The Mob Goes Trophy Hunting

This is a well thought out nuanced piece about the death of Cecil the lion, it’s a piece that would do justice to Cecil’s life.
Big game hunting is cruel and dehumanizing (to the human and animals alike) but the internet lynch mob calling for the ‘hanging’ or some other horrible death for Dr. Walter Palmer and the total destruction of his livelihood is beyond the pale and is not putting the death of Cecil, a lion in perspective. His death is horrible and as a animal lover and specifically a big cat lover myself, his death is nothing short of tragic to me. But let’s keep in mind of all the other ‘tragedies’ that are ongoing in this world.
There may be refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea right now, Syrian refugees who managed to make it out alive are facing lives in refugee camps, in countries that don’t want them living from hand to mouth everyday. Women and children are at risk of being exploited for their labor and bodies. Iraq is imploding and exploding at the same time creating a second wave of refugee crisis. There are genocides of minorities being carried out in Syria and Iraq, and these are people, human lives. So, a little perspective everyone. Let’s pay our respects to Cecil and all other big game that are legally and illegally poached and hunted every year in a more appropriate and proportionate manner.

The Axis of Ego

CecilTheLion2I don’t hunt and — at the risk of losing my “Real American” bona fides — I also don’t own a firearm.  In fact, I have never pulled the trigger on anything more powerful than a pellet gun.  I can’t drive a stick, either, but that’s a different article.

I love animals and have no interest in killing them, but I am definitely not opposed to hunting, per se.  I agree that a distinction can be drawn between hunting animal populations that pose a threat when their numbers get too great, on the one hand, and hunting rare or exotic animals purely for sport on the other.

Even with no sympathies at all for trophy hunting, though, I found myself rushing to the defense of Cecil the Lion’s “murderer,” Dr. Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist. Not because I agree with what he did.  Quite the opposite.  But because I disagree…

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