Words that will haunt him: I, Too, Would Have Authorized Iraq Invasion – Jeb Bush

Poor Jebby. He hadn’t even officially declared his candidacy yet and he’s already made his biggest blunder. “I, too, would have authorized Iraq invasion”. Of course in the four days since he’s uttered these famous words he’s backtracked, re-explained himself so many times that it was hard to keep track. But it’s perfectly clear what his position is on this single biggest foreign policy failures in the modern era. One has to admire his loyalty to his elder o brother, after all the criticisms and the disastrous fallout from the Iraq Invasion, to which the full extent has yet to manifest itself, he still stood by his brother. He’s got one point for loyalty, but negative one in foreign policy. Of course he made it worse by dragging Hillary Clinton into it saying that she would to authorize the invasion of Iraq. Well, you see Mr. Bush, may she would have, may she wouldn’t, but she wasn’t president then, she was a senator who voted yes to authorize out of loyalty to her commander in chief or perhaps she really believed it was right for the country then, whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. She wasn’t the president, she didn’t order hundreds of thousands of troops to go to a hostile land on false made up ‘intelligence’ and the bloods of thousands of soldiers and Iraqi civilians are not on her hands. If President George W. Bush can sleep at night and his conscience is clear about all the choices he made as president, that’s good for him, but it doesn’t change the fact thousands died, many thousands more are permanently injured.

What George W. Bush had in spades and was totally left out of Jeb Bush is charisma, that extra a little of something that one can’t put its finger on. That ‘x factor’ where if you could bottle it up and sell it, it would make you a billionaire. Whatever George W.’s perceived lack of intellect, depth and principles, he made up for it with charisma, in spades. He has a unique knack for knowing how to speak to an audience, if it was an Evangelical Christian audience, he knew how to speak their language, even though he’s not an Evangelist, he’s a Methodist. If he’s speaking to other politicians or ‘politicos’, policy wonks, political donors, people he needs to impress, he can pull that trick out of his hat too. If he’s speaking to a group of college students on a college campus, he is able to make a bunch of largely apathetic voters feel that they can contribute something by voting (for him of course). I was there for that particular speech. Though I was firmly against him and his policies, I like him personally. He was warm, funny, he made a point to meet everybody who attended his speech, he looked you in the eye when he spoke to you, even if he waved at you for a second, you felt that he cared about you. And it didn’t seem phony either, it was just how he was. He has that effect on people. Even the Dalai Lama said he liked George W. Bush as a person, but hated his policies. This is an extremely unique gift that you are either born with or not and cannot be taught. George W. Bush was any campaign advisor’s dream, just ask Karl Rove.

Poor Jebby wasn’t born this with this ‘charisma’. Up until now, his verbal blunders and Freudian slips are many. Starting with ‘accidentally’ declaring his intention to run as a GOP candidate for President, and now with the Iraq war. I don’t know who is advising him, but whoever that its, he needs to be fired. Jeb Bush’s biggest liability is the legacy of his older brother, his father’s to some extent but George Sr.’s administration was too long ago to have any serious policy implications today. But the same cannot be said of George W. Bush, his policies during his 2 administrations are still reverberating today, both foreign policy and domestic policy. His screw up with Iraq was so immense that people forget that he was the sitting president when we had our worst recession in modern times. The ‘blame’ or at least the ‘attribution’ of the recession has been unfairly laid at President Obama’s front door step.

If the Republicans want any chance at winning the white house, they will need to win the Latino vote, it won’t work mathematically otherwise, since the GOP of getting the black vote is slim to none, so the Latino voting bloc is key. The GOP has to find a non-Latino candidate who Latinos will vote for and Jeb Bush fits this bill. Marco Rubio’s story and rise is compelling but he is considered too liberal and biased on immigration issues to get the support of the base who are virulently anti-immigration, especially any policy that gives off any whiff of amnesty. So, Jeb Bush is their man, Jeb Bush’s wife Columba Bush, a Mexican-American, and by default their three children are of Latino heritage. Jeb Bush at least on paper, can appear to empathize with the frustration of the Latino voters because his wife is Mexican-American but he himself is a WASP. His children represent the demographics of America today, a country where persons of mixed heritage are on the rise. So, he can rally the base without alienating Latinos – only if he can keep his mouth shut where he should.

The first order of business his political advisors should tell him is that he should, under any circumstance discuss the Iraqi Invasion, if asked about it, his answer should be a firm ‘no, it was a mistake, I wouldn’t of done that’ and follow it up with ‘I love my brother but I don’t agree with all he does’. But of course he did the opposite of that. He will spend most of the primary season explaining what he meant by ‘I, too, would have authorized Iraq Invasion’.

2 thoughts on “Words that will haunt him: I, Too, Would Have Authorized Iraq Invasion – Jeb Bush

  1. “Jeb Bush’s biggest liability is the legacy of his older brother…”

    Actually I think Jeb’s biggest liability is Jeb. The Iraq question was answerable, since many of the other potential Republican candidates seemed to have no trouble answering it. And this was the single most obvious question he could have expected. Instead, he acted as if he hadn’t even thought about it before he was asked on Megyn Kelly’s show, and when he tried to fix that damage on Hannity’s show (a show noted for softball interviews for Republicans) he blew that one too.


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