Personal post: a quick rant on “immigrants stealing jobs,” by an immigrant

A worthwhile read on whether immigrants take the jobs of locals.
“Lots of people like to say that immigrants take British jobs. Let me tell you something. I defy any of you to spend a week in the jobs that British recruiters set aside for immigrants.”

WebDevLaw blog

I’m just going to put this out there.

When I first moved to the UK one of the conditions of my marriage visa was that I obviously had to be in regular and steady employment. While engaging in job searches from dusk til dawn, I registered with eleven different recruitment agencies in Glasgow city centre. Although at the time I had just come out of a role as an executive assistant to a CEO in Washington, I knew I was never going to have anything like that job again and I wasn’t picky. I was happy to accept any role – junior admin work, typing, anything – to get my foot in the door and some experience under my belt. It took three months for any one of those eleven recruiters – Hudson – to offer me any crap job at all. Officially that job was working as a PA…

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