Biracial, Racism: What My Mom Said About Experiencing Racism

In my previous post, I said I never asked my mom about her experience with racism in this country. So I decided to ask her, I sent her an email (note: we email each other in English, simply because it takes too long to type Chinese, but we speak to each other in Chinese, so the syntax comes across as what we call Chin-glish, in other words, a bit awkward but we understand each other perfectly:

Hi Mommy,

I don’t think I’ve ever asked you this before.
When you came to America to live & work etc., did you experience any racism and if you did, how did you feel about it? Did it bother you deeply or scar you deeply?
In America now, the issue of racism is rearing its ugly head again and all races are talking about ways to tackle racism. And I just realized, we’ve never talked about it.
I hope all is well.
Love, Me
Her Response, which is very true to her character: short, succinct and to the point:

I do not remember any issue about racism during my working period at LA. First of all, I worked for Chinese bosses and a Jewish boss. They liked Chinese workers. And then I lived in Vancouver [Canada] where it is a peaceful place.

Why did you ask?

My Reply:

Well, in America, the issue of racism is at the forefront now, and in my writing and my networking, it’s a big topic especially among minorities. And I do not recall any racist incident but plenty of sexist ones and I thought I’d ask you.

And this will be the extent of our discussion on the subject. My mother is not a woman of many words, to honor that, I will keep this blog short. Also, my initial guess was wrong, I was sure she experienced some type of racism, but to her recollection, she didn’t. But she also can be oblivious to the obvious.

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