The March of Shame

This is a beautiful blog post by a Greek national, about the lack of humanity in some of the responses of the European countries. This is written by a Greek, who as a population are suffering desperately with their own economy and high unemployment rate. The Greeks are paying extortionate and punitive VAT for basic goods, the pensions for the elderly and retired people have halved, their country will probably be in debt for the rest of their existence unless part of their current debt is written off, they are having to sell their national treasures, invaluable works of art which withstood centuries (even survived the Nazis) to satisfy their debt to Germany, which is cruel beyond words. Their unemployment rate is above 20%, youth unemployment is hovering at 50%, there is a massive brain drain as all the educated Greeks with skills are going abroad to find work, and yet this Greek Blogger, ‘The Irate Greek’ can find compassion in her heart for people more unfortunate than her.

The Irate Greek


They are people, like us.

They are young, they are old, they are men, women and children, they are lawyers or masons or doctors or barbers or plumbers or computer engineers. They are people, and they are coming.

Their countries fell apart, their houses were destroyed, their neighbours died. They lost friends and relatives, they lost their loved ones, they lost a limb. They fled. They took trucks or buses or cars or bicycles. They walked. They were smuggled, assaulted, abused, kidnapped on the way. They crossed a border, or two, or three. They were detained, arrested, beaten. They were parked in camps. They were told to live a life without a future, they were told to wait until their country is fixed, they were told to wait with no end in sight.

And then they came.

Of course they came.

They got on those rickety boats to cross the sea. Some of them were…

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