The Dismal State of the Elections

As someone who is normally politically engaged, this most recent presidential election campaign has left me bitterly disappointed, not for lack of entertainment. There’s plenty of it. You’ve got racists, misogynists and Bible beaters all rolled up in one. I normally love to comment and opine about various candidates and the stances they take on the ‘issues’ but taking a cue from another fellow blogger: The Politics of Writing, silence is golden in this case. I do not want to contribute to the crazy train that is already in motion. I especially do not want to give the person whose name rhymes with Ronald Dump any more publicity than he already has.

On the Democrat side, all the viable candidates if not fighting off their own email scandals are in a holding pattern, as is the wise thing to do. There’s no point attacking every ridiculous thing any Republican candidate says when he or she won’t be there the next day. It would only serve as a game of whack-a-mole and risk foot-in-mouth. I thought I would enjoy the circus act unfolding on my nightly news but I really don’t. I feel disappointed that America, the country I grew up in has become like this. A place where Ronald Dump is a viable candidate for a president. Which then leads me to the next point, the reason why he’s polling so well is because he is behaving like the uncle who isn’t afraid to say out loud what everyone else is thinking. The things he says about Mexicans and immigrants, aging women or anyone who displeases him is what everyone who had the guts and didn’t need to care about the repercussions would love to do. And this is who we have running for president, the pervy uncle at Thanksgiving.

Judging by the Dump’s poll numbers, it can very well mean that the guy that is in line with me getting Starbucks may think that way too and that’s a sobering and sad thought. As a country, instead of progressing on issues of race and tolerance, we are regressing. At a time when race relations are so important, tolerance and acceptance is so important, we have presidential candidates taking away the rights of women to choose abortion or not, fat shaming women, age shaming women, using Christianity and the Bible (a religion I belong to as well) to demean, oppress and take away people’s rights. I do not recognize this version of America.

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