Rape is Rape, is Rape, is Rape. Period. No If Ands or Buts.

This is written in support all rape and sexual assault victims, which include sex crimes of any kind. I am sick and tired of the supposed ‘ambiguity’ that is being introduced into what is ‘rape’ and what constitutes ‘rape’ by the mainstream media, law enforcement, legal community, all to minimize the crime and shift the blame to the victims. Enough of that.

In the year 2015, there seems to be people out there who are confused about exactly what constitutes a rape. It’s baffling really. According to the online dictionary, dictionary.com, the definition of rape is as follows:

Unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by asex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.
The definition is pretty crystal clear and unambiguous to me, but apparently that’s not the case as now there are cases of rape not being ‘rape rape’ to quote Whoopi Goldberg because the woman was too drunk, too high from drugs, out of her mind on some other mind altering substance so if a woman consents to sex under those circumstances, it’s really not rape because she said yes even though she was out of it. So, I will attempt to clarify what is rape, in all conceivable circumstances so that there is no more confusion:
  • Bill Cosby, what you did was rape, it was disgusting. You drugged women so they would lose their inhibitions and you took advantage of them, but you were smart, you only drugged them enough so that they lose their inhibitions but not consciousness, so that if it ever came to light you can say they consented because they were awake. You used your star status and your moral standing in your community to abuse women. You are the worst kind. You stand there in your bully pulpit, wagging your finger at the African-American community, telling them what to do, how to behave, how to conduct their lives, but you are a moral cesspit. You are the biggest and the worst kind of hypocrite there is. And I don’t know what’s more sad, you or your African-American fans and friends such as Whoopi Goldberg defending you until it was indefensible, much to her detriment because they don’t want to see their hero, a pioneer in television, educator and uplifter of the Black community go down in flames in his twilight years, they wanted to preserve your dignity and you let them knowing what a disgusting piece of trash you are.
  • Roman Polanski, drugging a 13 year old (non-virgin as he pointed out – real classy to slut shame a 13 year old by the way) with champagne and quaaludes and then proceed to have sex and anal sex with her is rape. And Whoopi, this is ‘rape rape’, in the full definition of the word. I know that it is well known that you have a penchant for very young girls and it may be exotic and acceptable where you are from, but not here, not in the U.S. It’s not acceptable for a man in his 40s to have sex with a 13 year old. You are a criminal, you escaped charges in the U.S., your victim forgave you to save her own sanity, consider yourself lucky. Next time should you be so dumb to travel to another country that has extradition treaties with the U.S. and you get arrested and detained, quit bitching and complaining and man up and face your charges, or else, just stay in your chalet in France.
  • A random stranger invading your home raping you is rape, but the fact that you left a window or door open doesn’t mean you invited it or deserved it.
  • A random stranger jumping out of the bushes and assaults you is rape, but the fact that you walked by alone, in the dark by that area doesn’t make you responsible for your rape.
  • Getting attacked at a high crime neighborhood by delinquent youths and adults is rape, but just because you went there doesn’t mean you deserved it.
  • Getting sexually assaulted anywhere by anyone, under any circumstance is rape. Period. No, ifs, ands or buts.
  • Wearing revealing clothing is not an invitation for unconsented touching or rape.
  • Flirting with a man all night at a nightclub isn’t an automatic invitation to have sex.
  • Taking advantage of women who are too drunk to consent, too much under the influence of drugs or controlled substances to consent doesn’t just make you a rapist, it also makes you a monster.
  • Joining a sorority isn’t an invitation for frat boys and his friends to violate you, photograph or videotape the violation and then share it on social media for the world to see as you lay there unconscious being assaulted by pimply frat boys.
  • Being a prostitute doesn’t mean you get to be sexually assaulted by a john if you don’t want to do what he asks for and even after giving him his money back he still rapes and beats you black and blue. Being a prostitute doesn’t mean you are open season for sexual attacks.
  • Being a pole dancer doesn’t mean you are open for anything, including prostitution or escorting and it doesn’t mean you are ripe for a sexual assault either. Any person attempting touch or assault a pole dancer without her invitation or consent is assault and rape. Her giving you a lap dance with her hoohah directed right in your face doesn’t give you the permission to force yourself on her without her consent.
  • Being a married woman doesn’t mean your husband can rape you, and I don’t care what cultural custom or what cave from Afghanistan these people crawl out of (I mean the Taliban), but ‘raping’ your wife is not ok. No God would condone that.
  • And just because a girl had casual sex with a guy on a casual encounter it doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with his friend or friends. The friend or friends have no right to help himself to her if she doesn’t consent. That’s rape. It makes no difference that she slept with your friend just 30 minutes ago. It doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you.
  • A large group of men and women partying together doesn’t automatically mean that some of the men will get lucky and any forcible action that causes him to get ‘lucky’ is rape. It makes no difference that everyone was just laughing and drinking and doing drugs together just a few minutes ago. And it makes no difference that perhaps touching, groping or petting was involved.
  • Just because a woman was a former prostitute or escort, it doesn’t mean any random man she meets can force himself on her, leave $100 on the nightstand and leave. That’s rape.
  • Forcing yourself on transgendered male or female, gay or lesbian or any other member to the LGBTQ community for the purpose of ‘setting them straight’ is rape and an act of monstrosity and human depravity.
  • Molesting, sexually violating or raping an elderly woman in a nursing home is rape, even if she’s past her sexual prime, it’s rape.
  • Molesting and raping children and minors, goes without saying, but I just want to throw that in there to clarify.
  • A woman walking down the street totally naked (assuming that it’s allowed and she’s not arrested) doesn’t invite you to grope, touch or attempt to sleep with her if she doesn’t consent to it.
  • Black and other minority women who are in police detention do not deserve to be physically, sexually and emotionally assaulted because of the power of the badge. That doesn’t make him the community’s finest, it makes him an insecure piece of shit who uses the power of his badge to control and abuse people because that’s how he gets anyone to listen to him, especially one of the opposite sex.
  • For men and women serving prison sentences long or short, do not deserve to be raped or be someone’s ‘bitch’ in prison or the ‘bitch’ of the prison guards or prison warden when your number is called. You do not automatically get to be sexually abused because you are serving a sentence for a crime. That’s an assault on the prisoner’s humanity and even they deserve some dignity.

