What I No Longer Tolerate…

It may be a tad too early compile a list of bullshit in which I am tired of and can no longer tolerate but as I turn on the news everyday and all the things that are coming from television, it just whips me up into a frenzy, so here it goes:

  • False platitudes and false hero worshipping, a la Caitlynn Jenner style. Droves of celebrities, people on the B, C and D list, quasi-celebrities, people she’s never met before, she is suddenly all their heroes. The same people that were probably making fun of her ‘transitioning phase’ where her looks were going from male to female and wondering what the heck is going on with her. Now Bruce is Caitlynn and is on the cover of Vanity Fair, she is suddenly ‘brave’, ‘heroic’ and no longer ridiculous looking. Get a grip!
  • People ‘passing’ as a race other than the one they are born with and denying or mitigating one’s ethnic background. It never works, own your race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, even if it’s a shameful one, you are not your ancestors, you can be different. Yes, paging Rachel Dolezal, look in the mirror girlfriend, you are WHITE, not just white, lily white. You are not black, you’ve never been black and the fact that there were no ‘witnesses’ at your birth to make sure you parents didn’t swap their real ‘white’ baby for a mixed race baby doesn’t  make you black either. It’s pathetic, you are white, the race of the ‘oppressor’ and ‘aggressor’, tough shit, own it.
  • Stupid hashtag trends that don’t mean anything like #BringBackOurGirls for the 200 plus Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram. Unless you are going to get your butt down to Nigeria and traverse the forest and jungles risking being caught or killed by terrorists or dying some jungle disease or be eaten by animals alive, sharing and retweeting these hashtags don’t mean anything, it doesn’t do shit for those poor girls that were kidnapped.
  • Cheap jokes: jokes that get cheap laughs, that don’t require thinking, such as borderline racist jokes, sexist jokes, tasteless sex jokes. Heard them all, not funny, not the least bit interesting. You want to make me laugh, say something witty, relevant, poignant, smart and funny. Pop in a Woody Allen DVD, you get the idea.
  • Republican politicians on TV bleating on about how the liberals are hijacking their religious freedom. No, what they mean is hijacking their right to spout their brand of religion, radical, right-wing, evangelical and irrelevant in public discourse today. If they were for all religions and their religious freedoms that would be a different matter, but what they mean is religious freedom for Christians only. It doesn’t include Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Confucians, Taoists, Agnostics, Atheists, none of it. When they are willing to include any and all religious beliefs, I’ll entertain the thought of their ‘religious freedoms’ being impinged. But for now, follow the Constitution, separation of church and state, and no, we didn’t misunderstand the Founders, they were very clear, the public domain is no place for private religious discourse.
  • Male politicians who are overly concerned with female reproductive functions, namely birth control access and abortion rights and the actual definition of ‘rape’. None of this involves them personally and on what planet they think they should have a say on my reproductive functions. Seriously, get off my jock! And it’s unseemly and creepy for grown men to be so obsessed with women’s reproductive functions. And for them to claim that they are concerned about the rights of the unborn child, get off it! Some men just never got used to the idea that we get to decide when we have kids, how we have kids and with whom we have kids with. They can spend their time being concerned with the millions of children that are living in poverty today.
  • All the shamers and haters: Slut shamers, fat shamers, LGBTQ bigots, misogynists, racists, green eyed monsters, hating on people for being rich, successful, good looking, take your hate and crawl into the first cave you see. If you don’t like someone, get off their social media pages, don’t read their posts and then post hateful replies. Own your shit, fix your shit.
  • The NRA’s willful blindness and indifference to the proliferation of firearms in society and routinely falling into the wrong hands. Clearly the existing gun laws don’t work. The NRA claims that they don’t work because they aren’t being properly enforced, whatever, who cares? How many more massacres do we need to convince the NRA that we’ve a serious gun problem in the US? Given that our mental health system is all screwed up where many patients slip through the cracks, so when they go and buy guns there’s no way to know nor records to show that they are mentally ill or just plain hateful.
  • Rude ass people, people who are rude for no reason, simply because they are a miserable SOB. They have to inflict the same misery on everyone else. Take your baggage and dump on someone who cares.

To be continued…

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