ‘evil’ is nothing short of Middle Ages tactics where the church was selling condolences.

It never fails to blow my mind when they have pedophile priests running around, some are hiding in some cloistered monastery to avoid law enforcement and that’s not an ‘intrinsic evil’.

Unless the Catholic church has a convincing and concrete plan on how they plan to address the pedophile and sex abuse issue, nothing they say about any other issue, especially the one about abortion and contraceptives will mean a thing to me. It’s all a massive scheme to deflect attention from the real rotting apple in the Vatican (and it’s not abortion).

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