For the likes of Bill Cosby, they should know that their massive wealth and fame won’t cover up their crimes anymore. No amount of hush money already paid out will stop women from speaking out about your crimes. Any court document, deposition and records can be easily unsealed under the Patriot Act, Freedom of Information Act or a wikileaks hacker, so don’t count on your powerful high dollar attorneys to seal your misdeeds. There’s no such thing anymore.

And Whoopi Goldberg, stop defending rapists, I understand that you hold these people in high regard for their talent and dedication to their craft and the are probably good friends of yours, but to defend rapists is a betrayal to women.

Representative Todd Akin, all of the rape scenarios I described above are all ‘legitimate’ rapes, I just wanted to loop you in as you seemed to be quite confused.

For the red blooded gentlemen out there, here are some tips to stay out of trouble. If a girl looks too good even for 18 years old, she’s probably not, get some ID verification of her age or don’t sleep with her, because when her parents find out, you will land in hot water, and parents always find out.

If a woman is too drunk, too drugged out of her mind, don’t sleep with her because she doesn’t know what she’s consenting to, and yes, you are a rapist if you sleep with a woman who can’t consent.

If a woman sleeps with your friend, it doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you, so get over it. And don’t ever film or photograph a woman when she unconscious while you and your disgusting horde of friends are having your way with her. You wouldn’t treat a dog this way.

Lastly, no means no. Regardless of how the ‘no’ is said or intoned, with a smile, with a flirt. No means no. Besides, if a girl really wants to sleep with you, she’ll let you know it, you won’t have to guess. So, if you need to ask or wonder about it, it’s not a yes. Order an extra beer to nurse your hurt pride and ego, you’ll forget all about it the next day.

People who falsely accuse another of rape are are just as evil as the rapists themselves. To make a false rape claim not only destroys the reputation of a man, which he doesn’t deserve if he didn’t do it, but you are doing a huge disservice to the real rape victims who are desperately trying to get justice, to move past the stigma of being a rape victim. By crying false rape, you silence other real rape victims and shame on you.

Sexual assault is one of the least reported crimes with an even lesser conviction and punishment rate. Since the acquittal of William Kennedy Smith, where his attorney Roy Black successfully destroyed the credibility and testimony of his accuser, convinced the judge to disallow 3 other women who have accused William Kennedy Smith of sexual assault prior to ever take the stand, women are ever under a finer microscope when they accuse someone of rape. Their whole sexual history, every man they’ve ever spoken with, flirted with, kissed, fondled, allowed to fondle and slept with will be picked apart and analyzed in court to prove she doesn’t have a ‘pattern’ of behavior that makes her a slut. The victim of William Kennedy Smith, Patricia Bowman was the first case of slut shaming on a national level and it was allowed, in a Palm Beach courtroom, in one of the most wealthiest districts in America, in the year 1992, this actually happened.

While it is true our legal system lays the burden of proof on the prosecution when charging a defendant with a crime, it’s not on the victim to meet that proof. The rape victim doesn’t have to ‘prove’ that she is a ‘worthy’ victim because or in spite of sexual history. Her sexual history prior to the alleged rape incident doesn’t factor one bit into the charge.

Wealthy, powerful and influential men like to convince people that they don’t need to ‘force’ a woman to sleep with him, he has excesses of women throwing themselves at him, so the accuse him of rape or sexual assault is ridiculous and unfounded. This arrogant thinking and behavior has gone unchecked since antiquity until now, with the likes Bill Cosby, William Kennedy Smith and Mike Tyson. But we got their number, just like all those women Bill Cosby assaulted, they were not lying, he paid millions in hush money, so his wife wouldn’t find out, so the public doesn’t find out so that he can continue to be the anointed godfather and inspiration to millions of families. His 50 year marriage is a total sham not because he was unfaithful but because he was a predator.

Women’s rights are being attacked from every direction right now. The U.S. Senate is debating a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, it failed, thank goodness, it’s another assault on the dignity of women and their health. Women should be mad as hell about this, that some crusty old men in Washington, who’ve haven’t had to do anything for themselves in years, have a good salary, their pensions fully funded and paid for, their health insurance fully covered until their death, would try to cut a vital medical lifeline to women. Each and every single one of them should be outed and shamed. 

If I have missed anymore possible rape ‘scenarios’, please include them in comments.

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